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    E3: Dealing with evidence

    Ah, fair enough! I was being a little too hasty in interpreting what you said here. Thinking about it, I think it might be possible to make an analogy between Erika and Khoth, at least in terms of how they might approach revenge against the Empire. Like Erika, Khoth seems to want to attack only very specific targets – presumably powerful people who were directly involved in his capture. Khoth's behaviour in the Za-Khazi Run always struck me as slightly odd. I'm not sure if it's just me, but he seems to be a little different there compared to his other appearances. I'm not sure I can put my finger on exactly why, though. Perhaps it's his sudden reclusiveness and the huge amount of protection that he's built around his (very isolated) lair, something that only really Athron has ever done before. It's a huge escalation from the couple of golems that defend his lair in Exile I, or the lack of any protection at all in Exile III. He also seems to be far more mercenary than he's ever been before, but that not's entirely out of character. In any case, even here Khoth expresses a desire for vengeance against the Empire, although somewhat dulled compared to Exile III: "[The Empire] drove dragons from the surface! They stole from us and harassed us and even enslaved me for a time. Me! I will never pass up on a chance to harm the Empire. Never." It would have been nice if Jeff had gone down this route, since I feel it's a bit of a shame that the three Dragons essentially disappear from the narrative. I think you could probably wangle Melanchion into the plot too, at least at the level of Avernum 5. Consider this: The story of Avernum 5 plays out much as it does in the version we know, but with more serious destruction of the Empire's political systems. However, when meeting the Darkside Loyalists, you discover that they are actively being aided by a powerful creature, one the party has already met: Melanchion. The other dragons are too careful for there to be any hint of their involvement, but Melanchion is young and headstrong, and actively going against the advice of his mother. He has been brought up in an environment where he was constantly taught to hate the Empire, so I don't think it would be overly surprising if he went out on his own and tried to hurt the Empire by aiding the Loyalists directly. The final fight of the game, assuming you don't join the Loyalists, would not be against Dorikas, but instead against Melanchion himself. The party then discovers the orb which Athron uses to communicate with her son, and Athron learns of her son's death. She is furious, and vows revenge. At the same time, the party learns that Sulfras and Khoth have been behind the attacks on the surface, which presumably stop while the dragons regroup. The ending is somewhat dour. Cue Avernum 6, where the Empire (and perhaps Avernum simultaneously) are being attacked, this time openly, by all three Dragons. It's a bit of a hack, granted, but I think it would work. Of course, you do lose the nice imperial Melanchion of Avernum 6. I always thought that was a good touch.
  2. Ess-Eschas

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    I agree that neither the Dragons nor Erika come across as all that likely to be the driving force behind the plagues. As you say, Erika has no desire to attack the surface en masse, and the plagues just don't seem to be in the Dragons' style. I can't imagine Sulfras attacking the Empire from the shadows like that – it's not exactly what happened at his lair in Exile II. However, I do think you do the Dragons a disservice, Slarty, and especially Khoth. I think it very likely that the Dragons would enact some kind of revenge against the Empire. It wouldn't take this form, but I think it would happen. And Khoth would be very much a part of it. After all, he was captured by the Empire in Exile II, and I imagine they didn't leave his impressive library in tact. Do you remember how cross he got in Exile I with the theft of one scroll? How about hundreds? I suspect that Khoth's pride was also quite substantially wounded in the process, too. As for Athron, she's busy with her brood. But the other Dragons seem to think she'll come around when her children become independent. The Dragons have some interesting things to say on this. Here are some words from Athron: "My siblings, Khoth and Sulfras, wish to do battle. The Empire captured them both and used them against Avernum. They will not admit this to you, but it drives them to get revenge. I do not believe their revenge has begun yet, but it will bring doom upon us for sure. [Khoth] is the most learned of our kind, but the Empire humans forced him to aid them in the war with your people. The hatred that came from that overpowers his mind." Sulfras says much the same: "Khoth's wisdom is infinite, and his hatred of the humans is almost as great as mine." In fact, Khoth even hints at a possible plan of action: "Well, if we were going to strike out at the Empire, we would do more than this. Our blow would be much more decisive, and aimed at the highest levels." Here's a rogue thought. Perhaps one original plan for Avernum 5 involved not just the assassination of the Empress, but also more widespread political destruction caused by the Dragons? I've always thought it a bit of a shame that we never saw the revenge the Dragons were planning.
  3. Ess-Eschas

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    It's entirely possible that the Cloak, and the other items, were randomly placed, even if they've carried over into the remakes! I like to think of it a subtle clue, but it could be either way. Not all vahnatai items can be easily explained that way, as you say with the Alien Blade in the Manse. There are a few items around on the surface, and some of them could have come from other sources – such as the vahnatai crypt in northern Valorim. This also reminded me of the second, secret Alien Blade stuck in the quickfire machinery in Dellskeep in Footracer Province. Now that I think about it, that Blade isn't very well known about at all. How did it get there? :)
  4. Ess-Eschas

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    Hello Thaluikhain, Yes, you can ask the Bunker to make a weapon against a group you've not found evidence for in Exile 3. This is something that was changed in the Avernum remakes, I suspect because the engine moved from one based on typing in responses to one that used pre-programmed dialogue options. In the Exile engine, you can guess! When I played the game for the first time, I didn't know who was causing the plagues. I didn't really base my suspicions on the big pieces of evidence (at least until the clincher near the end of the game), but rather on some smaller indications:
  5. Hello tallrice, I think the Ouroboros comment from Glantris-Bok in Ghikra wasn't ever intended to lead on to anything, but rather was a subtle message from the vahnatai to the party. While the Avernites and the vahnatai are allies, and have been for some time, even at this point the vahnatai still seem to be playing their cards quite close to their chest. They don't want to tell the Avernites what they are doing, but they might just hint at it. To put this in context, an Ouroboros is a serpent or dragon that is shown as holding its own tail in its mouth. Sometimes, the creature actually eats its tail, and goes on to consume itself, popping out of existence. These creatures can be *very* large. In Norse Mythology, Jörmungandr is so large that he circles the whole Earth.
  6. Ess-Eschas

    BoE Scenarios Archive? And BoE Version

    Sure! However, Duck did ask for a copy of all the scenarios a little earlier in the thread. While a workaround was posted involving bash, I thought that I would put up a more conventional download link; it might help anyone in future that stumbles across this thread looking for something similar, but is not confident in using bash commands. Sorry for the confusion!
  7. Ess-Eschas

    BoE Scenarios Archive? And BoE Version

    Hello all, Duck did post a good way of getting all the downloads from the OpenBoE list above. However, for those who are less programming savvy, I have a mostly complete list of BoE scenarios in a single zip file, which I’ll upload for a while for convenience. This is a copy of the old BoE AllScen project that was put together by w-dueck ten years ago. It contains the majority of BoE scenarios written by mid-2008, which I believe is almost everything that used to be on TrueSite and Kel’s archive. It contains 293 scenarios in all! Here’s a link that should last for a month or two: http://wikisend.com/download/236460/ It also includes a few scenarios that aren’t on the OpenBoE scenario list posted above – although the reverse is also true!
  8. Hello ohbejuan, I'm not entirely sure about this, but I suspect the problem is the order in which you've dealt with the plagues. The golem plague is optional, and behaves a little differently from the others. While the game is an open one, it's generally arranged with the expectation that the player will deal with the plagues in a particular order. It sounds like, for the tower, the golem plague 'doesn't count'. You'll need to deal with the troglodyte/giant plagues before you can enter the tower. On the upside, since you've dealt with the golems already, your party should be able to breeze through them!
  9. Ess-Eschas


    You know, I actually missed that little extra until you pointed it out here! It's even missing from the walkthrough I posted above. I'll have to go back through Avernum 5 again at some point and see if there's anything else I missed! In case you haven't found the reward yet, you can find the statue here:
  10. Ess-Eschas

    Character Editor

    Hello Wendy, This editor is packaged in an unusual way, and one that's slightly confusing! When it was written, the original developer came up with a way for the editor to install itself automatically by making use of the file structure of zip archives. There's no installer as such in the zip file; rather, the zip file itself is the installer! By opening the file in the Averum 4 folder, all the required components would install themselves in the appropriate places. However, given the age of the editor, that approach might not work any more, and I wouldn't recommend trying it. Instead, to install the editor, do the following: 1. Go into the 'Scripts' folder which you should find inside the 'Avernum 4 Data' folder where you keep Avernum 4. 2. Find the file z60monasterdlg.txt, make a copy of it and put it somewhere safe. This is to make sure that you can always return the game to its original state should something go wrong. 3. Replace the file in this 'Scripts' folder with the file of the same name in the 'Scripts' folder in the editor (which is inside the 'Data' folder). Ignore the file with a 1 on the end! That's another backup. 4. Load Avernum 4 and speak to Bodrie in the dining hall of Fort Monastery. Note that you might need to exit the area and re-enter if you're using a game saved in Fort Monastery itself, since otherwise the correct scripts will not load. I hope this is helpful!
  11. Ess-Eschas


    Hello Wendy, In order to get in to Khora-Vysss, you need to head there from underground. You can't do that from the south, so you'll need to head there from the north. The path starts in the underground section of the Drake Pillars. You can get underground from the south-eastern corner of the Pillars. Once you've gone far enough, you'll find yourself in Khora-Vysss's sewer systems. You'll need to use several wheels to lower the water level at various points, allowing you to access the entire area. Once you find Kazhri-Uss, you'll also find a staircase that leads upstairs and into the heart of Khora-Vysss itself. Be careful there! The sliths are strong, and the Slithzerikai Horror is especially so. If you'd like a more visual guide, you can trace the route you'll need to take using the Avernum 5 Annotated Maps, which also feature a complete guide on how to pass the sewer systems: http://www.harehunter.info/Avernum5/Maps/MainMap51.html
  12. Ess-Eschas

    Isle of Bigail map?

    The way that mapping works in Avernum 3 is slightly different from the other Avernum games, so it can be a little unexpected if you’re not used to it. In order to see the map of an area, you need to buy a physical map. After all, you’re exploring territory that neither your party nor most Avernites know particularly well, so a map is an important tool to help you travel around on the surface! You had a map of the first area because it was given to you in Avernum; all the rest you’ll need to buy yourself. Talking to people in the major cities in each region is usually (but not always!) a good starting point. If you want to find the map of Bigail, have you tried:
  13. Ess-Eschas

    (Avernum 5) Am I doing something wrong?

    I hope that you change your mind sometime! There are some really nice moments in the later Avernum games, and I feel that they are well worth playing. Just because this hasn't been said yet, the way in which the Avernum games are structured underwent some significant changes in the second Avernum trilogy. In particular, Jeff started to experiment with a new idea: that new areas may not necessarily be fully completable when they are first encountered. This is not so evident in Avernum 4, but it becomes much, much more obvious in Avernum 5. Khora-Vysss is the most memorable example (where the player is actually warned about the difficulty), but many of the early segments of the game contain fights and events that were intended to be too hard to deal with when the player first encounters them. It sounds like this is the problem that you are coming up against. Unfortunately, this probably doesn't help too much. To play the game on Torment, you'll probably need to leave a lot of fights and side-areas until you're stronger, and that doesn't fit with the time you have available. You could, I suppose, always keep a quick text file on hand as a reminder about what you need to go back to, but that is a little extra faff. If you're not a fan of hard sidequests, and you don't want to continue with Avernum 5, I would still suggest trying Avernum 6. Sidequest difficulty is much more manageable in the sixth game, so your experience may match up more with what you're used to from the first trilogy.
  14. Hello Pajama, The coding language for the games has changed slightly since the secret switch mods were released, so unfortunately those mods can't simply be transferred into Avernum 3. However, I've put together something quickly for this game that has the same effect. Go into your script folder and find secdoor.txt. Before you modify it, make sure you make a copy of it in case anything goes wrong. Now, open the file and, at the very bottom, add the following: beginstate RUN_ANIM_STATE; if (get_ran(1,0,2) == 1) run_sparkles_on_object(ME,21,6,0); break; This will make secret switches sparkle occasionally, making them a little more visible. The sparkles only happen every now and again, so it shouldn't make the switches too obvious. However, if it's a little too subtle, remove the line 'if (get_ran(1,0,2) == 1)'. This will make the switches sparkle constantly. P. S. I actually came up with another change that made the switches flash white, even when the player is far away. However, it was really annoying in practice, since it was like having a warning light flashing on the screen. You wouldn't miss the switches, but the game would be quite uncomfortable to play at the same time!
  15. Well done for figuring it out, Californian! The Golem Factory is a tough place to get through, with hard fights and some tricky machinery, so I can understand your frustration! You’re essentially trying to work a big contraption without the manual, all the while avoiding tough, constantly spawning foes. It’s not easy! Part of the reason for the factory's difficulty is because it's an optional part of the game. A player can actually bypass the golems entirely and head on to Blackcrag Fortress to continue with the main storyline without any repercussions. I was going to suggest this as an option, along with the settings to use on the control panel, but you managed to figure out the puzzle before I got my reply in! P. S. I quite enjoy playing around with beam puzzles, although I think I'm in the minority there. Since you've solved the puzzle, I felt I should mention that it *is* actually possible to get past the four beams with only two mirrors. It requires some careful positioning, and three characters in combat mode. This destroys three beams, and blocks the fourth. I don't think it's an intended solution, since it skips some fights in the factory itself (and isn't possible with small parties), but it makes the journey through a little easier!