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  1. GF2--Stuck, Need Help

    I just kept dropping things in a room until I couldn't anymore, and then I moved to another room and started dropping things there. I wouldn't mind if it all disappeared, as long as it didn't later turn out I desperately needed one of those items. Trouble is, I can't be sure. So, when I've got more stuff than I can sell, and much more than I can carry, what else can I do but drop it? Anyhow, inventory management is one of my least favorite aspects of any RPG.
  2. GF2--Stuck, Need Help

    Aha! I'm back in action now, making progress. Thanks! Turns out I need 11 living tools to pull that lever, and I only have 3. Maybe later. I thought I was looking for an iron key or something where the gazer is, but I may not be remembering right. Anyhow, I went to Freegate to remind myself what's there, and it turned out it was an easy walk over to the entrance to Clawbug Canyon. For some reason I had just never gone there. It was a piece of cake getting past that and over to Kss-Urg's Valley, and I cleared that out too. So now I have access to Thahd Dump Ground. Just for the heck of it, I tried clearing the last mined area of Experimental Valley--the part blocking the gate to Kss-Urg's Valley. But the mines kept exploding and poisoning me, so eventually I gave up. Nevertheless, I notice that area is now green, and I can pass freely through it. It's good to be moving ahead again. Now I just wish there were some living tools among the huge piles of stuff I've dumped in Medab. I've just about filled two rooms with items I couldn't carry. And btw, my shaper is up to level 25 now.
  3. GF2--Stuck, Need Help

    I've only played Geneforge 1 before this. Played it all the way through and experimented with various endings. I enjoyed it so much that for a long while I was playing three simultaneous games--as Agent, Guardian, and Shaper. I only finished as the Shaper, though. Umm ... I don't think so. I've been away from the game for a few months, as it was too frustrating to continue. Is that the faction to the southwest of Medab (or wherever the Awakened leader is posted)? I must have heard warnings to avoid the Barzites. Really?! Seems like every time I cross the narrow path to where that big eye is, he starts zapping us to death. I don't even think I looked to see if there was an exit beyond him. How embarrassing that would be--to have been stumped by a creature I could just walk by. Yeah, I cleared out most everything in that heavily mined area, with some difficulty. Had to use some mech-enhancing items, IIRC, and do a lot of fancy dodging. But until today I thought that area was a dead end, so I didn't persist when I got near where the exit is. I'll try again. As to Clawbug Canyon--hmmm ... I'll have to take a closer look at that; I can't remember whether I even ventured there. Actually, I did refer to a walkthrough while playing--but it didn't help me get past the obstacles I'm facing. I've never resorted to cheats, but normally I don't mind using walkthroughs to guide me through RPGs. I played Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment with the help of walkthroughs, and I don't think I'd have wanted to go through either entirely on my own. I'd have been frustrated to tears by some of the puzzles. The story's still there even if I peek ahead for a clue now and then.
  4. GF2--Stuck, Need Help

    Thanks, everyone (even for the potentially misleading info; every little bit helps). To clarify my position (as best I can, though I've been on a long break from the game), my choices are 34. Pit of the Bound (which I believe is a difficult dead end, so I'm ignoring that), 68. Dead Pass (where I keep getting killed by powerful shades), 71. Infected Crossroad (where I cleared everything but can't defeat the Gazer who's blocking the way), and 40. Experimental Valley (where I cleared everything except the southwest corner, which I now realize has an exit to other areas). I guess I'm maybe a third of the way through the game. The one area in the east I've never been able to deal with is 12. Crystal Caverns. I got killed there too many times and finally gave up. IIRC I have a Taker token. I used it to get as far into the northwest region as I have. I suppose I should try completing 40. Experimental Valley. All the mines in that area were a pain, so I stopped short of completing the area. Maybe I'll go back and find a way to do that, since I can't seem to do anything else. (Of course, there my Taker token may work against me.) Thanks again.
  5. GF2--Stuck, Need Help

    I finished GF1 and am well into GF2, playing as a Shaper. I'm up to level 24 and teamed up with Xander. I've cleared the eastern portion of the map. However, I can't find a way to get any further along. To the southwest is Experimental Valley; I've cleared all but the southwestern corner, and I understand that's not worth the bother. To the northwest is Dead Pass and Infected Something-or-Other. Some of the shades in Dead Pass are--well, deadly; I've died there too many times. And in the Infected area, I've cleared everything but can't get past the Gazer; instant death there too. Just beating my head against a brick wall at this point, thinking of abandoning the game. Any suggestions?