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  1. ah -the guard -thank you!
  2. I get there and everything is locked. Some owen let me through from the north, and everyone keeps telling me to go there but I must have missed a key event or something.
  3. I need to report to them to get a quest done but i don't know where they are.
  4. I'm sure you're right, but that's not the point really - the newer "helper" does the same thing. It's obviously built into the code. Possibly there's a good reason for it, but I don't care for it happening much. A bit too scripted for my taste. While the graphics and effects have improved over the years with Spiderweb games, the forced "you will play it THIS way at this time" is not a plus for me.
  5. I have quit playing it. I found a "helper" whose skills balanced against my weakness, only to have them take off on some personal matter and force me to run with a new "partner." I read now where "shmavadon" will be the next big thing coming from the creativity mill. Apparently I'm in the minority as all indications are that Avadon is a smashing success. I've played these games since they were stick figures and enjoyed them. Not so much with Avadon. I went back and found a geneforge one I hadn't played and am messing around with it instead. I'll probably try again with Avadon, but just don't find it as enjoyable as everything that came before it. :-(
  6. try staying in fight mode - spread the party out and you can see more of the area. I found it better anyway..
  7. ahh - ok - I'll look around southwards! Thanks!
  8. I can't find an answer with search, so I'll ask - Geneforge 4 ...what is Matala's key used for? Thanks in advance!
  9. I get this screen when I run the program. I've downloaded it twice, once with ftp and the next time with the HTTP download. As I have (gasp) DIALUP, this does not bode well. All other versions of Geneforge that I have work fine, as do all versions of Avernum. Any/all/some help would be deeply appreciated, as this is making the long-awaited gameplay even longer and more awaited.
  10. Temple of Brigantia - there's a water sprite at the end of the pier (as celts) where the message box says something about catching water dripping from her hands. I've tried buckets, bowls, mugs, pitchers with no results. Is this part of some quest or what?
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