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  1. I figured it out haha. No there wasn't an option to release as is because the Agent isn't finished because I'm not playing Taygen's storyline. So the control conduit in the north-west-most part of the Spire is irrelevant; at the end of the buffer ring that surrounds the lab there is a pylon device and if you click on it it'll say that this is the device that controls the emergency doors in case of an accident in the lab (an accident like energizing the Agent and releasing it prematurely which is what Litalia wants) and you just have to sabotage the device and that way the door in the control room won't close and everything's ok And yeah I decided to do mayhem path because years ago when I played G5 it's the only one I've never done.
  2. Ok so I'm on the third quest for her, the one to let out Taygen's Purity Agent for "temporary mayhem" but I'm having trouble finishing it and the G5 walkthrough is unfinished for the Dera Reaches. I've cleared out the Spire and the control panel is all mine, the options are: More energy Drain energy Emergency dump Energize agent Obviously number four is what I want but if I choose that option a dialogue comes up about how the door to the control room gets shut and you die in their from exposure to the Agent. I know there is a stabilization conduit in the north-western end of the Spire and the only option that gives is to turn off the power flowing south to the lab. I've tried everything but I'm not sure how to proceed, can anyone please explain what I have to do to complete Litalia's third and hopefully final quest?
  3. So I'm currently replaying G5 and I'm going for a Trakovite ending...does that exist? Does Litalia's quest chain lead to an ending? Or should for a more Trakovite-type story line should I go to the Dera Reaches and follow that guy's quest chain (can't seem to remember his name, it's been a while since I've played G5 lol)?
  4. Awesome! Thank you very much and please keep working on it, you have my and other people's untold gratitude for your work!
  5. Hmm thanks for all of the information! Given that there is no definite answer I personally like the theory that the character in G5 is simply the canon character of G4 continued. Has anyone made a thread/post/blog about the story of the Geneforge series, i.e. the plots of G1-G5 with all of the important characters and plot devices etc.? I'm asking because the Geneforge wikia and wikipedia pages are woefully unfinished and I'd love to do it except I've never played G1-G2, it's been at least 8 years since I've played G3, and I haven't had the time to explore everything in G4-G5. I just think it'd be cool so that anyone can read all the lore behind the series if they jump into G3 immediately since I don't think anyone new would want to play G1-G2 given their graphics and stuff.
  6. I've looked around on the forum and searched it up but I can't find a thread discussing who the player character is? I know there's ways to find out like talking to that one shaman lady (forgot her name and where she is, I'm about to play G5 for the first time in at least a year).
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