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  1. Honestly, I was kind of hoping to not have the radioactive-vomit-green GUI in the remake. Ah, well. I wasn't sure of it before, but it definitely looks like the remake is going to have the southwestern areas be a lot less green. Not sure how I feel about that. I thought the point was that wasteland was slowly spreading out from
  2. Do you know if you can apply those effects to party members? I imagine you would be able to, but the question remains of whether those effects are tied to the creature itself or are limited to the zone where it's applied.
  3. Okay, so the warded gamma has the mobgroupgd script which obviously doesn't have any reactive abilities, so the zone script is the most likely source. I suspected set_new_abil to be the most likely culprit (based on the Runewarded Thahds), but couldn't find anything defining that ability. It does, however, definitely confirm that you can't bake anything like that into a creation. It is possible that what you could do is go in a loop through the party members, and if any of them is creature type <whatever creation it is>, use set_new_abil on them, and put that in every single zone script.
  4. Looking through the sfx (gf5objsmisc.txt) definitions, it actually looks like those do govern the death effects. The rat has a death effect number 84. If we go to begindefinesfx 84, we find this: begindefinesfx 84; sfx_amount_of_effect = 100; Which inherits from these: begindefinesfx 80; import = 50; sfx_graphic_sheet = 1; sfx_sfx_sound = 165; begindefinesfx 81; sfx_sfx_effect = 3; sfx_amount_of_effect = 10; If we go look at searer (which poisons in G5 for some reason), its status effect type is 3
  5. 1. No, weapons cannot be made 2-handed. 2. Looking at them, I believe death effects (as defined by cr_effect_when_slain in the creature scripts) are just visual effects, corresponding to begindefinesfx ### in the objsmisc definitions file. Possibly means they are hardcoded in for particular creations, like being unstable. 3. Runewarded Thahds in G4 certainly had effects on you when you hit them, but if I were to guess they're script-based instead of definition-based. The zone script set them to have some ability, but it doesn't correspond to any abilities in the definitions file, so
  6. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by the tooltip, but the only thing I have seen that gets changed is in the text box. Spell descriptions and spell names in the GUI are hardcoded into the executable. For example, in one of my private mods, I changed lightning aura (since it's useless) to a spell called plasma lances, which showed the different name in the text box but remained the exact same (excepting the different essence/energy cost) in the GUI. It's relatively easy to modify in the executable, but I'm 99.99% sure anything in the GUI outside the dialog box is hardcoded. If I w
  7. Ability names can be changed in the definitions, but the names in the actual spell selection GUI seem to be hardcoded into the executable. Changing the name of an ability just seems to change the name in the text box when you select the spell (i.e. Firebolt: Select an target). Specifically concerning Geneforge 5, since it's the game where the best information for modding exists: The stuff you could actually edit in the executable without doing some questionably legal shenanigans to decompile and recompile the program are, in order (with the things you listed t
  8. For the record, I'm planning on making a feature with my modding tool that will allow you to patch (or unpatch) a Geneforge executable with a file containing quest information to make releasing mods like that legal. The GOG version of Geneforge 5, at least, doesn't seem to have a checksum, although I don't know about the Steam version. But until such a thing is available, the only way you'd be able to (legally) release a mod that edits the executable would be to make a patcher yourself.
  9. Ending/intro/quest text is located directly in the game's executable. I would use a hex editor like Hexplorer, find where the text is located, and manually change it. The Geneforge Modding Suite (fair note, at the moment it's just a zone editor, item creation or other script things will be added at some point in the future) needs Java to run. It's important to run it using the batch file (run.bat) so you can see any errors and also because the first time you run it you need the console it produces to enter your Geneforge 5 folder location.
  10. Spell abilities gain an additional bonus per level in the ability, and I do not know of any diminishing effects. In the case of firebolt, the base effect value is 4, and each additional level adds 3, so it gives a significant bonus for each additional level. For kill, the base is 40 and each level adds 10, so level 3 kill versus level 1 would give a 50% bonus. Every spell is sufficiently improved by additional levels in it that investing in training them is worth it. For creations, each level in the creation skill gives +1 base level to the creation. The most important bonus for cr
  11. Personally I always assumed that was Miranda getting captured, since Greta was just 'not allowed to leave'.
  12. Again, as I said in the first place, it is not major support for the point due to the clearly necessary gameplay/story segregation. Also, having just finished Fallout 1 (on which Geneforge is clearly based), there is a very, very, VERY good gameplay reason for allowing the player to control party members. RIP Dogmeat
  13. In regards to the mental development of new creations, there are a couple things to note. First, we know for a fact that Shapers (and Lifecrafters) can directly control the mind of a creation; this is presumably how the player controls his own creations. This would allow for controlling a freshly made creation without it being able to function on its own. When we encounter Shapers that make and direct large amounts of creations, they explicitly state that they don't directly control them (I believe either a Shaper in Alwan's citadel or in one of the border forts in G5 says this). W
  14. There seems to be some confusion about what cloning actually means versus the nonsensical cloning frequently depicted in science fiction. Based on the description of how experimental Shaping (i.e. without using canisters or knowledge of genes) works, there is clearly a base identical genetic template that is used for any given creation. If the basic template genetically varied, then there would not be predictable effects for a given pattern of 'bombarding it with energy' that is necessary for inventing (and repeating the invention of) new creations. By the actual definition of cloning, which i
  15. You may want to take a look at my own thread which I shall shamelessly plug. Repeatedly opening and closing a menu (main menu, inventory, cheat screen, etc.) very quickly resets the timer on basically everything, including traps. In some cases I've found that pylon traps or mines will sometimes still trigger (probably depends somewhat on the system), but spamming escape several times a second generally allows you to walk through mines and pylons unharmed. I've found that it even seems to work to bypass enemies (outside of combat mode), although the map doesn't actually update until
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