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  1. Worked like a charm! I got credit for placing the second stone! Then Cerise told me to check the last circle. I went down, saved your man, killed the baddies, and came back to Cerise. No credit for the last task. *Sigh* Any chance you’ve got another secret code for me? I did start a new game several days ago, thinking I had to. That new game has caught up to my original game more or less, so I can always just keep going with that. But it would be nice to contrast different decisions while playing both games through. (Redbeard sure is touchy!) Thanks again!
  2. Thanks! I’ll try it and let you know what happened. Maybe not today- migraine. But soon!
  3. Wow! Thanks for your time and attention! Unfortunately, I’m on an iPad- no actual keyboard. Heh. Am I irreparably unfortunate? I am not really worried about starting afresh if it doesn’t work out, but it would be nice to save the game if I could. Any ideas? Cerise has three dialogue options, all generic for her. 1) You seem ill-at-ease. 2) Tell me about yourself. 3) What was on that scroll, anyway...? I guess the quests plumb slipped her mind.
  4. I’m afraid I clicked “yes” to place the stone when first prompted to, just before the skeletons appeared. Now I no longer have the stone, and the game doesn’t seem to know that I already placed it. I haven’t been in the Forums for quite a while (years?) and just realized that all the game forums have been clumped together in groups. So, um...whoops. I guess that was a feature, not a bug. Thanks for your help, though.
  5. As I recall, placing the stone triggered the skeletons. Yes? No? If not, must I place the stone after killing the skeletons? I got prompted to place the stone before the skeletons appear. I did go back to an earlier save so I could try the task and then check in with Cerise a couple times, but I always got the same result. I don’t get to tell her I finished the task, and she has nothing to say about the third circle. I wandered to all the circles (including the SW) but nothing happened. I’m afraid I eventually gave up on this and moved on, so I’ll have to restart the game to be able to get it
  6. I’ve got a similar problem. I completed the first stone circle task with no problems, but I’ve just completed the SE circle task- placed the stone, killed the many skeletons- and I get no love from Cerise. I know i’ve done some other game tasks out of order- would that cause it? I’m thinking I’ll have to start the game all over, but I don’t want it to happen again. Any ideas or info on how to avoid trouble on my second go-around?
  7. There's loads of minutiae, but still no walkthrough? So sad!
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