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  1. There's nothing preventing you from killing Garzahd before you attack the Ornotha Ziggurat as long as you get the other two crystals souls first, right? So I assume he won't be there when you attack the Ziggurat. Is anything else different, like the "outrunning the quickfire" sequence at the end of the mission?
  2. Yeah, I had just assumed that Litith's interpretation was the obvious one, except that I thought it was somebody's general observation and not a summary of some poll results.
  3. Something I found in an other thread I do still find it interesting that the Avernum remakes were somewhat better received by people who preferred Exile to Avernum, than those who preferred Avernum to Exile. I haven't played through the original Avernum trilogy but I've played the Exile games and the remakes (and the second trilogy) and I'm curious about this opinion.
  4. There's not a big difference between 6 and the new games. 4 handles action points differently so that one will probably be a more awkward transition. I'm not clear on whether the original trilogy was like 4 or like the later games, since I went from the Exile trilogy to Avernum 4 without ever playing the original 1-3, although I'm playing the remakes now.
  5. It's probably too late to be helpful but if anyone else stumbles across this thread looking for help, there's one on the table in the council room in Olgai.
  6. I'm playing through Crystal Souls and have noticed that people sometimes acknowledge that I have a slith (actually two) and a nephil in my party. If you make a party with no humans will the game consistently acknowledge that? Are there any unusual consequences?
  7. In Exile if you killed him you got a text box about how all the soldiers ganged up and overwhelmed you and were now going to torture you to death or something, right? You would also be automatically killed by a magical trap if you killed Erika. I killed her in AeftP and nothing happened, but I didn't save. Doesn't that make it impossible to finish the game.
  8. I know that cavewood isn't real wood and is some sort of fungi.
  9. Well for me there wasn't really a big disparity between the two answers. I was level 10 at the time, so by Randomizer's way of gauging it I was 1/3 through the game.
  10. I finished the Beast of the Woods and the other side quests from that area and have orders to go back to the Kva. I just want to get a feel for how long this game actually is without having to reveal a bunch of spoilers. Thanks.
  11. Tbh, having come to A:EftP after having grown up on the original Exile I already kind of felt this way about the world map and quest destination markers. Although in terms of adjusted difficultly I'll say that at least now it's no longer easy to kill Grah-Hoth and Hawthorne without taking any damage on either of them.
  12. I think all the humanoid races seem to domesticate lizards, including the Sliths.
  13. Thanks, appreciate the thoughtful answer. What do you think they use in place of chicken eggs? Lizards, at least on Earth, don't lay eggs frequently enough to serve as that kind of staple food, and I have no idea whether you can bake with their eggs anyway.
  14. Okay thanks. I missed it but I only visited Koth toward the end of the game anyway.
  15. Has anyone here tried to make any authentic Avernum food? Do you have any recipes to share? I'd be interested in trying to reproduce some of the food described in the Avernum games. Anyone here made beer or bread from mushrooms? Best way to obtain mushroom flour? Will alligator do for "giant lizard" or do I need to get a Komodo dragon or something?