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  1. There's a difference between the GREMLIN and the Gremlin. They have different stats. Just part of their "charm".
  2. Yes; that's mostly relevant for Mung Demons, who tend to show up with other elemental demons in tow. So it's easier to just leave Elemental Ward up and save my priest's SP.
  3. Okay, thanks for the info! That's helpful...and confirms my suspicion that Ward of Elements is the only one really worth using in the late-game, when your tank(s) are nearly immortal against melee and, hopefully, keeping the pressure off of your squishier characters.
  4. I know the Ward of Thoughts, Ward of Steel, etc. spells are supposed to improve your defenses against various types of assaults, but does anyone know how they function or how effective they are? Ward of Thoughts certainly isn't remotely foolproof -- my fighters still get charmed routinely despite a level-3 ward being up. It's hard to tell how effective Ward of Elements is, too. The game doesn't tell you any hard numbers, of course (it seems reluctant to reveal its formulae in general in fact). A quick dig in the resource files didn't reveal anything obvious either. Any ideas?
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