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  1. Honestly it would be nice to have a button you can hold down while hovering to ignore everything except the movement tiles.
  2. I think the negative reactions were added to kind of balance out the advantages Nephil and Sliths had, now though, with humans being better in general, these kinds of encounters might be...lost unintentionally. I would prefer the encounters to be more punishing if you ask me, but give sliths and nephil the glory day passives( or just as good), more than just a little more damage and some resistance.
  3. on Twitch. I've lurked on the forums for years, I made an account years ago but I forgot all the info and it's linked to an old, deleted email. I just wanted to come in though and just put my channel here while I play Avernum, I don't take money and it's purely for entertainment/hang out/whatever. I've known about Spiderweb Software since the Exile days, and while this certainly isn't my first playthrough, I'm not a torment player so it's on normal, with the Avernum Remix mod applied. Anyone interested, go take a peek, but I warn you that I'm not a PC person, swears, bad words, and potentially tasteless jokes will be leaving my mouth. eg. I made a joke that two kids in Fallout 2 stole my shotgun shells, so I gave them two more... (I was playing an evil character obviously) https://www.twitch.tv/arc_the_lad500 Thanks for your time, I should be more active here... Edit - Sorry, I stream Tuesdays, maybe the occasional Wednesday or Friday.