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  1. First post here, so be warned: there are probably some dumb questions below. Also I did do some searching before creating this thread but of course it's always possible I missed the thread with exactly the information that I want. That being said, I had some questions about how and when experience is distributed in A6: - What are all the things that give you experience - quests and finding locations do, as well as killing enemies, but is there anything else? - When are experience points actually awarded for fighting - is it at the end of the fight or immediately when an enemy is killed? - If a character is knocked unconscious during a fight will they receive less experience, and will less experience be awarded to the party as a whole? - Does charming enemies and letting them kill your opponents for you give you less experience? I'm sure there's something I forgot to ask, and probably some things I don't even know I should ask, so if anyone knows any other interesting things about the experience system I'd love to hear it.
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