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  1. Micawber

    Grand Poll Results, Part 2: Game Ratings

    I don't know why you keep repeating that, when I've obviously read your explanation but don't it explanatory.
  2. Micawber

    Grand Poll Results, Part 2: Game Ratings

    Edit: I am interpreting this as a scatterplot of respondents scores against number of games they have rated. So you can visualize correlation between those two. But I think I am missing something in the construction here because that doesn't account for the colors?
  3. Micawber

    Grand Poll Results, Part 2: Game Ratings

    Crikey, that's an impressive set of charts. On the 'Ratings by Player' chart can you explain the coloring of the blobs?
  4. Micawber

    Political Compass - Round Infinity

    (I plan to ignore the present conflict, simply record my results: Quote: Economic Left/Right: -1.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.51 and duck back out of sight again, before the next missile comes over.)
  5. Well I admit I didn't analyze it deeply, it was an impression I formed from playing. As you say, the one-shot kills aren't guaranteed; but then nor is the second attack from haste, and it's still useful when it happens. You're probably right that it's a false comparison with the first playthrough; I certainly wasn't getting this many critical hits this early in the first game. For sure it makes the demo area less tedious, and that's welcome.
  6. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Re bow damage: Nope. You're missing something really, really big: bows have a 50% chance to do 2.5x normal damage. No, I read that and I understand what the intention is. I think in the later game it will mean bows/melee are genuinely competitive. But in the early game, it's now unbalanced. It's absurdly easy to play the eastern gallery with an archer character with a cavewood longbow. I think you could tone down the effect on the weak bow types i.e. crude and cavewood, the ones available at Fort Duvno.
  7. I decided to replay A:EftP with the Remix, for variety. At least this time there'll be more than one battle discipline that's actually worthwhile. But is there any timeline for a 1.2 release? Btw, I'd say bows are now almost too powerful; my level 3 archer just hit an unfortunate goblin for 178 damage. That's WAY more damage than the other chars can do at this point.
  8. Micawber

    The *other* age poll

    Nice poll. Although I'm curious as to how the third question has 251 votes, while the other two each have 8 votes.
  9. Micawber

    Hello Ladies

    Originally Posted By: Lilith it wouldn't be called the european onion if it didn't make people cry An entire continent is at present collectively committing economic suicide; yet somehow I have been giggling over this one-liner for several hours.
  10. Micawber

    A4: Hotkey for selling items

    There's no keyboard shortcut for selling items in these older games. Selling is also uncancellable, so if you make a mistake and sell the wrong item, you have to reload a saved game
  11. Micawber

    A Simple Question

    I would think he would most likely make the doomguards the same way as Avernum 5.
  12. Micawber

    How many years have you been a member here?

    It feels like forever
  13. Micawber

    Storing Items?

    Perhaps he meant desks.
  14. There are actually four different ways to reach Spire without going via Fort Spire.
  15. I think you are stuck with it now. The solution is to find another route to Spire, so you don't get searched