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  1. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    Great! Thanks so much!
  2. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    I am currently in battle with Lady Antje - she is the shaman in the castle just to the east of Doral Stead. I defeated the king - well, not defeated - I bested him in battle, and he surrounded himself with mist and walked through a closed gate. I wandered the castle halls but found nothing... until I spoke to Lady Antje in the NW area of the castle's main floor. She is easy at first, but she puts on a spine shield so that melee attacks damage me as well as her, and she summons creatures to help her attacks. It was fine at first, but soon she is immune to all my attacks! I remember a fight I had a while back where my adversary had creatures around him/her, and each creature had a feature (i.e. melee attacks, magic, etc) where the main enemy is immune to those attacks until the appropriate summoned creature was defeated. Anyway, with Lady Antje, does her spine shield spell wear off eventually – is there something I can do to remove it? And when she goes immune to my attacks, how do I negate that too? Thanks so much!
  3. Newbie with questions

    Just as a heads up, I finished the quest with Spiridon. I acted on a whim and found the solution. I went to capture Carsta'arl, but after a quick battle, he wraps himself in mist and exited the room and through a closed gate in his castle. I searched around but did not find a way to open that gate. Any thoughts? Second, I had asked about Nathalie's quest - I was looking for the map to where she is, but I did a little in game research and found that she left me a message near the Beraza Pits. I can't find where that message is. Can someone help me?
  4. Newbie with questions

    Can anyone tell me how to obtain the Trial of the Drake map/location? And I was told to infiltrate a tower in Avadon castle, I went to the closest tower to Miranda, but nothing was there. And I can't find Spiridon - he is not in his cell. Am I missing something?
  5. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    What about the tower in Avadon that I need to go through? The only tower I see is the one NW of Miranda's quarters.It is only two stories, and I went through it but found nothing. And I don't have the map link to Nathalie's quest. I just got back to Dorel Stead - I got attacked by some villagers in the middle of the city, and I have had no success in defeating them. They quickly pick me off before I can defeat them.
  6. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    I cant find the map for Nathalie's quest near Beraza Woods, I don't know where the Hand Gavin is hiding, and I completed the drake skin quest - and yet the quest is still listed in my game journal. Can anyone help? Oh, and I can't find the tower I need to in infiltrate in Avadon - there is a tower just Northwest of Miranda's quarters, I went through that tower but found nothing. Help please!
  7. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    Thanks so much! I was told by a character in Avadon about a tower that ruptured - two questions - who gives that quest, and I went to the tower near Miranda's room, that tower has two floors, I explored them both, not seeing anything important. What to do?
  8. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    btw, I had posted before that I could not find the wooden totem and the assassin Spiridon - I found the totem, but Spiridon is nowhere to be found. I checked all the cells in Avadon's dungeons, and even consulted the maps provided by this web site. I know he's there somewhere but the cell he is supposed to be in is empty. So frustrating!
  9. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    I can't find the character Nathalie (not sure if I spelled it right) on her own personal adventure. It was said that she is in the Beraza Woods, but I don't see her anywhere. Can someone help me?
  10. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    While playing Avadon a little while ago, I had quite a few quests in my quest book. Two come to mind that I don't know how to complete -- Spridon is supposed to be in his prison cell in the dungeon under Castle Avadon. It went to his cell, and he isnt there. Also, another quest has me finding a totem in the mage's tower. I went there, but it is missing. Are these two quests glitches? Can anyone help? Or - and I hate to ask this - but is there a way or code or something that I can use to complete the quests without doing them, so that I can move on the other quests in my questbook?
  11. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    I went to the wizards tower and explored the central tower, and went to the north end of all the floors... i see no wooden totem. And I went to Spridion's dungeon chamber... he is not in that room! Help!
  12. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    yeah last night I was looking at the maps provided by this website, and I see Spiridon in his cell. Not sure how I missed him!! And thanks for the heads up about the quest advice. Much appreciation from me!
  13. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    Thanks again, Randomizer - from what you have shown me, I have a better handle on the questions I asked before. As for the resr of the quests I currently have, I'm rather comfortable with them. For now. Is there a link that will shw a list of side quests for the game? Part of me wants to see it, but another part of me doesn't. It feels like cheating, but I'm curious anyway.
  14. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    First, thanks to Randomizer for his/her advice on my questions. I am very appreciative! You have been very helpful. I have two more quest questions. I have obtained the quest for the assassin named Spiridon (sp?) - I have mapped out the entire catacombs of the Avadon dungeon/prison, but I don't see the assassin anywhere. Where in the prison can I find him? Also, I am still on the search for the drakes skins, I found one, but am unable to find the second one. I went to Zhethron lower level – the small dungeon – but don't see a skin there. I will check again. Where in Goldcrag is the lizard's den? I went to Wretch's Warren and searched the trophy room but had no luck there. I have completed the Thara's Papers question, but concerning that one, where should I go back and look for the skins there?
  15. Avadon Quest questions.... (SPOILERS)

    I have killed all the creatures that offer Drake skins, but I have left the area before picking the skins. What is the best way to locate the skins which I left after defeating the original creatures?