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  1. Nvm, solved it. I gotta sleep in the inn first apparently.
  2. Gotten the quest in Lorelei on the job board where Randall wants to check out a inn/caravan he was dealing with, the map locates the quest on the Isolated Inn but i went there and search the area, other than a few texts saying its chilly and cold, nothing happens. Went back to Randall and the quest didnt got completed, what am i missing?
  3. I stumble upon the Murder Cave here, but having explored all of Upper Avernum and completed slime quest as well, i could not rmb any place that offer a quest for Murder Cave, is there a quest for this ????
  4. Cheers mate ! Im exploring upper avernum now
  5. Hi all, I just started Ruined World, and i would like to know, should i go through upper avernum first or go to the surface first?? Or it doesnt matter on the progression of the game?
  6. Hi guys, Im having difficulties with the Chaos Code quest from Blonsk, can anyone give me a walkthrough on how to finish this quest pleasE?
  7. An update, I manage to clear the quest, after i gotten the Blessed Athame and report back to Mahdavi, she will clear it and give a new quest to locate the portal.
  8. Thanks for the swift reply!!! Cheers! My OCD can let me sleep knowing this now.
  9. I've just went to Pyrn's Tower via the portal and have found the red book, but the quest is still there in the quest list and doesnt go away, ive talk to Mahdavi and ive gotten a new quest for the Onxy Scepter, but the Portal Lesson quest is still there, how do i get rid of it as in complete it?