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  1. I should probably declare that I've played every Spiderweb game since Exile II (and also Exile, albeit I came to it as a "prequel"). So, it's probably fair to say I'm a somewhat loyal customer. Although I'm a casual gamer, I play on normal and quite happy to do so. I also haven't yet finished Queen's Wish, due to having a pesky full time job 🙄 Nonetheless, I've thoroughly enjoyed Queen's Wish: The Conqueror. I have no objections at all to the changes to gameplay compared to previous games; sometimes they make me rethink, but that's a good thing. The challenge level
  2. Well I admit I didn't analyze it deeply, it was an impression I formed from playing. As you say, the one-shot kills aren't guaranteed; but then nor is the second attack from haste, and it's still useful when it happens. You're probably right that it's a false comparison with the first playthrough; I certainly wasn't getting this many critical hits this early in the first game. For sure it makes the demo area less tedious, and that's welcome.
  3. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Re bow damage: Nope. You're missing something really, really big: bows have a 50% chance to do 2.5x normal damage. No, I read that and I understand what the intention is. I think in the later game it will mean bows/melee are genuinely competitive. But in the early game, it's now unbalanced. It's absurdly easy to play the eastern gallery with an archer character with a cavewood longbow. I think you could tone down the effect on the weak bow types i.e. crude and cavewood, the ones available at Fort Duvno.
  4. I decided to replay A:EftP with the Remix, for variety. At least this time there'll be more than one battle discipline that's actually worthwhile. But is there any timeline for a 1.2 release? Btw, I'd say bows are now almost too powerful; my level 3 archer just hit an unfortunate goblin for 178 damage. That's WAY more damage than the other chars can do at this point.
  5. I'm currently reading London by Edward Rutherfurd. I have been in the mood for epics recently: the last thing was The Book of the New Sun (Gene Wolfe) and before that Peter F Hamilton's Void Trilogy.
  6. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Huge bug! Wow. EDIT: I emailed Jeff to inform him of the bug. We'll see what he says. If it's a bug, there's no way I'm going to download any patches
  7. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Originally Posted By: ShieTar in my version of the game (Windows/Steam), the cost of the second training is NOT twice that of the first training. Training twice just comes at a price of "x+x", not "x+2x". Not doubting you, just wanting to make absolutely sure this crazy difference between versions is real: you are actually training one character twice and paying the same amount each time, right? Just seeing the difference between "Learn Spray Acid" and "Improve Spray Acid" for 2 different characters can mislead you, since points from a spellbook are trac
  8. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Yeah, some of those things are generic far beyond LOTR. For example, "The core character has some suggestive dreams" happens in every other epic story going all the way back to Gilgamesh. I bet someone 3500 years ago was saying the Epic of Gilgamesh is too derivative, it lifts too much material from the cave paintings in the next valley over
  9. Originally Posted By: Dantius The villain of he first opera, Alberich, is short, dirty, greedy, and has a long nose. He's a dwarf. Certainly being short, dirty and greedy seem are normal dwarf characteristics. Where is it said that he has a long nose? Not that I am denying Wagner's anti-semetism of course, which was explicitly expressed in his writings. Originally Posted By: Erasmus p.s. are you sure about the Nibelungenlied? I just wikied it and the story seems more akin to the Illiad than to LotR? I'm 100% certain the Ring cycle is based on the Nibelungenlied. I make no claims
  10. Originally Posted By: Master1 Then again, LotR is based on Wagner's Ring, so I'm reading a fanfic of a fanfic? I'm not sure how much Wagner's Ring cycle is really the basis of LOTR, but as it happens the cycle is itself based on the Nibelungenlied, so Inheritance would be fanfic^3 by now. What, will the line stretch out to the crack of doom? Not sure anyone has ever described the Ring cycle as fanfic though...
  11. At any rate, I'm certain there are more fun ways to get life in jail, if that's what you're looking for.
  12. I can only remember the titles of 6 books(*) I had to read in school, of which 2 are Shakespeare plays. It's conceivable we had to read more than 6 books in 5 years, but my memory seems to have lost track of most of those 5 years. The ones I can remember (apart from Shakespeare) I all remember for fairly specific reasons, which made an impression at the time. Presumably the rest was dross that was so unmemorable I forgot about it the moment the exams were over. * They are: The Chocolate War, I'm the King of the Castle, The Illustrated Man, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream an
  13. That's what I thought, unless the "genre" part of it is somehow supposed to indicate an unpopular form of popular music, and then I'm struggling to see how that's materially different from (contemporary) classical music, at least for the purposes of this discussion...
  14. Originally Posted By: People "Mass appeal" is very far from "popular genre". Explain?
  15. @Dantius: While I don't wish to dispute the historical analysis or the general thrust of your argument, I take issue with the particular contention that talented musicians no longer go into classical music but would prefer to seek wider fame in popular music. My experience has been that the more talented musicians are the most ardent supporters of, let's call it, our musical heritage. Classical music positively discriminates in favour of talent: it's simply not possible to perform a lot of classical music or opera without enormous skill and dedication. Whereas, from what I can tell, most of
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