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  1. What will happen after Avernum 3 Ruined World?

    I know it's not going to happen, but "Blades of Avadon" for Nintendo Switch would be epic.
  2. I've been playing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and they did something really interesting with the "chance to hit" mechanic. Basically, it's either 0% "not going to hit," 50% "might hit might not", or 100% "you're going to hit." Loses a little complexity, but also no strategy destroyed because a 97% hit failed you. Wondering how a hit% strategy like this would play out in an Exile game. Maybe it could be applied to Casual mode, at least. Probably would need to compensate for it by tinkering with resistances, but eh.
  3. What have you been eating recently?

    The best flavored hot sauces are probably Sriracha and Cholula. Save the Frank's for perhaps some chicken or stir fry. It's good heat but works best in stuff that will mask the taste. Tabasco is not my go-to but it's good on pizza. Tapatio is good in enchilada dishes.
  4. Any news on Avernum 3 remake?

    Jenneke, Thissa, Frrrrrr, Adrianna, Feodoric, and Michael. How I loved the six-party combat and the monster encounters lumbering around... Buying right from the site is what I did the last couple games, and that purchase interface is a Humble Widget. I'll probably buy it right from there. I've actually never played the Avernum 3 remake from back when... just Exile 3 every once in a while. I first got it on a demo disc, and I thought that "this is sacred ground..." "...not to us!" was so cool that I dove right in.
  5. I want a couple weeks paid time off so I can play, that's my wishlist. @_@ edit: and
  6. Any news on Avernum 3 remake?

    Hype. Exile 3 was my first Spiderweb game. Can't wait to play the Ruined World remake a good couple playthroughs. Will Jeff get more money if I buy the game on Humble Widget, or is there someplace else that will give him a bigger cut while still giving me a Steam Key? I'm going to rename my first character Jenneke for old times' sake.
  7. What have you been eating recently?

    During the week I eat one meal a day, dinner after work, that consists of basically red meat and non-starchy vegetables. On Saturdays I also eat one meal a day, but it's more like 2 PM, and I may or may not have a light beer and some kind of low-carb snack in the evening. Sundays I usually have two meals, the first some kind of omelette or something for breakfast, and then more meat and green vegetables later. Sometimes I have chicken instead of/in addition to the red meat. Basically, I do "keto" and "intermittent fasting" (but I don't fast really on Sundays). For an example, yesterday (Friday) I worked from 6AM to 430 PM, then had a bunch of shawarma. Actually no veggies yesterday. Today (Saturday) I had a salad that was a bed of lettuce, roasted peppers, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, steak, and chicken... and then I had a can of bud light while I tried to write some roleplay. Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm going to have eggs and bratwurst for breakfast, and probably a whole chicken for dinner, and then no more food until after work on Monday.
  8. Pixel Art Identification Survey

    I saw this today and it made me think of this thread: http://i.imgur.com/Ql0aNP9.jpg I don't know why, and I failed to mention last time, but the images made me think of an old game called Dave Dude in the Holiday Story 95. But I went back and looked/reminisced at screenshots from that game and there doesn't seem to be a solid reason why. It's funny how memories work like that.
  9. Five-Dimensional Political Compass

    You are a: Socialist Anti-Government Traditionalist Collectivism score: 50%Authoritarianism score: -33%Internationalism score: 0%Tribalism score: 0%Liberalism score: -17% Weird. I had a few maybes and a couple other questions where I don't think I expressed well because of nuance. In real life I was essentially a social liberal and fiscal conservative. But there are a few problems that eroded away at my fiscal conservatism. At heart I still have fiscally conservative "feelings" - but taken a step back to the big picture, if something comes down to "being good to people" vs "saving a negligible amount of money" - then "being good to people" is almost always the obvious answer. Public works/programs/etc that actually wind up saving money and/or acting as great investments in the country's potential don't seem (to me) like they should be anathema to fiscal conservatism... but I'm in bizarro world sometimes in this country. The other thing that has to be accounted for is automation. There will come a time when very few jobs actually need to be done by humans (or can be done by humans competitively against robots/machines/computers). Things like "basic income" are going to be necessary someday. And it's either going to cause humanity to flourish, or become a dystopian nightmare. Thirty people can own everything while the billions starve and rot... or basic income will allow people to participate in the market and pursue their dreams - find a way to work if they want more, or create things, and have art, design, music, literature, architecture, etc, flourish. No matter how right "cut taxes, earn your own way" sounds, it's not any of the previous centuries anymore, and people have to jump off that train before it's way too late to do anything for humanity.
  10. Board Software Upgrade

    Finally took the time to figure out getting back in. I like the new look.
  11. Pixel Art Identification Survey

    I didn't have trouble identifying any of them (except one, see comments), but I'm not certain of the market appeal of these. #6 looks cool and maybe could go on pajamas? As a proof of concept these are mostly recognisable and I suppose, you see someone from afar and think "oh an (object xyz) on the shirt, neat" and then you get closer and see just how pixelated it is and think "neat". I think people might identify with 7 and 10 just because they are popular items. I'm not sure if the other ones have either nostalgic pull or identifiability. Gotta hit them with the ol' appeal to pathos. Maybe as a happy medium, if you have a design that was important to you but doesn't seem to be selling, you can use a cafepress shop for those so there's no overhead, Having inventory you're not selling can sink you, but having a few extra designs on a cafepress shop I don't think can hurt anything. I buy tons of nerdy stuff but I'm probably not buying pixel duds if I can't identify with it.
  12. Name Cameos in Jeff's Games

    You know, it's not a "name" cameo, but Protus looks a lot like Baelish, with similar intrigues and temperament.
  13. Avadon 3 bugs

    I noticed that with Potion of Disguise also: I found five in my playthrough. I used one, so I can't say anything for the fifth, but the other four... three of them stacked together, and one would not. Odd behaviour, but there may be a reason for it?