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  1. Hello Muscleguy, I'm not sure that Grah-Hoth's summons are actually supposed to disappear. They don't disappear on my version of the game, nor in the footage of a quick check of online videos of other players. I had a look, and there's nothing in the game's scripts for the fight that would remove summons after Grah-Hoth is defeated. Could your be misremembering previous playthroughs? As far as I can tell, the summons are supposed to stay around. The little bit of misleading text in the dialogue box you mention is: "You look around. The tiny, foul creatures gibbering in the corner have fled. The passages are quiet. Grah-Hoth's demons are gone. You are victorious. Now all you need to do is get out of here alive." I think this is flavour text, rather than actually talking about the gameplay. I've always interpreted the comment about the tiny creatures as referring to little imps that are watching the fight from the shadows. These then run off when Grah-Hoth is defeated, presumably to gain their freedom! The summons are, after all, massive, imposing and powerful undead creatures – 'tiny' and 'foul' doesn't really seem to be describing them, at least to me! Also, I wouldn't worry about something like this. Jeff is a very conscientious designer, and I don't think he would ever put anything into a game to deliberately undermine any one way of playing it – including using cheat codes. He wants people to play his games however they want to!
  2. Hello Guillaume, The guide you're looking at is a little misleading about this. The 'animal horn' it refers to is an item made out of the horn of an animal, not the actual name of the item. The item's name is 'Spiral Horn'. You can find it in the Grove of Bones in the zone called 'Western Shadowvale' (which is to the west of Spire Woods if you're having trouble finding it). The grove is a patch of brown ground covered with some skeletons and almost entirely surrounded by trees. It's on the eastern side of the river. You can use the Spiral Horn at the stone circle in the 'Southeastern Shadowvale' zone. Note that it's a piece of horn, and not an instrument! I think the quest you're referring to is the Wolf of the Fen quest. For that, you just need any horn you can find (an instrument, this time). There are quite a few around the vale. If you're having problems finding them, you can look at this list: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/8263-synergy-list-—-nethergate-resurrection-items/
  3. 3D models of sprites

    Hello tristram, As has been said above, by far your most likely option is to ask Spiderweb themselves. You can get in touch with them at this address: support@spiderwebsoftware.com I'm of a slightly more optimistic viewpoint than TheKian. The 3D model of the Drayk is an asset for Spiderweb, and Jeff is a shrewd developer, so I don't expect he will have discarded it unless he had to. I think there's a reasonable chance that either he, or the original artist (who I believe is Linda), still has it around somewhere. There's no harm in asking them! Unfortunately, I think this would be a really very difficult task, at least for a computer program. I've done a little bit of simple work on generating 3D images from 2D data, and generally it's a very difficult thing to accomplish. Even things that might at first seem straightforward, like creating a surface that passes through a set of 3D points, can turn out to be incredibly difficult computational problems. In fact, I believe this is still very much an active area of research. It's interesting for a large group of people, and I think there's some medical research that is trying to find ways to efficiently generate 3D reproductions of the human body from sets of 2D scans. The problem is that 2D images generally contain much, much less information than 3D ones. Think about it using this (slightly simple) analogy. If you take a photograph of a person, that photo will take up far less physical space than the person it shows. In essence, a huge swathe of information about the person is lost when taking the 2D snapshot. Imagine how many photos you'd need to take to fill up the same volume as a person! A series of five snapshots taken around the person isn't anywhere near enough. So, in order to stitch together your Drayk from those five snapshots, a computer would need to guess a lot of the anatomy from very little information. For example, the computer would need to figure out what the belly of a Drayk looks like, something that isn't shown in any of the pieces of art. Computers aren't particularly good at guesswork, so the result would probably end up being almost unrecognisable. Of course, humans are better at guessing than computers are! One other option you have if Spiderweb does not have the original model is to create one yourself using these images as a guide! There may be more advanced ways of doing this these days, but you could always take a look at the Spore Creature Creator. This is specifically designed to create 3D models of creatures, so with some work, you might be able to create a Drayk there: http://www.spore.com/creatureCreator
  4. 10,000

    Hooray! "Everybody has won, and all must have prizes." - The Dodo, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  5. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    Let's see if I can do better: 1. There's a large section of pit near the middle at the very bottom of the map. This is the one you pointed out earlier, with the single tile of water. Above that tile, there is a tile showing rocks on cave floor (or, perhaps less confusingly, gravel). This tile should be a bridge tile, so the river above connects to this single tile of water, allowing the river to flow into the pit. 2. If you look at the cave to the immediate left of this pit, you'll see some water passing through a little cavern with stalagmites on the right-hand side. On the path of the water are two wall tiles that stand alone. These should be bridges, so that the water tiles connect together to form a river, and allowing the cavern with the stalagmites to be reached without flying. I actually quite like Duskwolf's original idea of changing the palette of the secret walls. This makes them very clear to see when looking at the map on a large scale. I think the meaning should be clear to someone looking at the map without explanation. Jeff is generally very good at placing and hinting at his secret passages, so in most situations I think the tint will simply look like it is highlighting something that is already there, rather than looking like a completely different type of wall. Here's a set of tinted walls broadly in Duskwolf's style, although with a slightly different tint to allow for the slightly different colour of Exile I's walls. For completeness, I've included a full-wall secret wall as well, although I don't think Jeff uses these in any of the Exile games: https://we.tl/IXkyPqoC78 However, so long as the distinction is clear, I don't think it matters all that much how the secret passages are indicated!
  6. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    Oh, I see! I was wondering about your interest in putting together a map like this, although of course it's interesting in its own right! This is a transcription mistake. I had a more careful check through your previous map than I did yesterday, and I found a few more. As a general rule, if there are any places on your map where there's a single tile of cave wall not connected to any other walls, it will be a mistake. There aren't any cave wall frills to allow the placement of a tile like that! Here are the problems that I found: 1. The rocks on the path of the river near the Scimitar pit should be water (on the southern edge of the Great Cave). 2. The two single walls to the right of Solberg’s Tower should be bridges. 3. The single wall on the water near the eastern entrance to the Great Cave should be a bridge. 4. The single wall above the Nephilim Fort should be rocks on water. 5. The single walls below the Nephilim Fort should be totems. 6. The single walls on the islands around the Slith Fort should be trees. 7. The single wall above the Ruined Fort should be a pit. 8. The pit south of the Aranea Cave should be normal floor. Given the size of the map, it's possible that I missed some errors, but hopefully this is most of them. Also, and I appreciate this might not be a straightforward suggestion, but I'm wondering whether you might find the map more helpful if you added in an indication of the secret passages in a similar way to Duskwolf's original map? There are some places where there are links between different areas of Exile that only happen through secret passages, and these aren't always clear on your map as it is at the moment. One example that springs to mind is the route to Khoth's cave directly from the river through a secret door, avoiding all the fights with the demons that occur when using the other, less direct, routes. This route is actually opened up by the Empire in Exile 2, as you can see on Duskwolf's map! However, that might not be worth the hassle if it's not easy to generate from the map you already have.
  7. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    The map is looking good! All the water frills seem to be working correctly, including all the one-tile rivers. Don't forget to frill up the pits as well as the lava when you update the map, however! It was actually the pits that made me notice the missing frills initially; the frills seem far more visible for pits than water or lava, at least to me. It's particularly noticeable around the land bridge to the Final Gauntlet, for instance. I noticed that there's a spot of lava south of the Slith Fort that should be a sign, too. I was asking this just for the sake of curiosity, since there's a small chance that there is a small difference between the Mac and Windows versions. At least for Blades of Exile, the colour palettes differ between the two platforms. One is slightly darker than the other, although I can't say which is which off hand. It's noticeable for that game since people create scenarios for it that modify the core graphics. The palettes don't match up if someone takes Mac graphics and just ports them to Windows or vice versa without changing the brightness. However, it may only be Blades that has this oddity, and not the earlier games. My graphics match up with yours, so it shows our palettes are consistent! However, that's to be expected, since we've both used the Mac graphics. If you'd been using Windows, it would have been a way to find out whether the graphics on the two platforms are consistent or not. Actually, if you like Exile and you're using a Mac, you could always try Blades of Exile, now that I think about it. Unlike the other games, it's been ported to work on Intel Macs, and it works like a dream. It's freeware now, too. There's a link to it in the Blades of Exile forum header under 'Intel Mac build'.
  8. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    That's interesting. I've not come across this before. Where did you find it? Given that most of the graphics are easy to locate, I haven't looked extensively through the game's data – so I can see myself missing something like this! Having said that, though, it's odd because the sheet is really incomplete. There are fewer than half of the tiles needed to produce the frills for water. For instance, it's missing all of the 'outer' corner tiles, along with the three-sided edge tiles. Both of those tiles appear in the game. Perhaps this was a test sheet that Jeff put together? Incidentally, the frills for Exile II can't be used for Exile I, at least not out of the box, since the ground colours differ. As it happens, putting together the frills was quite a bit quicker than I had expected. I've put together a quick tileset for you that includes frills for pits, water (including rocks and bridges) and lava. In addition, I've put the frilled sections of land on their own at the bottom with a white background, in case you want to use them separately. You can download it here: https://we.tl/KGTf3DQsNa The link will be active for a week. The frills are arranged from left to right, top to bottom. The first four are single edges. The next six are double edges. The following four are triple edges and the final tile has edges on all four sides. This is then repeated in the same pattern for the outer corners, that is, the little blobs in the corner of each tile that link together adjacent tiles. The pattern of (1),4,6,4,1 is a nice demonstration of a binomial coefficient! As I started writing this, I realised that I'm actually missing a few frills. The missing ones combine edge tiles and outer corners, which you'll need for single-tile thin objects. I've put these into a separate file, which you download below. I think that's all of them now, but if I'm missing any, do make me aware. There's a reason why Jeff automated this process – there are a lot of tiles! https://we.tl/oA3yg6b1y8 Also, for my curiosity, are you getting these graphics from Mac or Windows Exile? This could actually be important, since in the later games, the colour palette differed slightly between the two platforms.
  9. Galag-Trav, Helm,

    Hello Guillaume, I believe the door is the only way you can get into the area. Unfortunately, if you want to go further here, you'll need to either increase your strength or tool use, or find some Magic Lockpicks or a Pass Portal Scroll. The Celts can learn Pass Portal, so you can use that to pass the door too.
  10. Avernum: Escape from the pit glitches

    Hello grantupton98, This is a bug that a few people have reported in Escape from the Pit (and other games too). Unfortunately, it happens quite rarely, and no-one has yet come up with a fix. No-one is actually sure what causes the problem yet, either. What we do know is that this is a problem related to a corrupted save file. If you start the game and load either an earlier save, or start a new game, you shouldn't have any problems. However, the particular save file you're trying to use will remain corrupted, I'm afraid, even if you reinstall the game. If you're not too far into the game, it might just be easier to start again. A new game shouldn't have this problem. While this isn't ideal, I know, to protect against losing progress in future, try saving into different save slots often. Then, if the problem occurs again, you can go back to an earlier save without losing too much progress. If you don't want to loose your progress, though, I have a hunch about something that might work – I can't test it myself, though, so I can't guarantee that it will work! First, locate your save file. It should be in a folder named something like Save0 in 'Avernum Saved Games'. Before you do anything, create a copy of this folder and put the original somewhere safe. If anything goes wrong, you can just put the original back and everything will work as it did before. Now, create a new game and save it in a different slot (say, slot 1). Go into your corrupted save file folder and replace the 'items' file with the one from your newly created game. This could, if I'm thinking correctly, solve your problem – although it will probably also delete most of your party's items in the process. Still, if it works, at least you'll be able to proceed – and you can always buy items to replace those you lost, or replace them using the Character Editor. Sorry not to be more helpful!
  11. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    I'll see if I can put a set together, but it might take a little time. I'd need to put together a new tileset for this, since the one I have already uses the slightly different Exile II graphics. However, now that I've got a working system in place, it should be quicker than making the first set! Also, I took a quick wander around Exile to get those town entrances you were looking for:
  12. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    It's nice to have that confirmed! I'd assumed that that was how the inner corner system worked, but I didn't have any way of knowing that for certain. I imagine that Blades of Exile does things in more or less the same way as the original trilogy. I was a little unclear in what I wrote, though. Those corner tiles I were referring to weren't the L shape tiles you get on an inner corner (which you can form from, say, combining I and _), but the outer corners. These corners are the little sections of frills that appear only in the very corner of the tile, and link together two edge-frill tiles on either side. So, for example, if you had a square of land in the middle of water, the corners of that square would be outer corners. That third square of pit frills has all four of those little blobs of frills in the corners. Still, I haven't yet experimented with using the frill tileset I've generated, so it's possible that the original game behaves in a different way from what I've assumed. I put together the complete set of frills just in case, but it's possible that they're not all used.
  13. Unable to Register Avernum 2: Crystal Souls

    Hello nepenthe88, Crystal Souls behaves in a slightly different way to earlier Spiderweb games, as Randomizer says. The version available on the website is only a demo version, and the full version is an entirely separate file. This means that the demo version can't be unlocked using a registration code; instead, you'll need to download a new, complete version. If you bought the game from Spiderweb's website, you should have been sent an email that contains a download link for the full game. For me, this came from Humble Bundle rather than Spiderweb (since Jeff is using their technology for ordering). The best bet might be to have a look for that email, since the download link should still work. If you don't have the email anymore, I suggest contacting Spiderweb's support. They're very good with issues like this, and very understanding. If you send them your name and the email address you bought the game with, they should be able to confirm your transaction and send you a link themselves. Here's their address: support@spiderwebsoftware.com
  14. Spiral Pit

    Hello InfiniteArcanum, The answer to this question isn't straightforward, since there are some slightly different statements in several of the games. That's a nice dragon, by the way!
  15. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    This is really great work, Galadrin! Well done for producing the full map! I'm sure that getting the map together into this format by hand must have taken a lot of time, and it's nice to see a map of the original caves in their full form (and in the first set of original graphics, too). I've also been working on making a map like this, and I've been using a slightly different approach. Because of this, I've done some thinking about the how the Exile games produce their graphics. There are a few complications that mean making a map like this is a little awkward. Unfortunately, if you want to make the map look like it does in the games, you'll need to make a few alterations in addition to correcting the walls. The exile games make use of terrain frilling at the borders of certain terrains. This means that the borders of areas of water, lava and pits look slightly different from the standard tiles: the borders include a little portion of the neighbouring grey land in a wavy pattern. This makes the border between the water, say, and the land look more natural, rather than being a straight line. For instance, here's an example showing how the frills work on water: https://lparchive.org/Exile-Escape-from-the-Pit/Update 33/1-029_exileLP_007.png This is in the newer graphics, I'm afraid, but it applies to the old ones too. The edges of the water are slightly wavy, rather than being straight lines. So, if you wanted to be purist about this, you'd need to put together frills for the edges of all the water, lava and pits. Having said that, though, I doubt anyone would much notice if they were missing! I say this because I've been worrying about this for my own map. I've put together a complete set of frills for the Exile 2 graphics for all tiles, including additional tiles such as bridges and rocks (which doesn't take as much time as it sounds). I should then be able to put together a map using some automated processes to generate the frills – at least partially at any rate. If I get it to work, I'll let you know! If you want to try running Exile I again, I'm using SheepShaver to run the game on Mac OS 7.5.5 (on a Mac), and it runs very nicely. It's a little bit of a pain to set up correctly to begin with, I'm afraid, but it's something you'd only need to really do once. In any case, sorry for nitpicking! I think you've got a great map here, and a really nice illustration of the caves! P. S. For those that are interested, I think that the early Exile games generate the frills automatically depending on which tiles border which tiles. If a terrain requires a frill, the appropriate frill of the pit tileset is overlaid over the bordering tile. You can see this most clearly in Exile 2, where the bridge tiles actually have land covering the end of the bridge if you look closely enough. The frilling is quite clever, since there are only 3 terrain frill tiles, both of which contain multiple sets of frills (west-east, north-south and corners).
  16. Genegorge 4: Unable to save game

    Hello BetinaMod, I think what's happening here is that Avernum 5 is trying to find the save files you removed, and is giving you an error because it can't access them. Basically, the game will expect to see some save files, and is getting confused because they aren't there. From what you've said, it sounds like you still have your old save files. If you do, the best way to deal with this would probably be to make a copy of those files and then put the originals back in the place you originally found them. For me, this in a folder named 'Avernum 5 Saved Games' in the 'Documents' folder, but this may be different if you're using Windows (the little 'Tech Support' document in the Avernum 5 folder will tell you where this folder is for you if you're having problems). Avernum 5 should then be able to see those files, and the game should be able to save again as normal. You could then save over your old files with saves from your new team, confident that you have a copy of those saves somewhere else on your computer. If you don't have the files any more, you can still fix the problem. Find the file named 'Avernum 5 Prefs' and delete it (although I'd make a copy of it beforehand and store that copy elsewhere, just to be safe). This is the file that stores information about how the game runs on your computer. The next time you start Avernum 5, it will be as if you were starting the game again for the first time. The game will create new saved files for you from scratch, and you'll be up and running again!
  17. Avadon 3 Warborn DirectX crashing

    Hello DonB, This is a strange problem, and I don't recall hearing about anything like this happening to anyone before. This isn't particularly novel advice, I'm afraid, but probably the best thing you could do would be to email Spiderweb and see what they say. Their support line is really very good, and they should be able to help you. No-one knows more about the inner workings of these games than Jeff does! You can email Spiderweb support here: support@spiderwebsoftware.com It's odd that the crash occurs in both versions of the game. The only idea I have on my end is this: if possible, try using the regular game and, before starting the sequence where you follow the scout, leave the zone and return. It's possible that some troublesome information is being stored in your save file. Given how Spiderweb games tend to work, this might be removed by forcing the area to reload, and that can be done by leaving and returning.
  18. As it happens, the game did actually have a CD, although it wasn't really well advertised. I have one! Back when the game was first released, there was an option to also have the game sent on CD for a small extra cost. I imagine that's what you have, TJ Hedgescout. The CD was sent entirely as an extra, though. The original registration process still happened if you ordered a CD. That means that you still registered in the normal way, TJ Hedgescout, and were sent a registration code. It might be worth checking your emails to see if you can find one sent from Spiderweb at around that time. It should contain your registration key. That should allow you to download a new copy from Spiderweb's website and register it again. If you can't find that then, as Lilith suggested, you should try emailing support@spiderwebsoftware.com. Give them as much information as you can remember, and they should be able to sort you out. They're very good. There's even a special page for this if you'd be happier not emailing! http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/support/newkey.html
  19. Hello General_Jah, I'm guessing from how you've phrased this that you're referring to Avernum: Escape from the Pit, and not to the Avadon games. The titles are pretty similar! There is nothing unique in any of the starting classes in Escape from the Pit. As you say, these classes simply assign some starting points in the character stats. The amount of stat increases is the same for all classes: three points in the primary stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Endurance), five points in the secondary stats (those on the righthand side of the training screen) and one trait. So, in terms of numbers, there's no particular advantage in choosing one class over any other. No class gets any unique skills or traits. The reason these classes are there, I feel, is to provide a starting point for building certain types of characters. Sure, you could customise every party member from scratch, but since most players will be playing a lot of the same sorts of characters (a priest, a mage, a melee pole-user etc.), it makes sense from a game-design perspective to include templates for them. So, think of the classes as a template for starting your character out. You could always start with a template and then develop the character into something completely different, but that could waste those initial few points. That might not sound like much, but it could make all the difference later on, especially on higher difficulties! P. S. This hasn't always been the case. In earlier Avernum games, some classes got more (or less!) skill point investment than others, and starting skills directly determined what spells you had access to at the start of the game. This isn't the case any more.
  20. Avernum 5, Tranquility

    Hello Randy, Just to check, are you referring to the sentinel standing on the small hill in the southeastern section of Tranquility? This is the sentinel that Malachite is talking about. I ask because I don't think this sentinel should ever turn hostile unless you attack it directly and without provocation, and I wanted to make sure you weren't checking the wrong one! If you have destroyed the sentinel, there isn't an easy way to respawn the creature that I am aware of. If you still want to finish the quest, though, you could do so by editing the scripts. Here's one approach. 1. Go into the folder 'Avernum 5 Files' and then 'Scripts'. 2. Make a copy of 'z132tranqdlg.txt' and put it in a safe place. This is to make sure that nothing gets broken irreversibly, and so that you can restore the game to normal once you've finished! 3. In the z132tranqdlg.txt that's still in the Scripts folder, find the section of the file that says: begintalknode 2; state = -1; nextstate = -1; condition = get_sdf(41,4) == 0; question = "special"; text1 = "The scribe who lived here fled in panic. The door has several large gouges in it, probably left by an angry sentinel. That would explain the owner's absence."; action = SET_SDF 41 4 1; 4. Replace this section with: begintalknode 2; state = -1; nextstate = -1; condition = 1; question = "special"; text1 = "Debug. Starting sentinel test."; action = SET_SDF 41 4 1; code = sf(41,7,0); sf(41,6,1); set_attitude(30043,10); set_attitude(30044,10); set_attitude(30045,10); set_attitude(30046,10); break; 5. Launch Avernum 5. Go to the southeastern section of Tranquility and find the scribe's house on the western edge of that area. 6. Open the door and step inside. The test will commence as soon as you pass beyond the door. 7. Survive! This script alteration is very simple. Don't step on the squares inside the door again, or else the timer will be reset. The best way to do this would be to dart inside the house to trigger the sentinels, and then to run back outside (and probably somewhere else where it's easier to avoid them). 8. When you've finished, replace the modified z132tranqdlg.txt with the unchanged copy that you made.
  21. GF1 killed my creations now NPCs hate me

    Hello Gouresdo, What's happening here, as I understand it, is a result of how Geneforge treats your creations. Your creations are essentially friendly characters so, if you attack them, the game behaves in the same way as if you had attacked other friendly creatures in the zone: all friendly characters will become hostile to you. Essentially, there's a little toggle in the game that flips if you start attacking people, or if you steal objects, and this is also flipped if you attack your own creations. If Geneforge behaves in the same way as other Spiderweb games, zones made hostile like this will only remain hostile for a while. It's possible that, if you go through some other zones (about four) and then return, the servile will be friendly again. This might not be too much of a problem: chances are that you won't be able to enter the door the servile Sniff is guarding for a little while, although it depends on what order you're doing the zones in. You'll know when you're able to enter. However, if you want to reset using cheats, you'll need to flip that toggle again. Leave Wooded Valley and go to another zone. Then, press shift-D and type forgiveme into the input that appears. You should see a little bit of text come up in your log that says that your crimes have been forgotten. Now, return to Wooded Valley. The servile should be friendly again. The reason you need to take that longwinded route is that, as I understand it, the game only calculates if a zone is friendly when you enter it. If you typed the code in when in Wooded Valley, the servile would still be hostile, and would only become friendly again when you left and re-entered the zone.
  22. Homeland progress report

    I'm loving the name of the capital. Does the city by any chance have a grand library, one of the oldest and most extensive in Khitaloss? In any case, it's nice to see references to the famous sliths that are mentioned in Exodus. It's a great screenshot, too. The city looks suitably imposing with all the fortifications and many, many layers of walled defences. This is exactly what I would expect from an old and illustrious centre of power. It looks grand. Although all is perhaps not well at the southern gates, from the looks of things ... Keep up the good work!
  23. geneforge 3 editor

    That's strange. The links all seem to work for me now, and they didn't before Kel changed the permissions earlier, so something should have changed. Perhaps there's a problem with your browser cache, alhoon? If the file permissions have changed, it's possible your browser might not have registered that yet – doing something like logging out and logging back in again might change that. I can't think of a reason why some non-moderators could view the files but not others, although I might be missing something!
  24. geneforge 3 editor

    Hello, That's a strange error. It looks like the files were once stored on the forum itself, but I'm guessing something went a little awry when the forum software was recently updated. Given the error message, perhaps the files can only viewed by some members? In any case, the Geneforge 3 Editor can still be found on Slp006's website: http://slp006.tripod.com/gf3itemschars.txt http://slp006.tripod.com/z2southenddlg.txt Download these text files and follow the instructions in the post above, and everything should work out. Make sure to backup the originals!
  25. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    Unfortunately, producing a map of Exile I like this isn't straightforward. To explain what's happening here, the information about the outdoors is stored in that outdoor.dat file. Perhaps the best way to think about how the information is stored is to go down the reverse route! Take the map of Exile and split it down into those chunks that you've seen in Duskwolf's files. Each section is a square of map tiles. Now, imagine taking one square and pulling it out so that all these tiles are strung along one line. Next, replace each type of tile with a set of numbers and letters that tells you what type of tile it is (for instance, say AA is 'cave floor' and BB is 'mushrooms'). What you end up with is essentially one portion your outdoor.dat file! What these programs of Duskwolf's do is to do the reverse: they take that list of identification markers and convert it back into a map. It might be possible to use a modified version of Duskwolf's code to extract the information from the original game, but that depends on what changes were made to the data files between Exile I and Exile II. A little work would need to be done to convert this code so that it would work on the different data files. I would offer to look into this for you, but I'm afraid that I can't do so right at this moment. Python is having some real issues on my machine right now, and I won't be able to run Duskwolf's code until I can fix those problems. That might take some time. I do have some other ideas about how this map could be created, though. They might not work out (and it might be a while before I can test them) but, if they do, I'll post something here.