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  1. This, I mostly agree with. Your valuations do make sense to me, but my main sticking point is how, past Level 30, you get all the discretionary points at once, rather than spread out. If you stuff a character full of Wisdom Crystals so they get from, say, Level 31 to Level 34, the end result isn't worth as much as you had it, since you didn't go through a level that gave skill points or manual stat points. Though I suppose if you're doing this, you probably already realize this issue and plan around it (even if that "planning" is "more patiently farming Mandrake" or something), so this is pretty minor. Just thought I should mention it in case some people weren't sure if they had the patience for this.
  2. EarthPhantomTS

    A:EftP - Value of Cave Lore

    Sorry to bump this, but I have a question: is the 300 coins from the Burning Fungi on that Dark Lake island counted in this analysis? Cause I'm pretty sure the game makes a Cave Lore check for that (it specifically says so, and you can miss getting the money if you kill them too early; I don't know what skill level is required though). In any event, very nice. I was always kinda "pro-Cave Lore" from the start simply because I don't like feeling like I'm missing treasure. Good to see I, at least arguably, made the right call.
  3. EarthPhantomTS

    Capture Soul Mechanics

    Lowest level for Capture-Souling Haakai confirmed Level 31 (with Level 3 CS). Good to know.
  4. Methinks Mr. Vogel would do well to just open up donations at this rate (in all seriousness, though, now that you guys mention it, I'd be inclined to donate if it were an option. Given what the industry can be like sometimes)!
  5. EarthPhantomTS

    Critical hit & Luck mechanics

    Another thing I want to say on this: I'm playing the PC version (Steam copy). You're a Mac user, right, Slartifer? I'm wondering if this is a difference between the two versions; like, since the Mac version was probably first, it might have some bugs or oddities that would've been ironed out for the PC/iOS/whatever release. Honestly, it always struck me as weird, how you reported crits working, so maybe it was a bug? I'm just speculating now, and I'm no good at these things. Just...this is something that I started to wonder.
  6. EarthPhantomTS

    Critical hit & Luck mechanics

    I'll doublecheck my stuff later, but for now, let me just say I apologize for the tone in my previous post (yeah, it was kinda rude, huh?), but I was definitely playing Crystal Souls when I noticed that. I just happened to have a Remix mod playthrough running parallel to that.
  7. EarthPhantomTS

    Critical hit & Luck mechanics

    Yeah, right. In the two hours and two levels I played my most recent save, I paid attention to this and saw every one of my characters get a critical hit at least once. None of them have anything like Lethal Blow or Longbows either (I literally just started). So I'm not sure why you say this. Maybe it changed between the Mac and PC versions? If so, then what about Luck? Did that change? Was this a bug in the original release that was fixed later? That'd be my guess at this point. I mean, I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but when this horse might come with some sort of Luck-nerfing disease (seeing as I can't really say I trust what you said about Luck giving a 1% boost to all damage types per point anymore), well...
  8. EarthPhantomTS

    Can't learn L3 Spray Acid in EftP

    Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I checked every book I was allowed to check in Erika's library, took all her dialogue options multiple times, and the statues STILL won't deal with me! What the hell is going on?! Do I have to talk to Ayden or something? Cause I just got a quest to go find him. EDIT: Okay, I figured it out. I did need to talk to Ayden for her to give me the conversation option to get the password in question. I don't know why, though, since I had already talked to Ayden in this save. But whatever, I did it. Now I've got a new question. I've already gotten all the Brooches. What do I do with them? Also, I'm starting to think Erika's dialogue options might be a bit buggy. I saw Randomizer swear in the L3 Spell Locations thread that you could get the password "Divulge" before doing the "Find Ayden" quest, but I never did get that option. In fact, it seemed to take some doing to get the "Find Ayden" quest. I swear I chose each dialogue option at least once before trying that statue, yet only in my latest attempt did I get the quest to find him, much less the line where she gives you the dang password. Also also, hope "hell" isn't too strong a word for this place.
  9. On Question 2, I'd note that mages can wear a total of -5% without losing the ability to cast spells. And EftP has quite a few shields that don't encumber at all. So even if it might not make sense if you're coming from some other games, mages can totally use a Wooden Shield. In CS, on the other hand, most every shield seems to have a -10% penalty, and thus you'll probably need Swordmage to counteract it (and I'd personally recommend it, as shields were improved a fair bit in that game). At least humans get 8 extra traits in that game. Also, on Crystal Souls builds...note that dual wielders were nerfed a bit, as the dual wielding penalty is -35% rather than -20%. I still personally like having a tough guy in front, though you may consider giving them a shield rather than two swords (with the extra Parry, it'll help defense a fair bit anyway). I'd also agree with Randomizer that the best defense is a good offense, so for Level 1, pump up your damage stat and your weapon skill.
  10. EarthPhantomTS

    Can't learn L3 Spray Acid in EftP

    I have Sage Lore for all four of my characters. Also, I think, if that were the issue, the game would say something like "You tried to learn it. You need an Arcane Lore skill of 10 or higher." or something. I think Randomizer might be right. I'll have to check out what he's saying.
  11. Okay, I know you're supposed to learn Spray Acid from the Living Statue in Almaria after talking to Erika, but I've been to Erika's Tower, talked to her, got the Password Piece, even increased Spellcraft to 12 with her, but the statue is still refusing to deal with me! Am I supposed to do something else specific with Erika before the statue will trust me? Or is this just a bug? Oh, I'm playing Slarty's Avernum Remix mod version 1.2 if that matters. (I'm thinking I'll just use the Editor if worse comes to worse; I don't care about using it if I ran into a bug with learning something. Wait, can the Editor give you the third level of a spell?) EDIT: Just checked, and the Editor can't give you the "spellbook" level of a spell. Sigh...so if I can't figure this out, I guess I'll be stuck without L3 Spray Acid . At least Heartshock is a pretty nice new spell.
  12. As everyone else said, that's really not gonna work. You want Hardiness. Which can't be qualified for with Bows. And (strangely) you don't really wanna give your casters two-handed weapons either. Have them wielding something like a Shielding Knife and a Shield of some kind, except for the early game before you take a level of Swordmage for your mages. I just suggested Pole Weapons over Melee Weapons because the Pole Weapons trainer is easier to get to and they don't care about using physicals so it doesn't matter if the skill's not matching what they actually use. That's all. And no, you can't use Bows for secondary attacks either. The hit rate will pretty well always be crap if you're min-maxing properly.
  13. One thing that I didn't see suggested: go with humans only. The human bonus traits are far better than the bonus to missile or pole damage and against certain elements, in my experience. Especially since, as Lilith said, you shouldn't be relying on bows or spears. In addition, to get spellcasters the requisites for Hardiness and Adrenaline Rush, it *might* actually be easier to go with taking Pole Weapons for them, since the trainer for Melee Weapons is unfortunately fairly late in this game and spellcasters should not be using physical attacks at all really.
  14. EarthPhantomTS

    Boat, please

    Well, you've found a way to escape already, but I just want to say that, should something similar happen again and you can't get back to another boat, there's a couple cheat codes that can save you. Type Shift+D, then in the box that comes up, type "backtostart" and "resetboats" to get warped back to Fort Avernum and move the boats back to their starting points. You'll have to buy the boats again, though, sadly.