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  1. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Oh PLEASE spare me the thought of watching Chessrook bludgeon his way through Nethack or Angband. And I don't even want to think how he'd approach ADOM. But that's taking "genre difference" to the extreme. He has a point in complaining that constant reloading is probably not fun, either for him, or his putative audience, but at the same time, neither is his yelling questions at the screen knowing full well that he won't get an answer for a week to ten days, and then dismissing it with a "that's not what I DO" when he does. I think only once have I seen him stop his recording session to check the Read-Me file, much less to ask a question here. That's what this forum is for, not for him to lecture us on the "proper" way to play (or design) a scenario, any more then the inverse. I doubt if anyone following his target YouTube channel would think of him for announcing such a thing there, but I may be wrong. Wow, active thread. There's been to or three replies just while I was typing this.
  2. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    I recall having much the same reaction the first time I encountered what would today be call a "CRPG" a few yaers back. I think it was a beta version of Ultima I, so about 79 or 80? I quickly realized what it was teaching the was "the way to get ahead in the world is to get a knife, go out and mug someone (it's OK as long as they look different from you), run back to town, fence the loot to buy a better weapon, and keep doing that until you can advance to breaking and entering. Real good moral lesson there. I came from a pen-and-paper RP background with a heavier emphasis on character development, plus a side dose of Avalon Hill style strategy games, so I was not turned off by the violence per-se so much as the gratuitousness of it. There was no "Role Playing" at all that I could see, beyond the role of ruthless mercenary. Neither the I see the fascination with "leveling up" to be a better bully (much less with playing as an invincible "god-party.") I would much prefer to get through a scenario without having or even trying to "kill-em-all" then going out of my way to seek out trouble, but that as you say is a genre difference.
  3. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    He also never bothered to get Erik... I mean the Librarian, to identify the robe he got from Possantnoss (although he probably wouldn't have worn it anyway.) So that's L3 spell he's walked past, along with Capture/Recall Soul in Fort Alora @Chessrook44: The Wheel of Fire reference would be to Ixion, while the Slith standing on a lake he cannot drink from would be Tantalus (from which tale the word tantalize is derived.
  4. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Seriously? So long before the Empire of Kalthas that only Danren-Bok (the crystal soul in the the lava lizard cave) can remember? The Danren-Bok, whose last memories before the sleeping began knew only the sliths as servants, created by the Vahnatai? In the lava caves where you found the note about Vylas-Ihrno releasing an ancient evil in the Vahnatai Lab to the East, and warning you about the silver-tongued demon there? The Vahnatai Lab where that very silver-tongued demon tells you Vylas "discovered" their dark lord, and you where find an ancient scrap of papyrus that reads "Thus I sing of the dark goddess Hathnazriakh and her mortal battles against good vahnatai." Along with a crap-ton of over foreshadowing that you similarly ignored. And you assume, that Hathnazriakh to whom you are speaking would have nothing to do with the mystery of the crystal pillars??? What does it matter what Legare or anyone else present thinks of the question. [it]They[/i] aren't the ones who found those clues, you (or your avatars at least) are.
  5. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Works for me under Win7 X64, Win7 32, and WinXP (SP3) in VMWare. The only problems I ever have with BoA are that some scenarios hang when displaying their initial graphics, but I suspect that's because I run a severely reduced copy of the OS to save space, and the engine is likely using some "required" feature that I don't have installed. Save files will run fine. I should probably note too that the actual game files reside on older machine used as an NAS server, but that should not matter. I'm retired now though and have better thing to spend a month's rent on then the latest I7-7700 laptop so I don't know what effect if any the latest Kaby Lake "optimizations" may had. -- ChowGuy - the La Choy Dragon (Lurk Lurk) - who thinks every recipe should start with "A pinch of this, a pinch of that, a Dewey button and a french fried bat." Sorry I can't leave my sanity at the door, it's been lost for a long time now.
  6. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Double Double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. *stirs pot*
  7. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Now be fair, Kel. He did cast Far Sight a couple times in the Dragon cave. He just didn't 1) bother to check the first mini-map, because he knew the "tricky bastard" wouldn't put more than one hidden passage back there (so no Rakshasa Cloak) or 2) go into the second because he knew the spellbook he was told about "must be" in the room full of dangerous creatures, and not in the twisty path leading out of it. Bows and Dexterity. Meh. It would only have given his Nephil priest what, a free 28d10 ranged attack? That's a mere 150 points average damage, as opposed to a 25SP spell that will let him summon Fetid Zombies! Why are you surprised? He's a newbie, playing a High Level scenario as if he was still in VoDT. I asked him before what exactly he thinks "1-10 points per level of <skill>" means, but he just ignored the question. @ChessRrook And yet you wasted how many episodes trying to "take care of them" even when you KNEW you could just walk past them? And don't tell me you you didn't read in Hints.txt because you even quoted it, and then disparaged the author for not giving you a step by step guide to "Kill Them All" without havving to stay in combat mode. I suppose you could claim that that was when you still "knew" Bind Foe was useless, except you also mentioned that "someone even calculated" how powerful it was. Oh wait, that was me. This is not your youtube channel, where your fanboiz are "glad to find someone ... who actually knows how to play them and doesn't criticize the games for own mistakes." we're trying to be helpful here without actually spoiling the game. No, really we are, but your dogmatic thinking is just making things harder on yourself then they ought to be. You reject sound advice because "it's been my experience that thus-and-such" even though you don't have enough experience to make such a pronouncement. What you experienced in Baldur's Gate, or Pathfinder, or some other class-based game need not apply to BoA in general, nor Exodus in particular. If you do decide to try more scenarios with a new party, keep that in mind.
  8. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    This!. I don't know what's the more boring though. Watching him chortle about exploiting a bug in the engine, or watching him fight the same encounter again because he doesn't believe in "save early and often." @Chessrook44; Just to let you know, you wondered in a previous episode where you can find "Major Healing?" It's in a hidden tunnel just North of Manikoss. You were standing right next it at the time, you just never bothered to look for it. You also missed a rather nice ring in a second tunnel East of the riverbank where you found the boat. Plus a spell from the altar under Manikoss itself. And that's just that one zone. There's lots of special items, if you bother to look for them. As for coins, even when you find something you could sell you tend to ignore it because it's "not Valuable enough." Like those iron bars for example, or the steel arrows you "don't need." Coins are coins, whether they come in multiples of tens or hundreds. This is what, your sixth scenario in this LP? By this point your biggest problem with coins should be finding something to spend them on before you hit the 30K limit. I will say I was mildly surprised you let Draco wear the "heavy" (15 pounds, encumbrance 1) +OMG Armor of wisdom in place of the Mithral Chain (45 pounds, encumbrance 2), I'd have thought sure you'd jump on the chance for 6000 or so coins you can get for it.
  9. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Fawkes is a CL 80+ Elite Warrior, which gives a bonus to-hit every 6 or 8 levels. Draco is a CL 80+ Slith, which give similar bonuses when using a pole weapon. Shiek... isn't. She's also carrying more encumbrance then Fawkes though that's a minor issue. I can't tell well enough to say what other items they have equipped, but there are quite of few which give "to-hit in melee" bonuses. Check those. -- It's also worth pointing out that you keep saying "There aren't enough consumables!" and "I have to go out and run around to restore my energy, because it's the only way." Draco, as a Natural Mage, has the "Restore Energy" ability (usable once per day) that at his current CL should be good for 60-70 spellpoints - or about what he gets from an Energy Elxir. There's also a "Shard of Restoration" somewhere in the party, also usable once a day, that's good for up to 150 points. Sure, that's more then either his or Bonnie's maximum, but what's worse, not getting the maximum possible benefit from an item, or not getting any at all? And while we're at it, Energy Potions may not as strong as Energy Elixirs, but they're cheaper and much easier to make; at PM 3 versus PM 8 Bonnie's success rate should be around, oh. 100%. A skosh more probably with adequate luck since there's a chance of making "an extra dose." They also use Energetic herbs versus the much rarer Graymold. You have plenty of those, and Silthokh sells more if you need them. Pop a Potion or two when you can and hang onto the Elixirs for when things are really desperate. Remember too, that quaffing a potion takes only three AP. By default unless you're hasted anyway you start the turn with four AP, so you can generally use one before casting a spell, and still get it off. Same with wands of slowing. Give those to your warriors to use at range before the enemy closes to attack, instead of running up to them and letting them get the first strike, and the subsequent fight will go much better for you. Giving them to your mage, who can just as easily cast a Slow spell, is relatively pointless. And finally, and I know this has been mentioned to you before in-thread, but healing potions. Those too, can be used at the start of a turn, and still let your warrior smack the guy standing right next to him. -- @Kelandon Not entirely correct, at least going by the "Protection From:" displays. Although those are admittedly wonky, since they shows "total" as a straight arithmetic sum rather then an asymptotic behavior, (LUCK+RESIST) does increase base Acid Resistance by 1 (5%) per level. The effect however does not seem to kick in until you reach a minimum of I believe 4 or 5 levels. I agree though that having passed that minimum anyway, LUCK, particularly as it's cheaper, would have been the better choice.
  10. Stuck in Exodus

    Search the old Vahnatai village again. There's a desk there, with a note (a message pops up telling you "you hear a rat" in case you miss it). Then go through the secret exit to the South and search the body. You can't entr the lab until Kass gives you the quest, and he won't do that until you've told him about the note.
  11. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Pretty much only spiders and other actual web shooters as far as I've seen. Makes sense that a creature would resist its own attack of course so I don't know why the BoA docs identify that as a racial trait. especially considering how often the Gifts talk about using web to catch "yummy bugs." Don't recall if I tried it on the Araneas but I had no trouble using it the Chitrachs either. Just another case of the docs not matching the actual mechanics. (Hope that's not a spoiler. )
  12. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Yeah, that is still a puzzler. CG - scratching head, (this head)
  13. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    I expect it it has to do with the way Windows BITBLT works, as opposed to how it handled on the MAc. See also Lazurus post #27 in the "List of Bugs thread. > Color swaps do work, there's no debate there, but tints certainly do not. So 128, 256, and 512 shifts don't work for windows users. and note that Pithos and the other Slith warriors have an icon_adjust of 256.
  14. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    You are a Bad Person!
  15. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    I think it's more a matter of they can see and run up to you, but an attemt to attack will fail ("target has santuary"). At least that's how I remerber it working in the original trilogy. Of course if the creature has an area effect (as these slimes do) and only assumes the Attack pose because the statusnearby script tells himto. that doesn't help much. But yeah, one way or another, Not Real Useful in this situation, which was the whole point I intended to make to Chessrook.