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  1. Excellent. The work around was always to play in fullscreen mode at lower res (That's how I played the recent Avernum remakes, ect). But that causes the image to be fuzzy. I am glad to hear the UI will be scalable in the update. [ Edit: Busy work week, I see that the update is out, it looks great! I still think more UI element scalability would be a visual improvement, but this is better than previous already] I'm very much enjoying the game.
  2. Congrats on the release! I'm certainly enjoying this as much as any other Spiderweb game so far! The base building and recruitment mechanics are very much an interesting addition. The world itself is far more reactive than previous Classic Spiderweb titles seemingly so far, though I'm not too far in yet. Imho, in response to some of the graphical critique one thing (Im not sure if its difficult or simple) that would improve the lookgenerally without adding any assets at all is to maybe size up the conversation window and player status window or at least just the portraits in the aforementioned. Suggesting puting the best foot forward with that. The Character art is better polished than the map art. And some windows have a nice decorative scroll work graphic. However the games UI scales that menu art kind of small for 1440p or maybe even 1080p. At this point I'm guessing most people play at these resolutions now and not at the lower resolutions that we played the older Spiderweb games at. I'm sure at lower res' such a suggestion is unnecessary due to the UI default size being more proportional to them. There's certainly opportunity for more polished tile and map scale assets as this new engine is iterated on, but it doesn't detract from gameplay and Im not one to bang a drum about that. I'm here for Jeff's story, and the gameplay itself as always. I'm very curious to see what the future brings in other games with this engine now that the foundation is laid down. TLDR, good work. Happy Kickstarter backer. Thank you!
  3. Yes. Ive always played that way. The good news is that I get the maximum playtime out of the games that I like. The bad news is it's detrimental for my hopes of ever widdling down my backlog of games.
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    Fave meme? Lucielle Bluth; pretty much any of them. Least favorite? any of the overused ones that always pop up daily. Unorthodox first post on the forum?
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