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    A:EftP: Secret

    Hello IcyChains, I'm afraid that it doesn't. The special easter egg dungeons only appear in the second and third games, as you suspected. Escape from the Pit is based on Jeff's very first game, Exile I. I suspect that he just didn't think about adding in something like this until the second game – and presumably he didn't want to slightly artificially add one in when he made the remakes. That's not to say that there aren't little eggs hidden all over the place, in all three games. Perhaps my favourite is this message in Crystal Souls: "This particular section of Avernum is quite buggy." You then get attacked. By bugs. Welcome to the boards!
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    struck, in "circle of Life" cult

    Hello Capt. Jim, It sounds like something has gone a little wrong with this encounter. What's supposed to happen is that Vyck talks to you, and then opens the gate herself (possibly hitting the gong as she does so, too). From the looks of things, it seems that you've defeated her before this has happened. Unfortunately, this means that there isn't any way to open that gate by normal means. It's an unfortunate oversight that you've managed to get stuck this way! If you're happy to go through the fight again, you could always try loading from a recent save (or the auto-save if it's near enough). Make sure that you talk to Vyck before attacking her. The gate should open as the fight starts. However, if you don't want to go through the fight again, I have a solution for you. Go into your 'Scripts' folder inside 'Avernum 5 Files' and look for the document 'av5objsmisc.txt'. Just to be on the safe side, make a copy of it in case you mistake a mistake. Now, open the file, and do a search for the word 'gate'. You should find the following: begindefineobject 126; import = 0; ob_name = "Closed Gate"; ob_object_type = 1; ob_graphic_template = 48; ob_graphic_sheet = 5; ob_base_icon_num = 0; ob_width = 256; ob_height = 256; ob_blockage_type = 2; ob_default_script = "gate"; ob_part_of_terrain = 1; ob_in_space_offset_y = 4; This looks complicated! However, all you need to do is to make one change. Do you see the line ob_blockage_type = 2? Change the 2 to a 0, so that the line reads: ob_blockage_type = 0; Save the file and run the game. Click on the opposite side of the gate. Your party should move there, as if by magic! You'll now be free to continue onwards with the game. What you changed was how the party responds to gates. You made it so that gates are 'transparent' to your party, meaning that you can stroll right through them. Of course, you don't want this to remain for the entire game! So, return to the same document, at the same place, and set the line back to its original form: ob_blockage_type = 2; I hope that this is helpful!
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    Hello Falastur, Generally speaking, the presence of Quickfire isn't tied to the game's clock, but rather to the game's memory of what's happened in previous towns. In order to fix the problem, you'll need to clear this memory backlog. Try entering a few different towns (about 4 or 5 should do it) and then returning to the Chasm of Screams. The Quickfire should then have subsided! This is useful trick to know, since it makes it much easier dealing with Quickfire traps you'll come across in future. There's a place in particular near the endgame where you can avoid an especially nasty trap and still pick up a good reward for your troubles! If this doesn't work for this dungeon, it might be that this particular Quickfire trap is part of a special script. Let me know if that's the case, and I'll see if I can come up with another solution.
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    Hello, I'm new here

    Hello ladyonthemoon, Likewise, welcome. Enjoy your time on these boards! I second this. There are a large number of scenarios available for both games, and it's definitely worth rooting through them. Since you already have Blades of Avernum, I'd suggest taking a look at the the following list of scenarios for that game, which I believe is pretty comprehensive. As you can see, there are a fair number, and there are some real gems in there! https://blades.nethergate.net/ If you're looking for suggestions, take a look in the Scenario Reviews subforum of the Blades of Avernum forum. Also, since you like the original Avernum trilogy, you should really try out Kelandon's scenarios, which are especially fine. You can have a look at them here: https://kppp.webs.com/scenarios.html
  5. Hello Woodman, From the sounds of it, you've done all you should have done in this encounter. Adze-Haakai is supposed to escape, I'm afraid – you don't get to destroy him in this version of the game. In fact, later games imply this in a more general way, I think. Demons, even Grah-Hoth, escape back to whence they came rather than ever really being killed. I think I've figured out what might have happened. I've just tried it myself, and got my party stuck in just the same way as yours. If you accidentally click on the wheel when the gate is opened, the gate will close. If you do this in combat mode, though, there is a delay. The gate only closes at the end of all your party members' turns. So, in combat mode, if you click on the wheel with one of your first few characters when your party is standing over the gate, and then immediately end combat, the routine that determines where your party stands after the end of combat has a chance of placing you behind the gate – which is then shut. This is indeed a bug, and a nasty one! You have to be fairly unlucky to fall victim to it, but that won't make it any easier when it has happened to you. There is a way to fix this problem, though. Type shift-d. A little dialogue should appear. Enter the following: backtostart This little debug command will send you back to Fort Avernum, from where you can continue your adventures! Yes, you do! Randomizer is mistaken on this one. You only get Demonslayer by having it reforged by Avernum's master smith!
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    Averum Ruined World and fake Anama rings

    Hello Earth, This is a tricky problem to diagnose, I'm afraid. The way the game deals with the barriers in Shayder, and the way it deals with the fake rings, are both hardcoded. Unlike parts of the game that can be found in the scripts, this means that it's not very easy to figure out what the problem is. Honestly, the best person the know how to fix this in a conventional way would be Jeff through his support email. Be patient! Jeff is good at replying to help requests! In the meantime, I do have a solution for you. However, it's a slightly overpowered one that involves some script editing. If you can, it's best to make a copy of the Avernum 3 application first – just to be safe. If you can't, make sure you make a copy of the script that you are editing. That way, you'll be able to easily return the game to its original state when you're done. First, you'll need to find your scripts folder. If you're using a Mac, control-click on the application and select 'Show Package Contents'. You can then find the scripts folder (named 'Resources') in 'Contents'. On Windows, apparently the folder (named 'Scripts') can be found in the same one that contains your application. If you're using another distribution, such as through Steam, then finding the right folder might be a little more complicated, I'm afraid. Find the file 'a3objsmisc.txt'. Make a copy of this and put it in a safe place! Then you can return the game to its original state after you've made any changes. Search in the file for 'barrier', and you will find the following bit of text: begindefineobject 186;// import = 9; ob_name = "Magic Barrier S"; ob_graphic_template = 67; ob_graphic_sheet = 2; ob_base_icon_num = 0; ob_num_anim_steps = 8; ob_which_icon_destroyed = -1; ob_effect_when_slain = 60; ob_width = 256; ob_height = 256; ob_default_script = "barrier"; ob_in_space_offset_x = 0; ob_in_space_offset_y = 0; begindefineobject 187; ob_name = "Special Barrier"; // ob_default_script = ""; ob_graphic_coloradj = 64; This is the code that describes the behaviour of magic barriers. Add one extra line of text to this – 'ob_blockage_type = 0;' – as shown below, and save the file: begindefineobject 186;// import = 9; ob_name = "Magic Barrier S"; ob_blockage_type = 0; ob_graphic_template = 67; ob_graphic_sheet = 2; ob_base_icon_num = 0; ob_num_anim_steps = 8; ob_which_icon_destroyed = -1; ob_effect_when_slain = 60; ob_width = 256; ob_height = 256; ob_default_script = "barrier"; ob_in_space_offset_x = 0; ob_in_space_offset_y = 0; begindefineobject 187; ob_name = "Special Barrier"; // ob_default_script = ""; ob_graphic_coloradj = 64; Now, go back to Shayder. If you go up to the barriers, you'll still receive the message that you can't get through. However, try walking through them anyway. The change you just made altered the barriers so that they are transparent to your party – you can just walk right through them! In actual fact, you can now walk through *any* barrier in the game, even those that cannot be dispelled, so you'll want to change the game back to its original state once you've finished. After you've done what you want to do in the upper areas of Shayder, make sure to leave the city. Then, either remove the 'ob_blockage_type = 0;' from the script file, or replace the altered one with the original copy you made. There you go! You've made it to the upper levels of Shayder, and the game is now back to normal. I hope this helps, and sorry that it's a slightly complicated process!
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    Keyboard shortcuts in Avadon?

    Hello supercow, I thought it might be useful to elaborate slightly on what's already been said. Generally speaking, Avadon keeps most of the keyboard shortcuts that Avernum used, with a few exceptions. Perhaps the most obvious difference is in the example you quoted. Slarty isn't quite right in what he said above. All of Spiderweb's modern games up to this point included the 'use item' shortcut, including the second trilogy. Avadon 1 was the first game to drop it. The reason, so far as I understand it, was that the feature could be used as an exploit. In previous games, pressing 'u' highlighted all usable objects, including those that were supposed to be hidden. Essentially, it provided a quick and easy way to highlight the hidden switches that opened secret passages, entirely negating the idea that the player has to carefully search for them. Indeed, I can remember getting very, very used to pressing 'u' in suspicious areas in the Second Avernum Trilogy! I'm guessing that Jeff received some negative feedback about removing the feature, because it returned with the modern Avernum remakes several years later. Incidentally, there are ways to modify the scripts to make secret switches a little more visible. But, unfortunately, the only way to interact with objects that I am aware of is to click on them.
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    Chasm bats

    Hello txmimi, That section of the caves is a little bit awkward to get to! It might not look like it, but the path that Randomizer mentioned above does indeed lead to the other side of the chasm. A path doubles back just inside the Giant's Spire, although you'll need to fight some chitrachs that have taken up home in that particular tunnel in order to get through. There's a slightly easier path, though. You can get to the same set of tunnels through the basement of Shafrir's Tower, which you can find a couple of map segments east and north of Muck. It's a longer walk, but the journey is less dangerous!
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    A1 .sav files

    Sorry it didn't work out! I like your attitude about not getting the ideal ending, and I agree. There is something oddly fitting about the party perishing at this point. In fact, I'm almost tempted to apply the same thing to Avernum 2 as well. You can equally well think of the party perishing either after a certain climactic battle with a familiar face, or after dealing with the Empire's teleporter. It's less good for the party, obviously, but it does make a little more sense in relation to the series as a whole. If you haven't already, do play the other games in the series, including the oft maligned no. 4. They're well worth your time!
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    A1 .sav files

    Hello Thwip, I have a suggestion that might solve your problem. It's a bit of a long shot, but it's probably worth trying – it's quicker than starting a completely new game! Go back into the editor and get your party out of the Royal Spire. Then, use the editor's 'Reset Hostile Towns' function. The name sounds innocuous, but it's actually a really powerful tool. Rather than just making towns friendly, it actually resets the state of a good portion of the game's towns and dungeons. The effect isn't universal, so it's possible it might not work on the Royal Spire, but it's worth a try. If the reset does work, the Spire will return to its original state when you enter it. That means you'll need to refight all the battles again, but you should be able to reach Hawthorne. Even if you enter and it doesn't look like the reset has worked, do try going to the dining hall again anyway. That insta-death message is based on a timer, and hopefully Reset Hostile Towns will have restarted it. Ordinarily, it would be easier to make these kinds of changes using the scripts, but these are buried away a little deeper in Avernum 1's innards compared to some of the later games. Best of luck!
  11. Ess-Eschas

    A5 stealth quest pylons

    Hello txmimi, As it happens, you've already completed the quest! All you need to do are to touch those three pylons in the northeast quadrant. The idea is that the sentinels are not patrolling correctly in that quadrant in particular, and Malachite wants you to prove that by touching the pylons. Now that you have, you can report back to her for your reward. Because of the way Tranquility is organised, it can sometimes be a little confusing as to which areas the characters are talking about, particularly when people start referring to parts of the quadrants. I know that I've jetted off somewhere on occasion, only to find out I should have been somewhere else! Malachite refers to a pylon in the northwest part of the northeast quadrant, so that may be why you expected there to be a pylon in a different quadrant. Enjoy your time in Tranquility!
  12. Ah, now I understand what the problem is! Sorry for the confusion. Some of the intricacies of this portion of the game had slipped my mind. Your hunch is indeed correct. In order to get into the base, you do need to be on a quest. Your party knows roughly where the base is, but in order to actually find the hidden way in, you'll need some information from somewhere else. The quest chain you're looking for is given by Levitt, who you can find in the south-east corner of the upper level of the Castle (near the centre of the Great Cave). There are three quests involved in dealing with the loyalists. The first involves some bandits in the Fissure Post, the second involves Fort Saffron and the third involved infiltrating the base you've found. You'll need to be on this last quest in order to get into the base itself. Good luck!
  13. Hello Capt. Jim, There are a few different places which the darkside loyalists use as a hideout in this game, so I'm not sure which one you're referring to. If you're referring to the one in the Abyss, are you trying to enter it from the east side of the river? If so, you'll need to wait for a while. You can only enter the base properly from the other side of the river – from Erika's Tower itself – and you can't get there until much later in the game. One good resource to look at if you're having problems like this is the Annotated Maps. These are maps of the entire game, with a small walkthrough attached for each area. You can find them here: http://ironycentral.com/harehunter/Avernum4/Maps/MainMap41.html
  14. Hello mikeprichard, I'm believe that one is a duplication. Given that it's placed in the crags, I think it's referring to the reward that can be found there based on the party's reputation. Synergy refers to this as the 'reputation reward' a couple of items further on in the list. This increases all the primary stats, including endurance, by one. I assume that Synergy corrected the original entry, but just forgot to remove the old one. I did a quick check in the scripts, though, just to verify this. Sure enough, there is no place in this zone (or indeed in the entire vale) that increases just the party's endurance stat in this way. Enjoy your time in the vale!
  15. Ah, Slarty just beat me to it! To elaborate on what has just been said, you should be able to make the changes you want by editing the game's scripts. These scripts control almost everything, so they're a very powerful way of adapting your character. At least at the moment, there seems to be more knowledge about this than editing the save files – although it's interesting to know that it is possible to do so! Thankfully, you might not need to learn scripting in order to make the changes you want. Some members of these forums have used script editing to create editors for Spiderweb's games that allow the changing of the player's stats, money items etc.. This might be the best place to start for now. For instance, you can download an editor for Geneforge 2 from this topic: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/13129-geneforge-2-editor-updated/ If this editor doesn't do what you would like it to do, do say. As long as you're not looking for something too complicated, I or someone else on the boards might be able to work up a quick editor file for you.
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    A3 glitch?

    Hello eaintree, I've come up with a little fix for you that should remove that quest item from your list! First, go to Shayder and stand in the mayor's office. Then, press 'shift' and 'd'. This should bring up a small dialogue box. Enter the following: sdf 4 5 1 This makes a slight change to the flag relating to the Krizsan quest. If you talk to the mayor now, you should see a new dialogue option allowing you to complete that quest and claim your experience reward. Just initiating this dialogue will set things back to where they were before, so that should be all you need to do! If this doesn't work for whatever reason, let me know. This behaviour is a little odd, so it's possible there's another cause I haven't anticipated.
  17. Hello, Slarty is indeed correct. In order for the difficulty setting to stick, you need to change it from within the game itself. Just to clarify this a little, open your save file and then open the File Menu. This can be done by clicking an icon in the bottom display bar (or by pressing Escape if you're on a Mac). Then, select the Preferences option. This will show you a screen where you can change the difficulty, amongst other things. If you do this, and then save your game, your difficulty setting will be changed from that point onwards (or until you change it again) and stored in the save file!
  18. Hello, In order to set your changes in stone, you need to manually save the file before clicking 'done'. When you load a file, an option should appear immediately underneath the 'Load Saved Game' button with the text 'Save Changes'. If you select this, you'll be prompted to save a new file – and this will have all of your changes! The option is hidden away slightly in a box that mostly contains other options, so it's easy to miss.
  19. Hello again, I've just checked, and you do indeed have the correct solution to the puzzle. From the sounds of it, though, you might not be putting the crates and barrels in the correct place. Did you arrange them so that they fit onto the three tiles of carpet on the west side of the room?
  20. Hello Curtis, Both of those areas can only be reached when the friendly spiders give you access to them, I'm afraid. To get access to the first, you'll first need to speak to the chief of the spiders. There will be a comment in this spider's description saying that he seems to be a leader. He will first give you a quest to speak to the Widow Queen, far to the west of the outdoors. Once you've done that and returned, the spider leader will give you a second quest. This is the one that involves the nasty spider. The quest will open up the section at the top of the map. Once you've finished this quest, you'll be able to reach the chest in the centre. Access will open up directly to the north of that area, and a small set of stairs will get you to the chest. Best of luck!
  21. Hello kGeek, There's a little section on Spiderweb's site that talks about this, although it's a little hidden away. There are two different ways to reactivate the editor depending on whether you're using a Mac or a Windows computer. Here's the Mac version: "To reactivate the Nethergate: Resurrection character editor, go into your Preferences folder (in the Library folder in your Users folder) and throw away the file "Nethergate Resurrection Prefs". If your copy of the game is registered, you will need to ask us for a replacement registration code. (This is free.)" The Windows version is the same, but instead you need to delete 'NethergateSettings.dat', which can be found in 'Nethergate Saved Games' inside 'My Documents'. This will make the game unregistered, but if you send an email to the address below, giving the email address and name you originally registered under, Spiderweb will send you a new code at no cost to you. They're usually very quick about this! support@spiderwebsoftware.com
  22. Ess-Eschas

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    I also tend to prefer Curses somewhat over Jigsaw (and Graham Nelson's other games), but I think that's just personal preference. There's much to like in both games, and they both made quite an impression on me when I was younger. I fear I'll have to agree with Slarty on this one. When I first played through Curses, the ending didn't come across as a joke to me. It felt quite satisfying, as if it nicely wound up the themes explored in the work as a whole. In fact, I find the ending to be quite sad. The inherent magic surrounding the player character and their surroundings is broken, and the magical devices used throughout the entire game are no longer functional (with a couple of exceptions, granted). The surroundings return to banality, and you return to normal life – exactly what the force of the curse was trying to prevent. It feels like the wonder experienced during the game has evaporated, and I'm sure that's deliberate. I think I disagree with you about the map, though. This gets into some specifics, so I'll put this in a spoiler block: I also feel it's a little unfair to judge Curses on that 'last lousy point' mechanic, although I fully concede that it's a frustrating feature. That mechanic was hugely popular at the time of the release of Curses, and Curses was Graham Nelson's first game. I suspect he included it to make the game as complete and 'current' as possible. Nelson, incidentally, disliked the mechanic, and wrote about it negatively a few years later. I'm sure the point's in there somewhere, though. Perhaps someone will find it one day. I have a suspicion there might actually be three mutually exclusive points depending on the player's choices, but that's only speculation. I really hope it isn't that old don't-save-the-game trick. Incidentally, did either of you find out how to be turned into a constellation? I always wondered about that. It is possible to bring this topic full-circle again. Jigsaw was praised at the time it was released because of the novel way it handles the romance between Black at White (although I have one minor quibble about how it's done). As someone who is a fan of Jigsaw, googoogjoob, I'm curious as to your reactions to the inclusion of that romance. In your option, do you think Nelson does a decent job in writing it?
  23. Ess-Eschas

    BoE Scenarios Archive? And BoE Version

    Hello BainIhrno, I'm not aware of any complete port that will run on Intel Macs, I'm afraid. One of the new experimental builds can open old scenarios, so you can use it to browse through scenarios if needed, but you won't be able to save any changes. I do have a pre-Intel version that works like a charm, but it sounds like that won't be useful for you. This might not be a helpful suggestion, but have you looked into going back even earlier in time and emulating Mac Classic? It is a little bit of a pain to set up, but I feel it's easier than setting up Windows or PowerPC emulators – at least if you're not paying money to do it. I can run the editor this way using the program 'SheepShaver' to emulate Mac OS 7.5.5, and it works like a dream. The advantage of setting up the system this way is that you can also run Blades in its original environment, so you're getting the full experience as Jeff originally wrote it! However, it's also easy to move scenario files to and from the 'fake' Classic machine, so you can always use the scenario editor in Classic and move the files over to your Intel machine to play them there – so you can use the editor and enjoy the quality-of-life improvements that have been added in newer versions. A number of people have set up convenient Classic emulators using SheepShaver over the years, so you should be able to find some good advice by searching online. If you're having problems, I might be able to give you some pointers. One other, much easier, option is to see if you can get hold of Tyranicus. He made a Wineskin version of the editor back in 2013. The link he posted seems to be down now, and it's not on the Archive, but he (or indeed some others on the forums) might still have a copy floating around for you. That won't require any porting – the editor will behave just like a normal Mac application, but it's actually pretending to be Windows. It can run straight out of the box!
  24. Hello Muscleguy, It seems that this is a bug that can happen occasionally. It's something that's appeared on these forums before: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/24462-quest-to-kill-garzahd/ Unfortunately, the solution posted above – replaying the fight – might not work out if you don't have a save handy, and it's extra work! Since this has popped up a few times, I had a dig into the scripts to see if I could figure out the cause. Unfortunately, the part of the program that registers Garzahd's defeat seems to be hard-coded, so coming up with a fix isn't entirely straightforward. If you're interested, there's one flag that logs Garzahd's death, and another that lets Avernum 'know' that he's dead. Only the first (oddly) is set by actually defeating Garzahd. That other one is hard-coded. However, I have a suggestion that might work, although it's based on a little guesswork. Try going back to Garzahd's fortress and entering it again (I'm hoping this will still be possible). There's something in the scripts that looks like a sanity check for a situation like yours. With luck, when you enter, you'll get the ending picture and dialogue for the Garzahd major quest. If you don't – let me know what happens. I might be able to use that information to come up with a fix that works! If all else fails – try the above method first! – I can at least get you the quest reward, although probably not things such as achievements. Hold down 'shift' and press 'd'. A dialogue box will appear. Type the following: sdf 16 11 1 Avernum's people will then recognise your feat. Interestingly, there are actually quite a few people who have things to say about this (e. g. Thompson, Solberg, Caffren-Bok etc.). In fact, Limoncelli even has a dialogue option removed if Garzahd is defeated. That's good foresight!
  25. Ess-Eschas

    Homeland: The Stone of Night...anyone?

    I think you might have misunderstood fractalnavel, River Linden. The posted link is a working link to Homeland. Also, and I hope you don't think I mean to be rude in pointing this out, but the daughter of the game's creator posted earlier in this thread. I'm all for positive criticism, but I'm not sure this is the best place to be plugging those old Homeland memes ... In fact, why not download the game yourself and give it a try? You might be pleasantly surprised! Greetings, siennilox. You are very welcome on these boards!