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  1. Hello lucabar, Sorry to hear that you’ve had the same problem! Unfortunately, this seems to be a bug that happens very rarely, and that makes it rather difficult to track down. Still, I might be able to help you. First off, make a copy of your current save file in a new save slot. This is just to make sure you can get back to the original state of your game should anything go wrong! Once you’ve done that, go to Fort Haven and stand near Miranda. Hold down ‘shift’ and press ‘d’. A little dialogue box should appear. In this box, type the following, exactly as shown here:
  2. Hello AdventureDarg, In addition to Randomizer’s comments, I just wanted to clarify something else. Avernum 3 is quite lenient when it comes to high levels of spells like Move Mountains and Dispel Barrier. There is no place in Avernum 3 where Level 3 Move Mountains is mandatory, and you will never be blocked from continuing the game if you do not have this spell. All you will miss out on are item caches, and shortcuts around difficult locations and challenging fights. If it looks like your progress is being stopped by rocks or other objects that you can’t de
  3. That’s good to hear! Thankfully, given that your chests still seem to be working, it looks like you aren’t experiencing anything too serious. With luck, that empty chest in Olgai was just a one-off, possibly a holdover from the game getting a little confused after what happened in the Tower. Hopefully, everything should be fine from now on! However, if you do experience any further problems with your party further down the line, do let us know. If it turns out the problem isn’t fixed after all, that would be useful to know – and there’s a chance we might be able to help you fix thi
  4. Thanks for the clarification, Slarty! I was basing my comments here on a point which it appears I was misremembering. I was thinking not such much about the bug as it appeared in the second Avernum trilogy engine, but in the Geneforge engine. I thought this bug extended into the early Geneforge games, and therefore by extension might possibly manifest in the original Avernum trilogy too. However, I went and checked this, and I could only find evidence for this bug appearing in the later Geneforge titles – presumably through code copied through from Avernum 4. So, sorry
  5. Sorry to hear about your vanishing items, Lucidus! That’s a really frustrating problem to encounter, particularly when it’s valuable items that you’ve spent time and money collecting. I hope you manage to get everything back simply through the editor! As you can see, there isn’t much detailed information about how the early Avernum games deal with item limits. We know that there’s a limit, and we know that items disappear after that limit is exceeded, but we don’t really know much about how that process works in detail. It strikes me, though, that you’re in an excellent position to
  6. There’s something important in there, but don’t worry about missing it. When you need to enter the Tower, it will be made fairly clear that you need to do so, and you’ll be told how you can get in. So, for the moment, don't be concerned that you can't get in! You’ll learn how to eventually!
  7. That’s an odd quirk of the game engine. If a character has never increased a skill, either by spending skill points or using a trainer, buying the first level of that skill is extremely cheap. Indeed, the first few levels of that skill will be on the cheap side. Depending on the price level of the shop, skills will only start getting reasonably expensive after the player has acquired 2 or 3 levels of them. It’s not a problem that comes up much with most scenarios, since many established parties will already have trained in a lot of the important skills. But it’s something that crop
  8. I’ve done some digging, and I think I have some idea of what might be causing the problem. The bug only affects certain groups of shop numbers. In order for your shops to function correctly, you should make sure that shops selling skills are not given any of the following shop numbers: 18 31 to 63 inclusive 95 to 127 inclusive I have not tested this exhaustively, so it’s possible that there are more one-off problem numbers that I have not identified. Given what I think is causing the problem, I think that’s unlikely, but it’s certainly not impossible! Th
  9. I came across an old report of this issue when researching the set_terrain() bug. Bain-Ihrno describes behaviour that sounds identical to yours, and posits that it might be due to the value of the shop number: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/4040-boa-bugs-v60/?do=findComment&comment=258804 One possible solution might be to change the number of the shop. If Bain-Ihrno is right, and skill shops with a shop number higher than a certain value trigger the bug, lowering the shop number to a very small integer should fix things (although I appreciate that would pr
  10. Hooray! It’s always good to see new scenarios! I’ll do my best to give it a proper playthrough. That might take a little while, since I like to be thorough, and I have a few other things on my plate at the moment. But I’ll see what I can do! I just played through the first few minutes to make sure that everything works. The graphics file on the mac side of things seems to work just fine. For what it’s worth, this scenario make a great first impression! I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but the scenario as it is currently still has the debug command
  11. Attentive listening is a much underrated skill, but an important one! Enough so that Star Trek has a race defined by that very characteristic: the El-Aurians! I think part of the confusion in this thread has come from Slarty and myself arguing from two really very different perspectives. My default position is to argue in a certain type of way, and Slarty’s is to argue in another. Unfortunately, it seems these two different ways of arguing weren’t all that compatible in this case! Statements, analogies and strategies that would seem standard and obvious to one of us didn’t necessar
  12. Of course not! Perhaps it is this that is causing some of the confusion and miscommunication that seems to happening in this part of the argument? It was never my intention to state that View B was your own View, or one that you were supporting. Indeed, the fact that you’re not arguing for this point is a facet of my argument, I think. In what I’ve written above, I haven’t explicitly mentioned that View B is one that you’re supporting. If I have implied that by accident, then I’m sorry for doing so. I would be much obliged if you would point out to me those portions of my past few
  13. Hello Vox, Sure! The 3D editor is an important resource and, given that the original website is down, and not fully preserved on the Internet Archive, getting hold of it at the moment is a little tricky. Because of this, I’m going to upload it to the forums – possibly temporarily, given the size. You can download it here: 3D BoA Editor.zip I’m afraid I don’t seem to have any documentation, but the editor is rather intuitive, as I’m sure you’ll know! Be aware that this editor has problems with some more recent versions of Mac OS. If you find yourself having p
  14. As I said in my previous post, there is much to like about three versions of Exile and Avernum! The wonderful thing about having three different versions of these games is that they all appeal to slightly different audiences, and slightly different sorts of players. Different people can choose the sort of experience they want to play! This means we have a really diverse group of players and opinions on these boards, and that’s a really good thing! Spiderweb themselves has good things to say along these lines. I paraphrase here, but when talking about the remakes, Spiderweb said tha
  15. I’m happy to help! It sounds like you’ve done everything you can in the Lair, so it’s not quite clear why the exit isn’t opening for you. Unfortunately, a lot of the important details about this dungeon are hardcoded into the map code, rather than being more accessible in other places, so it’s not easy to tell at a glance what might be causing your problem. I have a suggestion, although it’s something of a long shot. Load your game saved inside the Lair, then hold down shift and press d. A little text input box should appear. In this box, type this: sdf 51 1
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