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    Hello Wendy, In order to get in to Khora-Vysss, you need to head there from underground. You can't do that from the south, so you'll need to head there from the north. The path starts in the underground section of the Drake Pillars. You can get underground from the south-eastern corner of the Pillars. Once you've gone far enough, you'll find yourself in Khora-Vysss's sewer systems. You'll need to use several wheels to lower the water level at various points, allowing you to access the entire area. Once you find Kazhri-Uss, you'll also find a staircase that leads upstairs and into the heart of Khora-Vysss itself. Be careful there! The sliths are strong, and the Slithzerikai Horror is especially so. If you'd like a more visual guide, you can trace the route you'll need to take using the Avernum 5 Annotated Maps, which also feature a complete guide on how to pass the sewer systems: http://www.harehunter.info/Avernum5/Maps/MainMap51.html
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    Isle of Bigail map?

    The way that mapping works in Avernum 3 is slightly different from the other Avernum games, so it can be a little unexpected if you’re not used to it. In order to see the map of an area, you need to buy a physical map. After all, you’re exploring territory that neither your party nor most Avernites know particularly well, so a map is an important tool to help you travel around on the surface! You had a map of the first area because it was given to you in Avernum; all the rest you’ll need to buy yourself. Talking to people in the major cities in each region is usually (but not always!) a good starting point. If you want to find the map of Bigail, have you tried:
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    (Avernum 5) Am I doing something wrong?

    I hope that you change your mind sometime! There are some really nice moments in the later Avernum games, and I feel that they are well worth playing. Just because this hasn't been said yet, the way in which the Avernum games are structured underwent some significant changes in the second Avernum trilogy. In particular, Jeff started to experiment with a new idea: that new areas may not necessarily be fully completable when they are first encountered. This is not so evident in Avernum 4, but it becomes much, much more obvious in Avernum 5. Khora-Vysss is the most memorable example (where the player is actually warned about the difficulty), but many of the early segments of the game contain fights and events that were intended to be too hard to deal with when the player first encounters them. It sounds like this is the problem that you are coming up against. Unfortunately, this probably doesn't help too much. To play the game on Torment, you'll probably need to leave a lot of fights and side-areas until you're stronger, and that doesn't fit with the time you have available. You could, I suppose, always keep a quick text file on hand as a reminder about what you need to go back to, but that is a little extra faff. If you're not a fan of hard sidequests, and you don't want to continue with Avernum 5, I would still suggest trying Avernum 6. Sidequest difficulty is much more manageable in the sixth game, so your experience may match up more with what you're used to from the first trilogy.
  4. Hello Pajama, The coding language for the games has changed slightly since the secret switch mods were released, so unfortunately those mods can't simply be transferred into Avernum 3. However, I've put together something quickly for this game that has the same effect. Go into your script folder and find secdoor.txt. Before you modify it, make sure you make a copy of it in case anything goes wrong. Now, open the file and, at the very bottom, add the following: beginstate RUN_ANIM_STATE; if (get_ran(1,0,2) == 1) run_sparkles_on_object(ME,21,6,0); break; This will make secret switches sparkle occasionally, making them a little more visible. The sparkles only happen every now and again, so it shouldn't make the switches too obvious. However, if it's a little too subtle, remove the line 'if (get_ran(1,0,2) == 1)'. This will make the switches sparkle constantly. P. S. I actually came up with another change that made the switches flash white, even when the player is far away. However, it was really annoying in practice, since it was like having a warning light flashing on the screen. You wouldn't miss the switches, but the game would be quite uncomfortable to play at the same time!
  5. Well done for figuring it out, Californian! The Golem Factory is a tough place to get through, with hard fights and some tricky machinery, so I can understand your frustration! You’re essentially trying to work a big contraption without the manual, all the while avoiding tough, constantly spawning foes. It’s not easy! Part of the reason for the factory's difficulty is because it's an optional part of the game. A player can actually bypass the golems entirely and head on to Blackcrag Fortress to continue with the main storyline without any repercussions. I was going to suggest this as an option, along with the settings to use on the control panel, but you managed to figure out the puzzle before I got my reply in! P. S. I quite enjoy playing around with beam puzzles, although I think I'm in the minority there. Since you've solved the puzzle, I felt I should mention that it *is* actually possible to get past the four beams with only two mirrors. It requires some careful positioning, and three characters in combat mode. This destroys three beams, and blocks the fourth. I don't think it's an intended solution, since it skips some fights in the factory itself (and isn't possible with small parties), but it makes the journey through a little easier!
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    Character Editor

    Hello suebee, Unfortunately, unlike the other Avernum games, Avernum 4 has no inbuilt editor. This means that the 'editor' code won't do anything in this game. However, there is a user-created editor which you can download from this topic: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/6800-new-a4-editor/ In the first post, click on the link with the title 'A4editor.zip'. This contains the editor and all the documentation you need. Note that the other links in the post no longer work, mainly because this editor is quite old now. This editor doesn't have the full functionality of Spiderweb's editors, but with it you will be able to increase your party's experience and level, and give your party items, money, herbs etc.. Given the way this board handles downloads, it's possible you also might not be able to download from the 'A4editor.zip' link. If that's the case, let me know, and I'll upload the editor somewhere else temporarily. Welcome to the boards. And do enjoy your time with Avernum 4!
  7. You can find links to the original versions of Exile I and II here: Mac: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/8259-old-versions-of-exile-exile-ii/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-278123 Windows: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/8259-old-versions-of-exile-exile-ii/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-294941 Everything with version number 1 (that is, 1.[something]) has the original graphics. I recommend going for the latest version 1 in both cases; these are closest to the Exile experience you will remember from version 2. The very early versions of Exile I had no AP system; each party member and each enemy had only one move per turn! You’ll also be able to listen to the inbuilt music, which wasn’t present either in the very early versions, or in version 2. These links are for the demo versions. However, since Spiderweb has released the games for free, you can email support@spiderwebsoftware.com and ask for registration codes for the games for no charge. Be aware that the registration system for Exile I version 1 is different from all subsequent Spiderweb games, so make sure to be clear that you’re asking for a code for an early version of that game. Because these games herald from the middle of the 1990s, you’ll probably need to use an emulator to run them. Something like DOSBox should work for the Windows versions, and Sheepshaver or Basilisk (an appropriate name!) should work for the Mac versions. I can testify that Sheepshaver emulates the Mac versions of Exile beautifully. On the subject of the vahnatai, I think it’s implied that most of the old structures you see in Exile that aren’t built by the sliths are built by the vahnatai. After all, the nation of Exile is still quite young by the time of Exile I. There are a number of references to odd writing and spindly humanoids, especially in the areas around the barrier tunnel (just ‘Cave’ in Exile I) and the Crypt of Drath, as Samael101 mentioned. Don't forget the alien blade, too! Interestingly, Exile II adds a few more references in the main body of the caves, including an obelisk in the Great Cave itself, implying that the vahnatai had quite an expansive empire in the caves that we know from the games. However, the only explicit references are those that Slarty pointed out above.
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    CBoE downloads gone?

    Hello SkeleTony_13, Thankfully, several of the old links in the forum header have been preserved by the excellent Internet Archive. I'm not a Windows user myself, so I'm afraid I can't test this, but I believe you can find the version of BoE you are looking for at this link: https://web.archive.org/web/20171027113618/https://blades.calref.net/files/BoE-1.2.0a-win32.exe
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    Homeland progress report

    Yes, I was right! I was hoping that that was what you were referring to with your talk of 'trippy' floors. I always thought that aesthetic was really nice in Exodus, and I think it's good that we'll get to see it again. I didn't think too much of the Thkhi themselves when I first played through Exodus. However, thinking about the plot a little more closely for Thissa in Thassaka made me suspicious that there might be more there than first meets the eye. Granted, it's said in a throwaway line, but the connection between the rise in power of Thkhi and the cavequake that destroyed Bahssikava seems unlikely to be a coincidence. I have some ideas of how that might tie into the broader themes too, but I'll wait with interest to see how that all pans out. In any case, the name 'Thkhi' is great. Keep up the good work, Kel!
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    Getting to Annwn

    Hello iris56, You should be able to get Mugain to tell you how to reach Annwn, but it's a little hidden away in her dialogue chain. When talking to her, try using the following options in sequence: 1. What are your duties here? 2. Have you been required to perform many tasks? 1. What service can you perform for me? That should open up the option for her to tell you about Annwn!
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    Homeland progress report

    Oops. And here I was inadvertently bragging that my confidence level was higher than everyone else's. That's not quite what I meant!
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    Homeland progress report

    Ooo, this is exciting! Such an important scene in the scenario is coming together and, if even the introduction takes place over two towns, it sounds like it’s even more broad in scope than I’d imagined! Moreover, the consequences are likely to be quite something. I can understand being nervous about it, too. At least to me, there a curious sort of responsibility in finally committing to words an idea that’s been spinning around in your head for a long time, especially if its one of the focal points of a work. Crystallising a fluid idea into reality is oddly daunting, and it never seems to get much easier, even with plenty of experience. However, its that same experience that helps ensure the final product is a good one, even if starting the process off is difficult. With your excellent track record, I have the upmost confidence that you’ll make something exceptional out of this!
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    3D models of sprites

    That’s an interesting find! In terms of making your 3D model, you’re probably closer than you think! The model you’ve linked to is part of a large store associated with one particular type of software: DAZ Studio. The software used to be commercial, but a few years ago the main body of the program was released by the company for free. However, the company still charges for extras, including models such as this hatchling dragon. If you wanted to do some work on this model, you’d need to download DAZ Studio from the front page of the website. If you bought the model, you’d then be able to import it into the program and play around with it. The program should then offer the option to export to a format that a 3D-printing firm would accept. You don’t need to worry about the legal complications of printing this model. The company is quite careful in its conditions to state you’re entitled to print any models you buy for your own personal use. Here’s some text from their licence agreement: ‘The creation of three-dimensional physical representations (3D-print, molded copy, CNC-routed copy, and the like) of Content or any three-dimensional art derived from the Content is permitted only for personal, non-commercial use by the User. Additionally, the user may not grant other entities or individuals the right to produce such physical representations of the Content except for the sole purpose of providing the print to the User for their personal use.’ It’s worth pointing out that the pose of the creature won’t start out looking like that of a drayk. The modelling software should allow you to pose the creature in any way you want, but that might not be very intuitive if this is your first time using software like this. However, you might be in luck. If you didn’t mind spending a little more for a set of things you mostly don’t need, someone has put together a pose that seems to be very similar to the drayk’s pose. Look here and have a look at the pose of the turquoise hatchling at the top of the picture: https://www.daz3d.com/ss-hatchling-maps Just as a caveat, this isn't software I've used myself. I'm more familiar with 3D modelling applied to engineering diagrams. Still, I'm assuming the software behaves in similar ways!
  14. Ess-Eschas

    Nightsade Perimeter quest bug?

    I think the most likely explanation is that Cerise has been reset again. The fix I posted above is slightly fragile, and could be overwritten by doing things such as exiting the zone or even entering certain buildings. The first thing to try would be to enter the 'sdf 0 28 1' or 'sdf 0 28 2' code again. This should work anywhere within the boundaries of the actual camp but, just to be on the safe side, I suggest doing so standing in the same room as Cerise. Hopefully, that should allow Cerise to recognise that you've completed the task. If that doesn't work, then let me know what her dialogue options are this time. That will help me to figure out what your problem might be. If necessary, I can use a brute-force method and produce a more complicated set of flag changes that should convince the game that you've completed the mission. In either case, this bug is unusual. Just on the off-chance this might help diagnose the real cause of the problem, would you mind giving a little more information about your original playthrough? Where was Redbeard? What was the last major mission you worked on (that is, a mission related to the main storyline)?
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    Nightsade Perimeter quest bug?

    Ah, that explains the problem! Have you noticed that Cerise makes no reference to Redbeard? This is because she has two independent sets of dialogue choices: one for before Redbeard arrives at the camp, and the other for after he arrives. The quest involving the Nightshade perimeter is only connected to the later set of dialogue choices, and can't be accessed from the earlier set. This makes sense, since I suppose Nicodemus would only feel the need to shore up the perimeter once Redbeard has arrived. However, your game has shunted you back onto the earlier set of dialogue choices. This means that you can't report back your victory, since part of the game thinks that Redbeard hasn't visited the camp yet! This also means that the fix I posted above won't work. However, fixing this problem is a little simpler. All you need to do is to enter one of the following debug commands while in Camp Nightshade: sdf 0 28 1 sdf 0 28 2 Choose the one ending in 1 if you're at the part of the game where Redbeard is still in the camp, or the one ending in 2 if he's left. It's important that you do this while inside the camp, since this flag is reset when you enter the area. The way of entering the debug command is slightly different for the iPad. In the designer's words, select the File button and then 'Use Cheat Code'. I don't have the game on a tablet myself, but I'm assuming that will bring up a keyboard for you to enter the code. This type of debug command is treated like a cheat code by the game. Don't worry, though! You won't be locked out of anything by doing this.
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    Nightsade Perimeter quest bug?

    This is odd. I've had a look at the code for this encounter, and on the surface it looks quite straightforward. All you need to do is to go in to the circle and place the stone. This sets a couple of flags that let the game know that you can claim your reward (along with removing the stone from your special items list). Just to clarify this, since some of the stone quests differ, for this quest you only need to place the stone once, spawning the skeletons. You don't need to do so again after you've fought the skeletons. In fact, you don't even need to fight the skeletons if you don't want to. The set flags aren't used anywhere else in the game, so you should be able to go back and claim the reward at any time; nothing else in the game seems to interfere with this quest. Just for my curiosity, what is Cerise's dialogue option about the quest when you talk to her? Is one of the options 'I suppose that I can place another stone'? If it's something else, then something isn't behaving as it should be. If you want to force the game into thinking that you've completed this quest, you could try using a debug option to set the appropriate flags. If something has gone amiss, this should fix it. Hold down shift, and press d. This should bring up a dialogue box. Now, type in: sdf 0 21 3 Do the same for all of these as well, one at a time: sdf 0 23 1 sdf 0 24 0 sdf 0 54 3 Strictly speaking, you only need to first two, but the last two are there for safety's sake.
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    Hello Avadon 3 Player, Welcome to the forums! I've had a quick look, and I've come up with a way to alter the Scorched Greaves for you. I've also written a little about the general format of the items in av3itemschars.txt underneath. Before going on to the solution, though, I think it's worth mentioning for reference that the Scorched Greaves giving a sorcerer skill isn't actually a bug. It's intentional. According to the designer, he wanted the strange magic of the greaves to make other characters behave a little bit more like a sorcerer: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/22430-scorched-greaves-glitch/?tab=comments#comment-292662 In order to allow the Scorched Greaves to be equipped by a sorcerer, first make a copy of av3itemschars.txt and put it in a safe place. This is just to make sure that you can revert back to the original game should there be any problems. In the version that is still in the scripts folder, find the Scorched Greaves (item 213), and add this line: it_sorceress = 0; Make sure it's somewhere before 'begindefineitem 214;'. Crucially, you also need to add: it_sorceress = 1; to the following item (the Pitted Greaves). This allows the Scorched Greaves to be worn by a sorcerer, but prevents all the other greaves from also being allowed to be worn by the class! It's worth noting that the Scorched Greaves require a minimum strength of 10 to be worn, and it's possible that your sorcerer might not have reached that level of strength when you first find the greaves. Even making the alteration, it's possible your sorcerer won't be able to wear them! One other option, then, is to make a different change. Instead of allowing the item to be worn by a sorcerer, you could change its properties to not add Focus Mastery, but have a different effect. For instance, you can revert the item's effect to that of Avadon 2 (adding 20% fire resistance), by changing these lines: it_stats_to_affect 0 = 58; it_stats_addition 0 = 1; to: it_stats_to_affect 0 = 206; it_stats_addition 0 = 20; For reference, the format of av3itemschars.txt takes the same sort of format as many of Spiderweb's recent games, but the Avadon series as a whole does make a few changes. For a quick summary, items are grouped into sets (such as, say, a set of shields, a set of helmets and a set of cloaks). The first item in each set is fully defined, which includes information about which characters can equip these types of items, the minimum strength needed to hold them, the amount of protection they provide etc.. Each subsequent item just updates this base item. This will include its name, and icon, but not necessarily anything else. If the item is more or less powerful than the base item in one or more stats, this will be changed. The items generally seem to be arranged so that they become more powerful as you move down a set. I'm guessing it's arranged like this to allow an easy way to balance items over the course of the game. It means that the items are all going to be consistent, and can easily be made to be consistently more powerful by only ever updating the item stats. The characters that can use an item are defined by the variables it_sorceress, it_shaman etc.. If these have a value of 0, the class can use the item. A value of 1 means they can't use the item. A value of 2 means that only that class can use the item.
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    To give you some more data, I went and checked back on a couple of my parties in the level 35 range. Here are the willpowers for the two spellcasters for an early level-35 party of mine which isn't particularly optimal: Level 35 Nephil Priest: Willpower 18 Level 37 Human Mage: Willpower 18 For the sake of contrast, here are the willpowers for a newer, much more optimal party: Level 36 Slith Priest: Willpower 23 Level 37 Slith Mage: Willpower 17 This bears out with Kel's comments, I think. As an early player, I was getting willpowers of around 18 without particularly trying to do so. However, as a more experienced player focused on building magic power, I was getting willpowers of over 20 for roughly the same level. So I'd suggest a check of around 21 or so if you want the check to be reasonably difficult.
  19. Ess-Eschas

    Homeland progress report

    I've been looking for this too, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the post has now been lost! I found a link you made to that post about a year later: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/2177-ac3/?tab=comments#comment-16617 From what I can gather, the link you give here connects to a post on the spiderweb boards (when they were using earlier forum software). If that's the case, and the post was made around 2003, then it probably won't exist anywhere now. I had a look into this a while back while chasing some old BoE scenarios and, so far as I can tell, all the forum archives for this board only go back to about 2004. Forum posts like these aren't generally held on the Internet Archive, either, so the older posts might be gone for good. I do have a guess as to how the discovery came about, though. The earlier of the two scenarios I know that successfully push the 100-town limit is The Ultimate Sesame Mission. It's not one that I've played, but it's one that sparks discussion about the 100-town bug. This scenario was released in September 2003. In a review, TM credits the author with finding the workaround: https://forum.nethergate.net/index.php?p=index.phpQUERYshowtopic=904 Interestingly, the author isn't actually Vince Fizz, but his brother, Dan Fizz. So perhaps at some point earlier in 2003 (maybe during the summer), Dan discovered the solution and posted it to the spiderweb boards? In the readme, he accurately describes the problem and workaround: https://truesite4blades.com/Home/Others/FAQ.htm
  20. Ess-Eschas

    Homeland progress report

    Yes, you're right! I tend to remember epic scenarios like this as being larger than they actually are! Just to expand on this for the record, it looks like the main workaround was discovered around halfway through 2003. That's several years after the majority of the epics were written (and shortly before the release of BoA), so it's not much of a surprise that more scenarios didn't make use of the solution. Also, that 'article' I remembered from Alcritas actually turns out to have been a short forum post on the Lyceum. Still, here it is, for the sake of interest: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/thelyceum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2465&p=13732
  21. Ess-Eschas

    Homeland progress report

    At least if the 100-town bug rears its head again, you have the advantage of the BoE community's attempts to work around it. As I understand it, there are are few ways of circumventing the bug in classic BoE, so at least you would have a few ideas to try out in the BoA engine. Adventurer's Club 3 had about 150 towns, and the largest scenario I've seen reference to – The Ultimate Sesame Adventure – has 191! In fact, I believe Alcritas wrote an article about a workaround at one point (in reference to Kallaskagathos). Since you're trailblazing, I share your concern. Still, here's to hoping you won't find anything! And if you do find something nasty, hopefully there's enough combined knowledge between your own significant experience with the engine and the rest of us programmers on here that we could find a workaround. You just pre-empted me, Lilith! I actually had a quick look yesterday, and At the Gallows surprised me. It actually doesn't go over 100 towns, at least in the version I have. It comes in at only 97. I had a feeling it was larger than that.
  22. Ess-Eschas

    Homeland progress report

    Oh, wow. This really puts into perspective for me just how large this scenario could be. Not only is this large compared to Exodus, but it’s large even compared to the old Blades of Exile epics. If I remember correctly, only a handful of scenarios broke 100 towns back then (although, given the 100-town bug, for good reason). For instance, even Falling Stars only had about 90 towns. You’re actually approaching the size of a full-on Avernum game here! That’s wonderful, since it’s another way in which Homeland could be epic in scope, and it seems fitting for the third game to be so large. It’s always interesting reading your progress on this, Kel! Keep up the great work!
  23. Hello Muscleguy, I'm not sure that Grah-Hoth's summons are actually supposed to disappear. They don't disappear on my version of the game, nor in the footage of a quick check of online videos of other players. I had a look, and there's nothing in the game's scripts for the fight that would remove summons after Grah-Hoth is defeated. Could your be misremembering previous playthroughs? As far as I can tell, the summons are supposed to stay around. The little bit of misleading text in the dialogue box you mention is: "You look around. The tiny, foul creatures gibbering in the corner have fled. The passages are quiet. Grah-Hoth's demons are gone. You are victorious. Now all you need to do is get out of here alive." I think this is flavour text, rather than actually talking about the gameplay. I've always interpreted the comment about the tiny creatures as referring to little imps that are watching the fight from the shadows. These then run off when Grah-Hoth is defeated, presumably to gain their freedom! The summons are, after all, massive, imposing and powerful undead creatures – 'tiny' and 'foul' doesn't really seem to be describing them, at least to me! Also, I wouldn't worry about something like this. Jeff is a very conscientious designer, and I don't think he would ever put anything into a game to deliberately undermine any one way of playing it – including using cheat codes. He wants people to play his games however they want to!
  24. Hello Guillaume, The guide you're looking at is a little misleading about this. The 'animal horn' it refers to is an item made out of the horn of an animal, not the actual name of the item. The item's name is 'Spiral Horn'. You can find it in the Grove of Bones in the zone called 'Western Shadowvale' (which is to the west of Spire Woods if you're having trouble finding it). The grove is a patch of brown ground covered with some skeletons and almost entirely surrounded by trees. It's on the eastern side of the river. You can use the Spiral Horn at the stone circle in the 'Southeastern Shadowvale' zone. Note that it's a piece of horn, and not an instrument! I think the quest you're referring to is the Wolf of the Fen quest. For that, you just need any horn you can find (an instrument, this time). There are quite a few around the vale. If you're having problems finding them, you can look at this list: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/8263-synergy-list-—-nethergate-resurrection-items/
  25. Ess-Eschas

    3D models of sprites

    Hello tristram, As has been said above, by far your most likely option is to ask Spiderweb themselves. You can get in touch with them at this address: support@spiderwebsoftware.com I'm of a slightly more optimistic viewpoint than TheKian. The 3D model of the Drayk is an asset for Spiderweb, and Jeff is a shrewd developer, so I don't expect he will have discarded it unless he had to. I think there's a reasonable chance that either he, or the original artist (who I believe is Linda), still has it around somewhere. There's no harm in asking them! Unfortunately, I think this would be a really very difficult task, at least for a computer program. I've done a little bit of simple work on generating 3D images from 2D data, and generally it's a very difficult thing to accomplish. Even things that might at first seem straightforward, like creating a surface that passes through a set of 3D points, can turn out to be incredibly difficult computational problems. In fact, I believe this is still very much an active area of research. It's interesting for a large group of people, and I think there's some medical research that is trying to find ways to efficiently generate 3D reproductions of the human body from sets of 2D scans. The problem is that 2D images generally contain much, much less information than 3D ones. Think about it using this (slightly simple) analogy. If you take a photograph of a person, that photo will take up far less physical space than the person it shows. In essence, a huge swathe of information about the person is lost when taking the 2D snapshot. Imagine how many photos you'd need to take to fill up the same volume as a person! A series of five snapshots taken around the person isn't anywhere near enough. So, in order to stitch together your Drayk from those five snapshots, a computer would need to guess a lot of the anatomy from very little information. For example, the computer would need to figure out what the belly of a Drayk looks like, something that isn't shown in any of the pieces of art. Computers aren't particularly good at guesswork, so the result would probably end up being almost unrecognisable. Of course, humans are better at guessing than computers are! One other option you have if Spiderweb does not have the original model is to create one yourself using these images as a guide! There may be more advanced ways of doing this these days, but you could always take a look at the Spore Creature Creator. This is specifically designed to create 3D models of creatures, so with some work, you might be able to create a Drayk there: http://www.spore.com/creatureCreator