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  1. GF2 Party Member Question

    I was going to say, that means canister use would be a big deal then, since I was most likely going to join the rebels, since I thought they'd be the equivalent of the Awakened from the previous games, but Without any spoilers, would using more than 6 canisters still make a difference in-game at this point? Also, is the skill training the same as in G2, where you can only train skills up to 2 points, or is it 2 more points from whatever you have? Because I found the Vlish canister, but I don't want to use it if it means I can only train one more point with a trainer.
  2. GF2 Party Member Question

    Ah good to know. I'll save my canister use for creations then.
  3. GF2 Party Member Question

    Will I need canisters to get 3 points in Vlish?
  4. Based on the responses, it seems it will be best to play the newest versions, and then 4-6. If 3 is coming out this year, that's great. I can definitely wait. I have absolutely no problem playing older games, but it can be a bit jarring to jump from a more modern remake to a more dated sequel, which is why I was initially considering getting the original remakes.
  5. I'm currently playing the Geneforge games, but I plan on getting these as well, since I've really been enjoying those games. A question though, if I play the latest remakes and then go back to 3-6, will I notice any significant difference when I get to those games, as in, will the older sequels feel more dated in comparison (not graphics-wise)? If so, I'm considering playing the original Avernums 1 and 2 instead. Any suggestions?
  6. GF2 Party Member Question

    Finsihed Geneforge 2 with that party. Couldn't tackle Gazak-Uss, but cleared every other area, getting an ending I'm satisfied with (Awakened, low canister use). Just started Geneforge 3. So far I've been keeping both NPCs and a Fyora with me. And I've just about done everything I can on the first island (apart from the secondary tests in the academy). I've heard that canister use can affect gameplay here. I'm not too worried about pissing off the Shapers in the ending, but will it affect my conversations with NPCs and the way I act (my humanity, so to speak)? I'm guessing if I want to get the best creations, like the second tier Vlish, I'll have to use canisters, but I don't want to use them if I don't have to.
  7. GF2 Party Member Question

    Not much of a powergamer, so as long as it's viable to finish the game with them, I'll consider trying out the NPCs and seeing how it goes. Do you control them, or do they act on their own? Never tried using a vlish. Might give one a shot this time. Usually have a Cryoa and Artila for the low essence cost (since I like to keep a lot of free essence for blessing and healing magic), and a Battle Beta for the muscle, but if boosting isn't going to be viable in GF3, I might have to look to higher tier creations. I don't even know if boosting is actually worth it in GF2, but I'm sticking with that for the time being. Stronger creations seem to cost way too much, and I have 15 INT.
  8. GF2 Party Member Question

    Thanks for the replies. I'll stick with 3 creations for now then so I don't lose too much XP. What about Geneforge 3. Worth having NPCs join the party as a shaper or should I stick to creations? Basically want to know if NPCs and creations have anything clearly going in favor of them, or if it's just down to personal preference. Edit: Didn't even realize that it's alread been 10 days since I created this topic.
  9. GF2 Party Member Question

    I finished Geneforge 1 as a shaper, using only three creations with me, since they apparently split the XP with the PC, and was thinking of going the same route with Geneforge 2. I currently use two creations with me and am currently in the Magus Complex. I've met Xander who is willing to join the party. Do joinable party members count towards the XP split as well? Also, he's at level 18 when he joins, while my character is only level 16 at the moment. So I'm wondering if it will affect how much XP I gain as well. At the moment I'm thinking I'll stick with three creations once I get enough essence, since I prefer being able to control my party's actions in combat, but if joinable party members don't affect XP, or at least don't cost any more than using a creation, it might be a worthwhile trade-off.