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    Exile 3 tileset.

    Alrighty, those are a good news. Thank you for your answers
  2. Furman

    Exile 3 tileset.

    I'm dabbling game coder and I want to take second attempt at writing a roguelike game (first attempt went pretty advanced, but source code quickly start looking terrible, so I decided to start again with new project, hopefully this time I learned a bit from my mistakes). One of my all time favourite games are Exile 2 and 3. My question is: now since original Exile series is freeware, does anyone know status of graphics (tileset) used in Exile 3? I tried to search whether this subject has been discussed on forums before, but it seems it doesn't. Can I use Exile 3 graphics/tileset in my game? Of course Jeff Vogel and Spiderweb Software would be fully credited. Or should I ask Jeff individually about his permission?