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  1. Having now enough experience for an educated opinion, I say N:R is unequivocably better than N:O. I say the same about A3 and E3. I love the way armour works in the remake. The % values are simple, yet ingenous.
  2. I heard Jeff admitted N:O was a financial mistake, since it did not return nowhere near as much money as you'd expect from the effort he put into it. It certainly sold less than any generic Avernum sequel he could make instead.
  3. Original nethergate is pretty much a carbon copy of nr reserrection, so don't expect for it becoming free soon. Nethergate sold rather poorly (I heard) so don't wait for a remake either. Pity that. NR was an incredibly fascinating rpg for me when I played it some 15 years ago.
  4. I got reply. They don't even have original Nethergate anymore. If somebody has it, please supply SS with it so I can buy it from them.
  5. After playing through the game I can confirm there's none. I couldn't even find one in random drops and random shops despite having 20 luck.
  6. Well, spiderweb does not reply to my emails. Either they don't arrive at their destination or I should take a hint. Seriously, the original Nethergate is not even avaliable as a torrent. Maybe I'm using a wrong email adress?
  7. I know some free-form graymold salve is avaliable in Avernum 2, but I did not play Exile 2 and have found no walkthroughts online that pinpoint it's location. Where (if) can I find some graymold salve, so I wouldn't have to waste point on alchemy?
  8. What does the 'reduce game area size' actually do? I thought at first it scaled the HUD down or something...
  9. Seriously, the combat animations are killing my enthusiasm. Old avernum trilogy combat was blazing fast. Here, killing a stray cave rat can take up to 15 seconds if you're unlucky. It's a cool game and all but I wish for a way to make the combat faster .
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