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  1. Late to the party but playing this now. Amazing old-school goodness! Guess I know what I'll be spending most of my time on during the holidays.
  2. I cannot believe I have not heard about these games sooner. I've been playing RPG's for over 25+ years, and have only come across these old-school gems recently. I've played all of these: https://www.gog.com/...ster_collection And have also played a bunch of other mainstream RPG games as well. Bought Avernum and Geneforge complete series on GOG and started playing Blades of Avernum. First time playing I got hooked playing it for 5+ hours non-stop. I am looking forward to many more hours of non-stop playing of these games. By the way... I'm using an IE6/WinXP VM from Microsoft Tech Net under Oracle Virtual Box on a Linux Mint 17.3 install on a HP 8730w laptop. Game is running fine - graphics/sound/mouse all work with no issues.
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