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    Geneforge series. Mainly 3.
  1. Deadliar

    Slarty Ranks Everything

  2. Deadliar

    Escape From the Pit _ Help

    Have you tried going to an area that does this, then leaving? Just common sense. Sorry if it doesn't help.
  3. Sadly Avernum does not include gil toss.
  4. Aye. The issue here is that cheats do not revert it. I've heard that some places need you to go a fair bit away first. This also does not work. Freehold seems to be the only town affected. Very peculiar. Edit: A suspicion: Perhaps it treats common guards as important characters.
  5. A interesting occurrence that I found while revisiting eftp: While fooling around or more importantly, messing up in most towns can be solved with cheats and the like, the Freehold of Kyass remains hostile eternally. One unprepared save had me permanently locked out of the area and absolutely nothing could fix it. I'm a fair bit interested as to why the place refuses to budge and how I could do something about it without wiping that save.
  6. Deadliar

    Let's talk about bees

    I like bees. They're (usually) friendly, they make honey and help the ecosystem. They're cute and fluffy and maintain these qualities up close - a rarity for insects. I'm also big on the whole teamwork thing they have going on. Bees.
  7. After playing through Avernum remakes and Geneforge & old Avernum prior to that, I'm about to start with the Avadon series. How is it compared to Avernum and Geneforge? What can I expect in terms of combat mechanics and more importantly, story? Finally, which of the three is the best in your opinion?
  8. Dealing with the second island in Geneforge 3. Both sides. They're very well portrayed and show just how misguided and desperate both sides are, while also showing that a person is never a pure representative of a faction. Also that pesky necromancer's lair from the same island. It was something refreshing.
  9. Deadliar

    Very random musing.

    Just do your best to follow your own moral compass BUT WHAT IF IT'S BROKEN .
  10. Deadliar


    Ello everyone. Nice to see you all again, as well as the new people. (There are new people, right?). You might've known me as MMXPERT earlier. In case you were wondering. Uh...about me... My favorite series is Geneforge and I thoroughly enjoy the games. That's about it. Couldn't find a better place to post this. Anyway it's nice to see spiderweb is still going. Cheerio.