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  1. Thanks, what with having plenty else to do the next few days I'm probably going to wimp out and use the stuffit file (demo). Some fights aren't worth fighting! re .zip support in Mac OS, once again my memory lets me down but I suspect it wasn't until OSX.
  2. Thanks very much for your reply, I did try changing the type to APPL but it failed to run (error type -39). The .sit version of the demo downloads and installs fine, I guess that's the easiest way forward - I just don't like to be beaten!
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to download Exile: Escape From the Pit for Macintosh v2.0.1 from the Spiderweb website but having a few issues - I used to know this stuff but OS8.6 was a long time ago, I've not touched a 'classic' Mac OS since, and my memory isn't what it was - could anyone give me a pointer please? The download file is a zip file - "ExileInstaller.zip", but when I download it, either within OS8.6 (emulated on a Win 7 PC) or using the PC itself, the archive extracts to two files - "._Exile Installer" and "Exile Installer", both of these either have no file type or show as text files depending on whether I use Stuffit or Maczip to extract them. I'm guessing this is down to the emulation, but I thought if I knew the correct file type etc I could probably make the installer run. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Doz