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  1. Andyzero

    Can't find the Blessing Blade

    How do I do this? I always find them right AFTER I ask. It's in the non-dungeon cave to the south of the Crypt of Drath.
  2. Folks say it's in the Cavern of Spirits. I THINK this is the Gremlin Cave with the secret Empire Base with the crystal ball you have to destroy for the Scimitar Quest. But the description people give also says its by undead.
  3. Thread Necromancy! I found the Spider Lord. North - Northwest of Fort Dranlon (North of the Swamp City) there's a hidden Aranea cave, requires you to walk into the mountain from the south. Cave is a big circle with a 7th optional Crystal for the crystal cave. There's hidden doors leading into the center where there's a temple (no demons or haakai) with the Spider Lord in the middle. There's a "Necklace of Lords" (regeneration) and a "Spider Statue" (sells for 2500) on two altars.
  4. Andyzero

    Exile 1 - Solberg's hidden cave password

    And now I find it http://lparchive.org/Exile-Escape-from-the-Pit/Update%2014/102-012_exileLP_104.png Thank you for listening to rantings.
  5. "You get the password to enter the tower from an outdoor special encounter behind a hidden passage to the east of the Tower of Magi." ....where is this hidden passage? I'm stupid, I'm afraid, I've been looking and looking but can't find it. I've mentioned "haakai" to Kelner, and he mentions that Solberg left instructions in the hidden cave to the east of the tower of the magi, but I can't find that cave.
  6. I would like to register Exile 1-3, how do I do so?