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  1. If ever you need info like that, many in the wiki are fairly complete on this. Check out https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Home Admittedly, many more are not complete, but those are usually older and less popular anyway.
  2. This is Avernum 4, there's no editor built in.
  3. I have no previous save, and the only character editor I've found is the one on this site, and it doesn't work. If I try to go to Fort Monastery, it just sits at the load screen. I can't find an editor available elsewhere, either.
  4. In the fight with Hosharr earlier, my mage had been knocked out. I decided the fight was tough enough, but nearly finished enough, that I'd accept him being unconscious for now, and kill Hosharr, and loot his lair. In looting I read the book there that provides the terror spell . . . again with my mage unconscious, so the others gained the benefit, he did not. After reviving him back at Silvar, I returned in order to get him the spell as well, but now I'm told that I learn nothing new from this spell book. I've tried clicking the book with him selected, and with him in the first party position, but no luck. Does anyone know a way I can get him the spell still? I know there's 2 levels worth to buy, but without this book I never get level 3. I really want to know in case the same thing has to happen again in the future, there's good spells still to get for both my mage and my priest.
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