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  1. If you stand to the side so you can see where the boxes move and make a path to the door at the back left (from memory) good luck.
  2. all good just had to make sure the red lines were in the right place and then exit out after pressing 1 button and it all happens. Love this game.
  3. Thank you, I had my suspicions that Rentar-Ihrno was not able to be killed. I have tried all combinations of buttons stopping when the message reads that the buttons are getting hot but then when I leave the area and try to use the other pedestal nothing happens. I feel that I am missing something. I will try again to make sure all the red lines are reaching the chrystal and get the hot message then try the other pedestal not much else to try. I will let you know what happens. thanks.
  4. I have been downstairs and redirected all the beams to show up at the centre crystal. I have then tried to take down Rentar-Ihrno but I cannot get the last bit of health to be destroyed. I have pressed all the buttons on the pedestal, sometimes there is a message that the buttons are getting hot but then everything resets. and then tried to the buttons on the other pedestal but nothing happens. I am at a loss as to what to do. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. aaarrrggghhhhh Finally made it through. I had to use the fight mode to get past the red lasers.
  6. Hello, I have followed the above advice in regard to the factory settings (though must say I have no idea of what I have done) but am having serious problems even traversing this area. Those red beams just keep stopping me from doing anything. I find switches and flip them and have no idea of what they change. Is there anyone out there who can direct me in the right direction, thanks.
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