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  1. It seems like the site svn.hallsofchaos.net site (which hosts the Blades of Avernum 3D editor for Mac) is down. Since I downloaded the 3D editor for Mac two days ago from that site, this can only be a recent issue.
  2. Thanks alot, both of you! Ess-Eschas, that was exactly what I needed. Also, thanks alot for the link.
  3. In Blades of Avernum, and I assume all titles in the 2000's Avernum remakes, some items appear with a stat bonus '+ x level of melee damage'. What exactly is the effect of a 'level of melee damage' on a character's melee damage output? I'll expand the question by asking what the effects of 'Strength', 'Melee/Pole Weapons' and '+ x level of melee damage' each have on the final melee damage output.
  4. Hmmm ... a bad access exception, one of the more common errors. I don't think the problem lies with your machine, but trying to reproduce bad accesses can be an arduous process. Have you tried starting a new game and trying again? A BAE exception is mostly caused when you try to send a message to a memory block that can't execute that message or when trying to acces memory that hasn't been allocated yet. But BAE's can also be caused by file corruption; if you try to deference a corrupted pointer, a faulty memory adress will be selected and that block won't be able to execute the message (however I think the Kernel throws the exception before anything is executed). Another thing you might try is just redownloading the game. File corruption is rare, but it can happen. I'm also running the same OSX as you are and I have never experienced this bug.
  5. Thanks, Earth Empires, I'll make an Imgur account someday
  6. It is said that Erika ended up on the wrong side of a "political disagreement" on the surface. The games don't elaborate much on the details, but all notable wizards of Avernum (such as the members of the Triad) were banished because of the outcome of that event. It is subtly mentioned that Garzahd had feelings for Erika, he may have been in love with her, but her feelings weren't reciprocal. Probably this played a considerable role in Erika's banishment.
  7. You can always add the clear_zone line in the corresponding zone's script file, if you're OK with that. Pressing "Shift" and "D" and inserting the line "clearthisarea" will turn your zone green, if you're OK with cheating.
  8. Hello there, The Mac versions of Spiderweb games can behave slightly different, if you are used to the Windows versions. Most notably will be severely increased stability. Jeff Vogel used to compile his Mac versions first, this may explain why, sadly, enemy HP numbers aren't shown in the Mac version. Damage calculations are also slightly different on Mac. The "white background" issue, is something consistently haunting all Mac Geneforge 4 versions. (Image below, Boiling Caverns, demo version, OSX 10.5) (link broken) You may also have noticed that the "dirt wall" in the early Geneforges looks different in the Mac versions. (Image below, Crumbling Docks, demo version, OSX 10.5) (link broken) But the cursor issue is something I have yet to experience. I have bootable partitions with OSX's 10.4 to 10.11, but I have to admit I prefer to boot up on Mountain Lion (10.8) when I can, so that's the only OSX on which I have played Spiderweb games for a considerable amount of time (grave understatement here). Since Mountain Lion is one of the "better" OSX's and, arguably, together with Tiger (10.4) *the best *, I cannot be a veritable stability-test account and I have yet to experience a crash or any such unforgivable design feature. However, when you activate Mission Control, the cursor should change back to the standard Apple cursor, perhaps that's what's happening? Try downloading the demo version on another Mac, preferably running another OS and see if the cursor still behaves oddly. EDIT: sorry I can't add any image in this reply.
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