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  1. But I took care of slimes, roaches, and golems.
  2. There is an island in upper Avernum you can only get to via a boat. When you go there a little old woman says you are cute and says she not trades with more mature warriors. Does she have anything to trade? I go back here periodically (I am not level 30) and always get the same answer. What do I need to do to get here to trade with me. Thanks!
  3. Yeah I think this is my least favorite play time in any spiderweb game, and I have been playing since it was called exile. In spiderweb’s defense, it is not essential to complete the game.
  4. Great question. After posting this I did, and none of them had it. I ended up going back to The last save where I had it (my auto save was after I lost it) and playing through some fights on casual. Fighting Drakos on casual was really easy 😉
  5. The character who had it died. I used a rerun to life scroll a while after the combat. And it was gone
  6. I am in Trevno and just accepted the mission to talk to the flying mage. I went to use the orb of thalrani and noticed that I no longer have the teleportation device Animaxander gave me is that even possible? Has this happened to anyone else
  7. Thanks for the response randomizer. I have been in every room. I can get into her chambers, but every time I say "I wish to speak with you", she waves her hand and Teleports me away. Do I need to recover a crystal soul first? Complete a quest for Lith and get a spirit prism? Still stumped. Thanks
  8. Hello, I am in Elgi and need to talk to Rentar Ihrno. I get dismissed with a wave of his hand. I was told to talk to Lith, but there is nothing in those conversations that help me. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  9. I have a silly question. I have played Spiderweb games on my Mac for years, but I am trying an iPad version for the first time. Still figuring out the controls. If I am in combat, and I simply want a character to do nothing, skip their turn, how do I do that?