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  1. Aw, what if I want to try out one of the reputedly worst games ever made firsthand? Someone must reup it.
  2. In a comment on his Kickstarter, Jeff mentions that part of the funding will be put towards "a sound designer." As a point of personal opinion, I have always loved the short, grainy ambience loops that are present in Spiderweb wildernesses. If I could magically alter them, the only thing I would do would be to make them longer and have more variation. (I certainly wouldn't increase their audio fidelity, but maybe that is just me.) I look forward to hearing more unique birdcalls and wind noises.
  3. South of the Eastern Checkpoint is Uchitelle's Grove. If you talk to him, he will tell you that Illya Province contains an enchanted anvil, and where it can be found.
  4. Eleven years ago, this month, a boy of seven years found Geneforge while going through a list of games being distributed by WildTangent's Gateway Games. He spend a few hours on it, walked off the Crumbling Docks, got bored, and moved on to something else. Years passed. The boy turned twelve, and entered the seventh grade. Life was calm; there were friends, adventures, books to read and things to learn. He met a girl named Dorothea - barely. Time passed as it did in small towns in California: somehow rapidly while never really moving at all. The boy's parents pulled him from school
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