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  1. Bender89

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Did you rank the 7 dwarves yet?
  2. Bender89

    Live Action Movie

    I hated the resident evil movies, and to a even more extent the silent hill movies(although my mother liked it) just because it didn't seem as scary as the games, or as intelligent or atmospheric. I mean, No raccoon city? silent hill is just Centralia Virginia(that movie should have just been a stand alone movie without using the silent hill games at all.) with an interesting and creepy story. I have not seen the Max Payne movie but my brother said the first game was WAY better. Way to [censored] up a noir classic like Max Payne. But then again, most video game's would translate into a very long movie or series, and that's a lot of money to invest. Way more than some of these games cost to make, or grossed by a lot.
  3. Bender89


    UH OH, Someones got some recently!!
  4. Bender89

    What have you been eating recently?

    spicy red pickled sausage. nice snack but just awful for you. as for my diet I've been eating far too much cheese, block after block til my chest hurts. not good but damn tasty.
  5. Bender89

    Luminous plant's engineered by real wizards!(at MIT)

    Guess, I should use a Kentucky coal mine then.
  6. Bender89

    Luminous plant's engineered by real wizards!(at MIT)

    So who is going to get a clone or some glowing algae and meet me in an abandoned West Virginia coal mine? I'm kind of serious with this, the only issue is safety and getting the plants to adhere to the ceiling without the roots causing cave in's. Then we can all live in our own version of exile! * waiting for Jeff's lawyer's letter*
  7. https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/12/14/mit-researchers-create-plants-that-glow/BWSXklirU8N78UcFJiXstL/story.html So it seem's more than just algae and lightning bugs can make nature candle's.
  8. Bender89

    Is it Possible to Magnify the graphics?

    Lower your resolution?
  9. Bender89

    In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    There is pre-contact era oral tradition written up in many books. Been meaning to look it up. Would love to see a game actual have Native american like or inspired characters/weapons ect. in them. I mean, you should know how much a fight they put up. There are Chopper's(helicopters) named after them!
  10. Bender89

    Avernum/Exile Fan Art - Alien Blade Redux

    The second one, but the first maybe could be un activated.
  11. Bender89

    In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    I was joking about that rich family thing. Interesting, May I ask if US history includes native american history or post European contact/invasion?
  12. Bender89

    In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Wow History, That's A LOAD of reading! And I use many comma's, because you know, Comma's are, like, great and junk.
  13. Bender89

    Remember Lost Souls?

    Yes in my waking dream's the clawing of distant places into my brain as a vessel to there most forceful needs for communicay. Those lost souls that no soul has in there minds or realize's exist... The reaching from dimensions not yet known by science. Like the feeling of mis-understood electron's through my arm from the mis-wire'd switch in my hand. Wait, this is a game?! please dis regard that pitiful text up there.
  14. Bender89

    A new member has joined your party

    Welcome! I recently joined about, maybe a blurry year ago! Nice to see the mentally deranged and super brain's are out and about. Me being the former, with an occasional creative and genius idea or two to give myself some positive trait's. I can also play the guitar! Both of them!