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    [GF4] Monarch's motives?

    I wouldn't overthink it too much man. XD
  2. Gameman112358

    Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    I wasn't really trying to ask anyone to make such an idea happen. It was more me just spitballing ideas out. If it's too much work/too hard/impossible/etc., well it's just an idea. XD I am quite aware of the limitations set in place in terms of modding. It was more just a random thought for an idea.
  3. Gameman112358

    G5: I'm... strengthening my enemies... somehow...

    That makes this even harder to pin down... you shouldn't be boosting your enemies at all. The script says nothing about boosting enemy creations, just friendly ones. Definitely a bug if that's happening... ._.
  4. Gameman112358

    G5: I'm... strengthening my enemies... somehow...

    That... doesn't sound right. It shouldn't be affecting enemy creations whatsoever. And 1500 HP? That sounds even less right... I don't see anything in the scripts that says that HP is boosted, or level is increased... I'm assuming you didn't mod anything, right?
  5. Gameman112358

    Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    Kind of wish that leveling creations up didn't take up more essence. Or they took way way less. And perhaps they'd get certain upgrades if they leveled up enough times. I'd need to think about upgrades, but for example (and for the sake of extra hilarity and perhaps awesomeness), if you've been keeping that Fyora you made near the start of the game with you and you've been trying to keep him alive, he'd over time grow more and more powerful, for example his attack power goes up. Perhaps he becomes better at dodging attacks. Maybe after a few level ups he becomes fast enough to get extra action points, meaning he can attack twice in combat if you do things right. Stuff like that. Probably OP, but hey, it does encourage a different playstyle, and I'm assuming that this is with the idea you can shape in battle; you could either have a massive horde of expendable creations, or a smaller group of very powerful ones. Actually, speaking of Shaping in battle, it gave me an idea for an ability, or perk, or skill, or whatever. Something like this: Combat Shaper (or some other name) "You are able to Shape creations mid combat, however due to the stress of dealing with enemies and Shaping at the same time, these creations are less powerful than ones made in less dangerous situations (E.g. Peace mode), and you are unable to control them. Increasing this skill reduces the penalty." How it works: +Can Shape mid combat (meaning you do not to be in peace mode to Shape) +Creations DO NOT take up a slot in your party +Harder for them to go "rogue", unlike creations with 0 INT. -Less powerful; they take a level penalty. Can be mitigated by putting more points into the Combat Shaper skill -Cannot be controlled, meaning the AI will decide what to do with them. -(Possibly) Takes up 3-5 AP to Shape in the middle of a fight. AP used can be reduced by putting more points into the Combat Shaper skill. This kind of skill is also one that I initially thought would be unique to Shock Troopers, since they'd probably be the best at Shaping even in the thick of battle, but some of the other classes should probably get it. Mind you, this is just a rough outline, so it may change. Basically, if you wanted to Shape a ton of creations all at once, and have giant hordes supporting you, this is the skill you want.
  6. Gameman112358

    Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    Eh, true. I will admit, if the Unbound that you Shaped/Controlled had those ridiculous abilities (Powerful AoE attacks, Shaping creations mid-battle, etc), they'd definitely start hitting the "horrendously" OP stage. XD Reminds me of the thought/idea where Geneforge made it so that your party members had access to spells and abilities like the Avernum series does. Enemy Gazers for example have the (Strong?) Daze ability; the ones under your control do not. Terror Vlish back when that was a thing has two attacks, a poison ray attack and terror attack. Controllable ones only have the poison ray attack, not the terror attack (which is particularly ridiculous because they're called *Terror* Vlish, not overpriced Artila). I wish it was a thing, but alas, it isn't, and I have my doubts it ever will be a thing.
  7. Gameman112358

    [GF4] Monarch's motives?

    I mean, it would be easy to simply chalk it up to insanity due to canister abuse, Geneforge abuse, or who knows what Monarch has done. He seems mentally insane, and insane people don't exactly have the most logical of minds. XD
  8. Gameman112358

    change item weight

    Kind of a shame there's no junk bag in any of the Geneforge games. Would've made things so much easier. Oh well. XD Truth be told, some of the items in the game weigh way more than they should, at least IMO. I never hesitate to either 1) Make my character have more strength so they can carry more, or 2) Make the items weigh less when it makes sense. XD
  9. Gameman112358

    Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    No, no, don't force yourself to do anything because of what I say. It's your mod, after all. Your mod, your decisions, your rules. I won't try and be a backseat driver, if the saying makes sense. You answered my questions very well. Thank you.
  10. Gameman112358

    Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    Hello! New mods is nice! Being able to shape Podlings is certainly nice, since they're basically mass debuffing machines. Charged Vlish with Decaying Vlish is a good buff, though I myself admit I'm not a fan of charged creations. And being able to shape Unbound sounds horrendously OP, if it wasn't for the fact that you basically can't Shape them until way way endgame. XD And being able to own any creation without joining a faction would be quite nice. My only question is if it's possible to get training for Shaping Drakons, since getting the Ur-Drakon (or in your mod, an Unbound) is practically impossible until way endgame.
  11. A newcomer to the forum. Yay! Welcome to the forums. Also, another happy person downloading alhoon's awesome mod. Double yay! Have fun playing it! I know I certainly did!
  12. Gameman112358

    GF2 - My playthrough (full of spoilers)

    I don't play GF2, admittedly, but I'm going to go with no, there is no GF2 mod out there that makes Gazak-Uss more plot-worthy and less of a Challenge Zone, at least to my knowledge. Though making the zone easier isn't going to be hard, considering that all you have to do is lower the level of the creations that attack you there. Or just remove some of the nastier abilities I imagine some of the monsters there have, which can also be done relatively easily. Making it more plot-worthy would probably take more time to do, all things considered.
  13. To those that have downloaded the open beta: Ya'll are in for a fun ride. Guardians and Warriors in this mod are much better than they are in the normal game, thanks to the Artifact Weapons and shields that are in this mod. And the later parts of the game where you become a rebel captain are even more fun, where you get to take troops with you on your adventures through Terrestia. Only thing I will warn you guys about is that the new zone that is in the mod might be bugged out. As stated in the above comments, the zone is completely bugging out for me and keeps giving me the error that says, and I quote word-for-word from the error itself: "Error! Couldn't place party when entering zone." The game then crashes to desktop on me. I'm not sure if this is a Mac issue or if it's an issue regarding the game I'm using (I'm using the latest version downloaded from the Spiderweb Software website), but if any of you guys run into that issue when you come across the new zone, please make a post about it immediately. Or, if the zone works for you guys, tell us that the zone is working. We need to find out if the zone is bugged out or if it's an issue with my version of the game exclusively. But aside from the new zone being bugged, overall, the mod is great, and I enjoyed it very much. Happy trails everyone!
  14. Gameman112358

    TheKian's Geneforge 4 Artifact Weapons Mod

    Nice! I'm looking at the weapons' stats and what you need to do to get them right now. I don't play GF4 (runs very poorly on my computer), but you've got some great stuff here! 1. Let me say that your artifact weapons have very awesome names! Death's Grip, Blade of Angels, Master's Blade, Runewarded Baton, etc. They all sound awesome! 2. You've got some great ideas for weapons that didn't quite occur to me before. Dazing thorns, terror-inflicting swords, etc. And wands with unlimited uses! That's pretty great for those classes that are poor in magic. This definitely helps classes that are a bit more combat reliant and magic poor (Warrior, Shock Trooper) to keep up with other classes. To my knowledge, Shock Trooper and Warrior were the worst classes simply because they weren't particularly strong. I imagine this mod would help greatly with that issue.
  15. Adding more content + fixing some bugs. I will say though that I've been enjoying myself. I've loaded up an earlier save in my Guardian play through, just so I can get two more soldiers with me. My party is now full. My Guardian + Incantatrix NPC + War Trall + Cryodrayk + 4 soldiers. One heck of a powerhouse group right here, I can tell you guys that much.
  16. Ahh, alhoon, that ally you were referring to in the final battle against Ghaldring? I think I found that ally. I won't spoil anything, but I was very, very happy to see them be on my side. Ghaldring, you are so frigging dead, you overgrown lizard... *evil cackle* UPDATE: And done! Ghaldring is now dead! My Guardian has won the day, his blade covered with the blood of the Drakons he has slaughtered. Astoria's goal for peace between the Shapers and rebels has been achieved! *Does a little victory dance*. Anyway, yeah, I've finished the game. Normal difficulty, sworn to Astoria faction, playing as a Guardian, using all of the major parts of the mod. I can definitely say that, aside from a few errors here and there, this mod is very enjoyable to play. It definitely makes classes like the Guardian (and probably Warrior) much more powerful and much more fun to play as. It's fun to be able to dish out tons of damage with your blade and baton, all the while face tanking everything the enemy can throw at you, and leading a group of soldiers to fight alongside you. A nice change of pace from either blasting everything with magic until they're dead (Agent, Infiltrator, Sorceress), or just spamming creations until you win (Shaper, Lifecrafter). You've done some great work alhoon, and I can definitely say I've enjoyed myself! P.S. I'll be doing the challenge zone when I've got the chance. Mostly to see how well the soldiers handle there. Expect an update later.
  17. Quest line for the fort? You mean the secret lab? Yeah, I did the quest. I got my commander's blade (not baton), though I turned down the canister with the strength and extra speed. Don't ask me why. *I thought something bad would happen... then I realized nothing did. Salt ensued. Also, can I just say right now that my Guardian can pretty much face tank EVERYTHING that the enemy throws at him? Fire? No problem. Ice? Pssh, easy. Physical? LOL. Magic? Nope! It's amazing!
  18. Oh, I didn't know you could go full soldiers. I'll make a note of that. Might go full soldiers on an earlier save of my Guardian run (I made a lot of saves, so I can go back). Well, yeah, I meant after they got a bunch of levels they become close to trails. If you're talking about when you first get the soldiers? Yeah, they're a half War Trall. My soldiers have been with me for a while, and they got 6 more levels, so that's why they feel so strong. Should've clarified that. Noted about Kayar's Spire. I've already beaten it though, and it was pretty easy to do; my soldiers, incantatrix, War Trall and Cryodrayk were blasting through everything. Also, true regarding the incantatrix NPC. Kinda easy to get the two words mixed up. Also, I'm currently doing the assault on Gazaki-Uss. The incantatrix was hesitant about doing the assault, but I was able to convince her. My Guardian and his group are tearing through the Gazaki-Uss defenders like they're tissue paper. My Guardian's baton has pierced many enemies, and his sword is coated in the blood of the enemy creations and that of the Drakons. Ghaldring will soon meet his demise! Wish me and my Guardian luck everyone!
  19. Alright, I'm done with the Kayar's Spire part. I will admit, being able to storm Kayar's Spire with some additional troops is definitely helpful. Though I do feel maybe you should get some more troops with you. Right now you only get two extra soldiers to help you. Maybe four would be better? Dunno, up to you alhoon. But I definitely enjoyed storming Taygen's stronghold and putting an end to his mad project. My Guardian is preparing for the meeting between the Shaper Councilors. His loyalties lie with Astoria and her promise of peace between the Shapers and the Rebellion. Wish me luck! P.S. The two soldier party members you can get from your base have turned out to be very handy. When fully upgraded (takes a lot of effort to do btw, you have been warned.), they're very strong, and unlike creations, the upgrades on them require zero essence, meaning they can gain more power. Maybe not as much as a Trall, but they're pretty close IMO. And the Sorceress party member is proving very useful with her AoE Purifying Rain and Acid melee. Coupled with my super tanky Guardian leading the charge, I've been enjoying myself with the Guardian, something I haven't really felt before when I play this class (or the Warrior class, for that matter). Good job alhoon!
  20. Yup, I know about that. Had a very pleasant surprise when I found out how much stronger my Shaping ability was when at the base. I then looked at the text and was like "Ohhhhhhhh... that's why... AWESOME!". Only works at the base, but hey, being able to shape superpowered creations as a Guardian/Warrior is never a bad thing in my books.
  21. Putting any bugs aside, I will say that I am greatly enjoying the mod. Adds quite a few new cool quests for you to do, and it gives out a lot of cool and extremely powerful weapons and shields for you to use. My Guardian character has been able to power through much of the game because of these weapons. In addition, the whole "setting up a base and getting troops to come with you" part of the mod is extremely cool. The major NPCs in your base help you manage operations, you've got some cool random events happening there at the base, you can train your troops up yourself to get them stronger... the list goes on. It feels good to use my super high combat stats and leadership stat for something aside from more damage on weapons. Also cool that you can give your troops equipment and weapons to use, which helps to make troops that join you stronger. This is all common equipment and weapons; basically stuff that you'd find lying around or items you were using at the start of the game. One tip though; your training does get less effective the more combat ready your forces are, and giving your troops more equipment does increase how combat ready they are. It's advised to train your troops as much as possible before giving them the armor and weapons. At least that's what I did. Currently deep in the Dera Reaches right now, looking for ways to use my forces to undermine the mad Sage Taygen's forces. Wish me luck guys!
  22. For reference, it was giving me the error when I only had 5 characters. That includes the Guardian, 2 Soldiers, NPC mage, and Cryodrayk I made. Just to let you know.
  23. Oh boy, this is bad... I found another bug, and this time, it's a really big one. For some reason, when I try to get my party into the new zone that you guys made, I get an error message stating: "Error! Couldn't place party when entering zone.", then the game shuts off on me. Basically means the new zone is completely inaccessible right now! Might wanna get that checked out. But aside from that, I am enjoying the mod! I find it hilarious (and kinda heartwarming and cute at the same time) that the joinable NPC that you can have has a bit of a thing for your player character (Warrior/Guardian). She's awesome, btw. AoE fire rain for range, poison (or acid?) attack for melee. Runs out of spell energy real fast though.
  24. Okay, I'm starting the on the whole command post thing that the mod touts. Major Shield Recipes are available for purchase, and I've already cleared out Bonepeak. Now I have to go to Rockfall now. I have another character joining me to help with the quest. Alhoon, when you mentioned that the joinable NPC was an incantatrix, I had a sneaking suspicion on who it is. And it looks like my suspicions have been confirmed. For those that don't know (SPOILERS, DO NOT OPEN UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SPOILED. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED): Oh, this is gonna be good... *evil laugh* EDIT: Quick question, does poisoning the water in the Rockfall Quest do anything? I'm looking at the code right now and I don't see any noticeable flags going off on it. I suspect it does nothing at the moment... Also, is there actually any way to sneak around the base? Or is it just a simple kill everyone scenario? I can't seem to sneak around because when I try to, I get instantly spotted anyway. EDIT 2: Rockfall seems to be somewhat bugged as well. Just ran into a warrior NPC in the fort during the quest that didn't turn hostile. It's the one that stands near the Anvil. Might wanna check that. Creations there also seem a little wonky as well; it took them a while for them to 'lock on' to my party and attack me. EDIT 3: Rockfall Quest complete. I've returned to Greta and she has given me the Bonepeak Ruins for a base. I've been told what I can do with the base. My Guardian and I are excited to see what this entails. Guardian Dakro is heading out now. (Didn't change the name. Sounded fine as is). EDIT 4: At the base, talked to the lieutenants there. Certainly an interesting addition to the game. They've told me that the soldiers are under equipped, under trained, under supplied, basically business as usual in the Rebellion. No worries though; I've actually stockpiled a large amount of weapons, armor, and other equipment (e.g. Shaping Equipment and other stuff) to help with the base. I knew all that Chitin Armor and Chainmail Vests would come in handy! EDIT 5: After much effort, I've gotten my troops fully upgraded. And I've gotten that wannabe Lifecrafter lieutenant to a Geneforge to make him a full Lifecrafter! (Who btw is now running at super speed now after his excursion to the Geneforge. XD) He's actually got a cool feature that I was completely unaware of when I finished up his little excursion. I'll leave that as a surprise. Anyway, I'm about to see the power of fully upgraded troops. Things are going good.
  25. A LOT of spelling mistakes indeed. But nothing too serious; I can figure out what the text is saying pretty easily. I'm more worried about any bugs that make a whole zone completely broken. Those break gameplay completely. Typos are way way WAY less of a problem than major gameplay breaking bugs. Understood regarding the Mera Aegis. Can't wait to get the real powerful shields. In the meantime, aside from the Bonepeak.txt bug on my end, everything else in-game seems fine. It's pretty much a standard Guardian run, only muchstronger and with powerful weapons to boot.