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  1. Newguy questions about Geneforge

    I have a question myself, for Geneforge 2. Is there any sort of script editing I can do to make it so the companions that join up (ex: the guard in the Drypeak Mines) can be controlled manually?
  2. geneforge series points

    After a bit of trial I think I get it now! I thought the pips (aside from the two in intelligence to make them controllable) affected the growth rates for each stat instead of just being raw numbers. Thanks for the help!
  3. geneforge series points

    So when I make a creation I should just put the two pips in Intelligence and nothing else? Won't their stats be really low?
  4. geneforge series points

    Oh wow, really glad I read this topic! About to start these games going Shaper, good to know that Str affects hit chance! So is Dex just dodge then?