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  1. Jeff Vogel on the latest geneforge September update: " Over the next few months, as game systems get tested and finalized, we'll start talking about how Geneforge 1 - Mutagen will work. There are many changes between the original series and the remaster, and it will be fun to finally reveal some secrets. " The second line is what caught my attention. I know its an EXTREEMLY general statement but considering the identity of the GF5 protagonist is one of, if not the most, highly debated mystery in the series we were never given an official answer too, it would make a lot
  2. If u get addicted to taking canisters like I did on my first playthrough the rebels side looks very attractive
  3. I'm so excited for this game. My biggest hope for it is that Jeff doesn't go too overboard on the changes because for me the nostalgia is what I'm most looking forwards too but I doubt he'll change too much. What else would be awesome is establishing a more concurrent lore. I know it's messy with multiple endings and all but as an example What do you guys think? Should Jeff pick a victory from each previous game and run with it on the next one of should he continue mixing whats "canon" up?
  4. Kickstarter has already reached almost 70k at the time of me posting this, at 75k we get the whole new area with quest chains etc. Needless to say I am heaps happy at the response this kickstarter has gotten and glad all the reward tiers are (almost definately) going to be met. I wonder what the new creation is going to be? And how many creations will be in game without the bonus. Just the OG 3 from each tier or will he include later game introduced ones like wingbolts and rhotgaroths
  5. Really don't like the delayed damage with the animation, in the old versions the character would take damage upon being hit, now from the teaser there's a pause after the attack animation has passed through the target and then disappeared before the damage loads/appears. Also really don't like the softer art style, less hard straight lines and more curves. Seems like the arts just been copied over from avernum remakes and I dread the idea of the creations just copying over from monsters in there other games like drakons becoming avernum dragons etc. Please keep the unique quirks
  6. Awesome, been looking forwards to this for a long time. Not sure about the name "Mutagen" though. Isn't that from ninja turtles lmao? Should rename it something more epic sounding in my opinion.
  7. I have all of them, if you send me a message with your email I'll send them to u 👍
  8. Dude thx for this, must have taken a lot of work! Keen to try this out and I'll give u feedback when I do, thanks again
  9. The only thing I don't like about this is that it means that Alwan and Greta spent both less time together and with the player. What your saying here makes sense, certainly simpler then what I've proposed. The reason I went with switching on the next island is because it allowed more time for the player to gain and use more canisters. Which makes their going mad more believable. Swapping sides earlier when they had more sanity would be less consistent with the nature of the player - at least as far as my version of the story goes. Edit: I just finished a play through of GF3 w
  10. Interesting. Are there many other changes to the endings when playing as a servile across various sects? Are there any where the ending is more positive?
  11. I'm not saying you can't say anything, I'm just saying keep in mind (etc.). Although I do see the potential contradictions with me asking for feedback - and within that criticism - that I will defend, without turning it into a debate. I was trying to avoid debating the topic as it has been done previously on multiple threads. Alas you can't have your cake and eat it too.
  12. Doesn't he? I thought that no matter the actions of the player if you want the rebel ending you have to kill him? And "canonically" the ending for g3 is the rebel ending? So how is it possible for him to be alive other then an inconsistency in the games? I agree that it is possible for any random who was modified and met Litalia, Greta and Alwan to be who sage lara is talking about. But what would be the point in that? Throw in all this suggestive information and go through all the effort scripting clues into the games just to go - nope, actually ur some random. Suggestive informa
  13. Awfully convenient hypothesis considering everything we know about the geneforge 3 narrative. Sounds a lot more like a vague recollection then a random stab in the dark. Edit: Not trying to sound overly critical of anyone's opinions or thoughts! Just try to understand that this theory is something I'm invested in, so I'm going to defend it in the absence of evidence to dispute it. Keen to hear what everyone has to say. Just as long as you aren't being overly critical for the sake of it. I know that it isn't bulletproof, but in a world where Khyryk's get ripped to shreds and dis
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