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  1. K'Zad Bhat

    Cant find resources folder

    If ever you need info like that, many in the wiki are fairly complete on this. Check out https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Home Admittedly, many more are not complete, but those are usually older and less popular anyway.
  2. K'Zad Bhat

    Unconscious spell bug.

    This is Avernum 4, there's no editor built in.
  3. K'Zad Bhat

    Unconscious spell bug.

    I have no previous save, and the only character editor I've found is the one on this site, and it doesn't work. If I try to go to Fort Monastery, it just sits at the load screen. I can't find an editor available elsewhere, either.
  4. K'Zad Bhat

    Unconscious spell bug.

    In the fight with Hosharr earlier, my mage had been knocked out. I decided the fight was tough enough, but nearly finished enough, that I'd accept him being unconscious for now, and kill Hosharr, and loot his lair. In looting I read the book there that provides the terror spell . . . again with my mage unconscious, so the others gained the benefit, he did not. After reviving him back at Silvar, I returned in order to get him the spell as well, but now I'm told that I learn nothing new from this spell book. I've tried clicking the book with him selected, and with him in the first party position, but no luck. Does anyone know a way I can get him the spell still? I know there's 2 levels worth to buy, but without this book I never get level 3. I really want to know in case the same thing has to happen again in the future, there's good spells still to get for both my mage and my priest.