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  1. Apparently I passed my first anniversary on here about a month ago. Hm.

  2. TheKian

    Geneforge 5 Modding Suite Demo

    Trakovite Version v1.1a: Fixed saving and loading. Added .ini file which is generated after the tool is first used so you don't have to reenter the path every time it's started up.
  3. To put it explicitly*, there does not exist data in the game for zones past that point. However, there may exist a zone exit on the map past the gate, but if it goes anywhere, it will likely take you to Southforge Citadel or some kind of blank glitch zone. *Meaning clearly, not inappropriately Probably don't have the time to make a mod for that, unfortunately, Alhoon. Little bit busy with a bunch of other things, sorry.
  4. TheKian

    Geneforge 4 Drakon Canister?

    Matt P.'s Geneforge 4 walkthrough has the location of every* canister in the game. *Minus, perhaps, a few spell canisters he has missed over the series of walkthroughs. But the creation canisters are all there.
  5. TheKian

    Geneforge 4 Forgotten One

    As we have nothing better to do, we have made a number of threads with various theories on the fates/origins of characters (primarily the Geneforge 5 protagonist, for obvious reasons). If you're interested in them, there is a reasonable amount of vaguely coherent conspiracizing theorizing and in-depth lore assessment. I've made a couple threads on Geneforge lore / the first game's protagonist, so if you're interested, there are those too. However, as Lilith says, the general view tends toward Monarch being the Geneforge 3 player.
  6. TheKian

    Geneforge 5 mouse sensitivity

    Check this. You may be having the same problem that other people have had on newer computers with the older games. http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/19424-geneforge-1-3-extremely-sluggish-xp-32-bit-steam-versions/
  7. TheKian

    Geneforge 5 mouse sensitivity

    This could be because the game is running sub-optimally. Try running in lower resolution or less fancy graphics modes to improve performance and see if that fixes the problem.
  8. TheKian

    Geneforge 4 Golden Crystal

    I believe that crystals work the exact same way in both Geneforge 4 and Geneforge 5. This explains the numerical effects of all kinds of crystals.
  9. TheKian


    By the Emperor... WE'VE WON. Also, in fairness, it runs just fine on my XP machine and looks pretty good with the graphics mod installed.
  10. TheKian


    ...I am fairly sure it is INTENTIONAL, so as to make no single ending completely canon, so nobody feels 'forced' to play it a certain way.
  11. TheKian


    Personally, my thoughts on this are that you never actually SEE Khyryk die. You just see a bunch of exploded something from a -supposed- failed teleport. He probably just sacrificed some poor servile or something and teleported away.
  12. TheKian

    New Geneforge 5 Character Editor

    Hello! The editor is activated from the power spiral which activates the pacification pylon in the southeast corner of the zone. It is off to the side in the area where you are attacked by a large wave of worms after creating your first fyora.
  13. TheKian

    Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    Only way that you could possibly implement that idea is to change an existing spell to spawn a creation, which is probably impossible anyway. Shaping in combat is part of the creature scripts, while player Shaping is hardcoded. The spell scripts, of course, are much different from area and mob scripts. Also, creation leveling and whatnot is hardcoded, so it's impossible to mod at the moment (I mean, I could trawl through the executable hex code, but it would be way too much work to make a patcher and unpatcher for it). TL;DR sorry mate, wouldn't work.
  14. Based on your description of the problem, I would assume that there is some manner of bug in the area script that is causing it to incorrectly target enemies for these buffs. I can possibly look through the script later and see where the problem may lie, but it is possible that the problem is unfixable.
  15. TheKian

    New Geneforge 5 Character Editor

    I do not know whether scripts are different on the Mac version, but I would assume not. I suspect that you may have not replaced the entirety of the file, and have two "begintalkscript;"s or something similar. I suggest getting rid of everything in the file, making sure it's empty, and then copy-pasting it again. If it still doesn't work, then it probably is (unfortunately) an issue with the Mac version.