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  1. Playing G5 again after a few months, looking out for quests or events I missed my last playthrough. One thing I was certain I missed was the true staple of the Geneforge series: the Ornk Boss. Surprisingly, I found out that it was the basis of an actual quest in Haria-Kel, to recover a modified Ornk so it can be evaluated at the Foundry. ALSO surprisingly, this Ornk was modified by its Shaper to be-- I'm sorry, can you run that by me again? More... intelligent? An Ornk? The food animal? Okay, how intelligent is it? ...Smart enough to get a sense of its ultimate fate (getting cut up at the Foundry), decide that its story didn't end there, and undo its bonds and escape when its handler was asleep? Okay then, just one question: What is the benefit to that? So I go out to the Okavano, and what do I find? A bunch of Ornks... rather strong, feral Ornks. They seem friendly enough, though. I look through the herd, checking for the white patch to identify my quarry. Finally I come across an Ornk that seems... Ornkier than the others. I check for the patch, but THIS Ornk is unusually filthy... I dive for it, but it's too fast for me (what)! It's definitely my target. I make for it, but then it starts screaming. Not mooing, not squealing. Screaming. Words. "Help me! Help me!" The Ornk can think. Now, I ask everyone here today: why this? Why would someone Create this?
  2. Friggin' lovely, let me tell you. It'll be great to play Geneforge with updated graphics, especially when my laptop had a fit anytime i even looked at that graphics mod.
  3. No, no mods; pretty much all of that goes over my head, so I don't touch the stuff in fear of completely melting the game.
  4. Right, so, I don't know how to explain it, but I'm currently assaulting the gates of Gazaki-Uss (Shaper, lvl 46, Battle Creation specialist). At first, it's all good: a Beta and an Ur-Glaahk show up with me, with a few more showing up as I went. They're confused and weak, but my presence strengthens them, more than doubling their health (remember this). I'm making my way to the gate, slaying enemy Betas, Glaahks, and Podlings like a champ, when a few Drayks with supporting Podlings saunter up to me. I right click: about 570 health each. I think, "Right, 'cause that'll work," and send my Creations after the Drayks, backing them up with Essence Lances galore. But the Drayks weren't dead. They weren't even at half health. I check again: 1500 HP and change. Oh god, am I Raditz? Is that what's happening? Am i gonna get taken down by a 4 year old? And then I notice my log: Drayk is strengthened by your presence. Pardon? Someone explain how to fix this, cuz this ain't a soup kitchen.
  5. Well, Ghaldring is an old Drakon, in more ways than one. Being a, let's say series 2 version created by Easss, even with all the serious self Shaping he has doubtless done, he probably wouldn't be quite as megalomaniacal as the latest generation.Also bear in mind that he's roughly 60-80 by the time G5 rolls around (the timeline is remarkably opaque between G1-G3). A few attacks of sentimentality are to be expected and allowed, especially for old war mates.
  6. All right, I'll take all of that into account as I move ahead. Also re:Strong Daze: Do they teach that (and hopefully Dominate) at the Magus complex? I'm currently going there to get Dayna's book (I'm afraid I might be leaning Awakened more and more as I see the sights).
  7. I just finished the first game (Guardian, Tricky, Obeyer {that last one sort of left a bad taste in my mouth, to be honest}), and now I'm playing the sequel, this time as an Agent on Torment. I've found Medab and confronted Zakary about the illegal Shaping going on, though I've made no alliances just yet. I keep dying, but I am making headway into the lands surrounding Medab. Agonizingly slow progress, but progress. Still, I'm sick of feeling so weak and helpless. Anyone willing to spare a few tips on how to powergame, or just to be more effective in general?
  8. That makes sense, and provides an explanation for why the G1 Protagonist isn't immune to mental effects like subsequent protagonists: they weren't trained for it yet.
  9. Okay, so the title isn't clear, so allow me to elaborate: replaying Geneforge 1, I became reacquainted with the protagonist's backstory during the prologue. Basically, after a series of tests, s/he is accepted into the Shaper fold, and is drayk-bound to the nearest outpost to meet their mentor (ala Shanti from G2). Now, knowing this information, along with the fact that in G3 you are apparently expected to apprentice under a full Shaper upon graduating from the Greenwood school, my question is: where does the protagonist fit in this timeline? They know what schools are, and seem to know what goes on in one, so it could be concluded that they are a graduate. But if that was the case, then why don't they know any magic or Shaping, like the G3 protagonist, who hadn't graduated by the time the game begins?
  10. Hello, Windows user here: I'm interested in using this, but I'm really unclear on 'this' works. The instructions on top are supremely vague, and I don't have even an inkling of an idea of how any of this modding works. My apologies for wasting your time, but can someone PLEASE hold my hand through this?
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