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  1. Happy new year!


    ...Hopefully it's better than last year.

  2. Geneforge 5 Modding Suite Demo

    Still working on it, but I have college finals coming up. Patience is a must.
  3. As was previously mentioned, your characters cannot be carried over from previous games (not to mention the problems it would cause due to changing stat mechanics). However, basically all the items from the previous games still theoretically EXIST in later versions, and by the use of modified scripts you could actually make a character start with the items you had when you finished the previous game, even if those items are usually not obtainable in the current game. PURGE THE ALIEN, THE MUTANT, THE HERETIC
  4. G3 Fanjul

    First of all, if you didn't leave the area, you could have used the autosave for the last time you changed an area. Aside from that, I believe that the reputation SDF flag is 100,0. Try "SDF 100 0 90".
  5. [GF4] Monarch's motives?

    I would argue that Monarch essentially represents the results of Unbound (hehe) Shaping. He was excessively Shaped, and went mad, and in his madness, would not control his creations. He's sort of foreshadowing what the Drakons will become. Although he claims to want to form his own glorious empire, he clearly cares only about destruction, as a result of his insanity.
  6. 3D models of sprites

    All creatures in Geneforge are orthographic views of 3D models. With the drayk especially, you can look closely at the blown up image in the graphics files and see the stitching between parts (see: legs). The Drayk has had the same graphics since Geneforge was first released about 16 years ago. Jeff might still have the 3D model, but it's somewhat doubtful.
  7. Geneforge 5 Modding Suite Demo

    Well, I mean, I did say "(The same directory as the Geneforge 5 executable)". 1. That is an intended future feature, but is less important than certain other features. 2. I may add a minimap later. Perhaps. 3. Zonelab text files won't be necessary when zonelab works properly in the program itself. 4. Now that I think about it, I may have changed the code calling it so that any creature/object tiles would not function correctly. 5. Saves aren't yet implemented. You will also eventually be able to import Geneforge 5 zone hex files.
  8. Geneforge 5 Modding Suite Demo

    I added a mediafire download. Oh, and by the way, the program includes Zonelab, so you can still easily import an image for a zone.
  9. Hello, all. Due to the present difficulty of modifying zones in Geneforge, I have been working on the wonderous Geneforge 5 Modding Suite program. At present, being a demo, it lacks full functionality, but it can be used to create a fully functional zone and can export data to a text file for use with the Blades of Geneforge spreadsheet document. Feel free to give feedback, but remember that it's only a demo version (all versions will be free, of course). Download. Other download. Development photo album. The GUI is fairly intuitive, but feel free to reply with any questions you have. (On an aside, in their respective modes, you can right click on a tile to remove terrain, items, objects, and creatures)
  10. As you need to find canisters to improve your creation varieties, you can look at the list of canisters in Matt P.'s Geneforge Walkthrough. It will tell you which canisters are located where. For the specific creations you want, if you already have the Create Artila canisters from the Ruined School and Pentil Woods, you can either sacrifice skill points to Syros for some canisters (not recommended) or find the canister of Create Artila in the Tribal Woods (northeast of Kazg). The easiest place I can think of to find a canister of Create Vlish is Kazg, in a building on the east side filled with mines. If you follow some of the advice in this thread, you can easily bypass those mines, though. Best of luck.
  11. G4 Barrier Bros

    If I recall correctly, the Shaper infiltrators will be hostile if you do not enter Burwood via the Shaper passage, and the Shapers in Poryphra will automatically attack you if you enter the city and did not either restore Moseh or give Miranda the papers. I think that Shaper soldiers are hostile to you no matter which faction you are aside from those specific locations (so they'll attack you in the western parts of Burwood regardless, I believe).
  12. G4 Barrier Bros

    The rebels don't trust you if you give the Shapers the papers, but they let you through. Greta (should) let you through regardless (there's no reputation check, though the dialogue changes if you killed Moseh before). However, as I was saying, if you are fence sitting you should help one faction with each. Strictly speaking, you don't NEED to help the rebels, but it'll make your reputation with them problematically low.
  13. G4 Barrier Bros

    By the way, if you want to play both sides until the very end, the two key moments are giving someone Monarch's papers in the Fens of Azirpah and, of course, Moseh. If you restored Moseh, you need to give the rebels the papers. If you killed Moseh (and lied your way out of getting in trouble with Alwan), you need to give the Shapers the papers. Also, if you do keep sitting on the fence, make sure that you go into Burwood via the Shaper route, or the Shaper infiltrators will be hostile.
  14. geneforge 3 editor

    I was able to download the files from the links you quoted.
  15. Geneforge 3 Lankan

    You can brutally slaughter him and his companions to the last, trodding over their lifeless, charred corpses in victory. This, of course, gets you a bit of XP, which is always nice. However, you get a few problems as a result of doing that. The main one is that Greta leaves you immediately, instead of on the third island (Alwan or Greta will always leave after you finish the third island, depending on your alignment). Secondly, as you might expect, the Shaper (Diwaniya, I think) is horrified by you and tells you to get the heck out, though I don't know whether it prevents you from getting additional training.