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  1. How about a general comment on which game is the earliest Spiderweb game will run on modern PC with Win 10 64 bit? I would assume all of the ones after that will work eh?
  2. I haven't spent anything yet-I'm in Green Refuge not sure where or why to spend money. Avernum has a dozen ways to use it with training etc. Suggestions?
  3. Thanks-Jeff mentioned this is peculiar, and would be checked on "next patch". I just use f2 instead. I'm just curious if anyone else out there has ever tested the f10 key or is it just me.
  4. Uh, hello
  5. Hi, Is there a s safe place to drop equipment in starting area? I am full up and don't want to get rid of stuff I might need for Party members.
  6. Hi,Every other key works in the game-just not this one -what gives? Tried on 2 machines with 2 separate keyboards. Also tried it with Avernum 2:CS and it didn't work on that game either. Never noticed before on that game because there were only 4 quickslots....
  7. BTW-has anyone ever made a reputation chart for this game? I know Randomizer has a list of everything but I was looking for a condensed version for my next play through. I know Slartifer has a 2 year old post that he was going to post one but I didn't see it when searching. Thanks
  8. I see now that that is true. For some reason I forgot that-so I guess I already won the game a couple times lol. Thanks
  9. Need a spoiler-I am trying to get the Lvl 3's on Divine Host and Arcane Blow in the Castle, I have AL 13 VL 4 and have entered Garzahd's Area to the point I can return and go back and forth to it. I see the requirement chart says "Garzahd" as a requirement. What exactly does that mean? Do I need to defeat him first? That wouldn't make a ton of sense as game would be over at that point. I'm confused.
  10. Regarding Cave Lore-I'm almost done with Hard playthrough, and I put points in CL to see what I got for it the first time through. Needless to say the rewards weren't very compelling. My question is, does having a higher CL give you more opportunities to fight/pass on World Map encounters?
  11. Demon of Good Taste I Know this is a spoiler request "of course" but did you ever post a list of your reputation gains from 2 years ago? I saw a post February 2015.
  12. Sheesh I didn't know that! I don't know why I thought that... Thanks
  13. I have 10+2 in Melee. I don't believe I can get it higher without some special item right? So....I got the points to spend
  14. Thanks-which one do you think is more valuable? Chance of crits or chance of extra damage?