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  1. Never mind...looked harder round farmhouses and found some I'd missed.
  2. Okay so I did the first one, no problem. The second lot of 20 however seems impossible. I have only 17 claws. Killed the queen and the mindwarp, and looked everywhere. Are there any more of these nasty things that drop claws? If so, I can't find any in the Anama lands...are there more later on where I can come back and give the 20 to the hunter, or am I out of luck?
  3. Don't forget to check some of the farmhouses basements...there are eggs in a few of them.
  4. Thanks Randomizer...I think I remember you, from back in the day
  5. I've noticed the old way of doing the cheat code (ctrl + D) no longer works...is there a new way of getting these? I keep getting my proverbial behind kicked by Nephilim, and would like to add some more experience to my guys, and possibly use the 'leetbuffz' for before battle prep.
  6. Ah...man I've been saying it wrong for all these years! Thanks
  7. Returning after many years, and have decided to play this again...After watching some playthroughs on YT, I have what is probably one of the more stupid questions on here...How on earth is 'Avernum' pronounced? I've heard it as 'av-ER-num' on YT, yet for years I've thought it was 'AV-er-num'. Anyone know the correct way to say it?
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