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  1. Where did you buy the game? (Steam, Humble, Spiderweb Website, etc)?
  2. I have now played through the game twice. Once on casual just to monkey around, and once on torment where I had basically everyone focus on projectile/bow use. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and experience, as expected (I mean, E3:RW was what got me into Spiderweb Games way back when...). Now I shall offer some parting comments from my experience. 1. No more lockpicks, and pure reliance on tool use. I welcome this change, but breaking into rooms sometimes has consequences, and is also a noteworthy roleplay decision. Even though we're not using lockpicks anymore, I wish that you would be prompted, "This door is locked, do you wish to attempt to pick the lock?" rather than automatically doing so. 2. I don't like unclearable quests. Particularly, with the unicorn horns and magic notes, I get why they have no end, but it would be nice if perhaps, after X quantity, the questgiver would be satisfied to clear the quest from you, but still accept further turn-ins. Likewise, I wish I could have told Ivanova "I'm not going to do it" and cleared that quest. 3. I like the junk bag, but I'm interested in a few tweaks. It would be grand if something currently in the junk bag could be used as a quest turn-in. On the other hand, I understand that some players might use the junk bag to protect an item from being taken by an NPC. Maybe a compromise is a way to choose to make any given item in the junk bag "unavailable" in case someone wants to use it that way (or in case they want to sell most of the crap in there, but had actually stashed a sweet armor in there, etc). 4. I'm going to have nightmares about bags full of fine clothes and herbs. I wish those had been stackable. I can see why they wouldn't have been, but 'twas a pain nonetheless, and we did have some other large stuff stackable such as bags of meal, coal, etc. 5. I think Jeff's favorite words are effluvium, fumarole, and sibilant. 6. One of my favorite things about more recent Spiderweb games are the varied endings. I felt disappointed that an "ending" system hadn't been worked up, and we basically got a "good job" screen. I want a little story as my reward for completing the game, and to see what weight some of my decisions carried. What if Erika survived? What if I killed all the dragons, does that wind up good or bad for humanity? If I get dark thoughts, will my life descend down unto madness? Will the Empire start being accepting of the Nephil - and will the Nephil accept that peace? I love epilogues where my choices mattered, and some of Jeff's games have totally provided them. Would be a quality addition to Ruined World remake, and I think it would add a touch extra replayability too. 7. It would be nice if you could combine stacks when tossing stuff into a chest/cabinet/barrel/etc. Instead you have to take the old stack out of the chest and into your inventory. I would enjoy being able to put chest/barrel items in the order that I want them, too. 8. Really enjoying the combined hotbar, and probably saved me a lot of time during battling and adventuring. Likewise super enjoying that it didn't cap my level at 30-something. 9. One playthrough I had four mages. Mid-game I was kind of lamenting how there wasn't enough quality gear that didn't "encumbers mages," but by endgame I had just enough, I think, and it never stopped feeling rewarding finding new pieces. Huge amount of gear suitable for non-mages, though. If I ever do another playthrough I think I'll do a party of archery priests. 10. Aba Boot Bucker.
  3. I had two different bounties for revenants and, I spent forever walking around in two areas - between the bridge north of Storm Port and Squiggus; and between Calloc and Marish. Plenty of other types of undead, in fact probably any other kind I could think of, but no revenants in those groups after several IRL hours of walking around. To get one of those I had to do something very specific: go into the spiral crypt, open the hidden passage toward Gorvifal's Tomb in the middle, and hope there was a Revenant in the hallway there. If not, leave the spiral crypt, go back in, repeat. This was the only place in the game I managed to find a respawning revenant. There won't be one in the circle around the crypt, only in the secret hallway leading into the middle. Seemed like about a one out of three chance for the revenant to spawn there.
  4. Ah, thank you... I must have missed a switch or something. Even went back and double-checked! Now it's time to triple-check...
  5. Been meandering around to different villages, wiping out every quest possible, just waiting for a certain event to transpire... but there's a certain vampire who's got into my mind. Is there any way to vanquish him for good? I went into his tomb and killed him since I figured it'd be good for humanity to not have him around, and he's been with me ever since.
  6. And now it's happening in Udell's Miscellany in Marish, getting all the Magical Notes, unicorn horns, and wands that I want. I think I've connected the dots. Any merchant who *only* deals in limited quantity goods, all you have to do is buy out their entire inventory, and voila, they will have a new set. This can't be triggered with a merchant who has unlimited of something, since you can't clear their inventory to "nothing" and reset them. I was going to collect minor bugs and e-mail Jeff after I explored and beat the game, but this seems significant, so e-mailing him now on this one.
  7. Torgas has a limited supply of potions but if you buy him out in one go, his potions will respawn (and you can get as many invulnerability potions as you want).
  8. Finished Spiderweb games - recommendations for similar RPGs?

    Romancing SaGa 2, while perhaps not for everyone, is worth a look.
  9. It's happening with Anzovin too. Supposed to have limited herbs, but more spawn when you go through his dialogue prompts, so unlimited supply if you want.
  10. Down in Ghikra, if you tell Glantris-Bok that you'd like to learn more about the vahnatai and then "please in struct me" - you can purchase one each of four rare items, there's only one of each for sale. But if you go through the dialogue prompts in that order again, the items will once again spawn and be purchaseable. This way you can get as many vahnatai lore crystals, wisdom crystals, focusing crystals, and spellshards, as you want (or can afford I guess).
  11. Hehe, I was trying to answer without giving away the actual spoiler/solution. I'm glad you got past the hurdle. I don't think the puzzles are lame at all, but I can think of one that takes long enough to feel "annoying"... then again there's a real satisfaction out of completing it, too.
  12. If it's the control panel I'm thinking of... just pay attention to which words appear from which button. a certain button will always change the same exact word or set of words as it did the last time you pressed that same button. Go around the circle, pressing each button on and off, and think about which words are controlled, write it down if you need to. It's most helpful with starting from a blank slate. Apologies if I'm thinking of the wrong control panel, there's a few in the game.
  13. I think joining the Divine Lucre will lower your reputation too, but it gives you a bunch of spell increases.