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  1. There appears to be a new patch for Avernum Escape from the Pit, at least, a new patch for the Mac version. Apart from the game now launching in a space and the copyright year change, what is actually new in this patch?
  2. Unbound Servile

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Slarty, my post was neither ment as a judgement nor lecture, all I wanted to say is that many have an inaccurate idea of how Russian sounds and that's all I meant. So if my post appeared like a lecture, I apologize. And, for your information, in Russian streets orchestras are being played all day long to support our conversations, so those songs are an accurate representation of the Russian language. But how am I to take your judgement seriously, I mean, you like *dogs*
  3. Unbound Servile

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    I, Slarty, applaud your appreciation for Russian literature. In response to your statement about Russian tone and sound, be aware that the Russian you hear from politicians on television is not like the everyday Russian spoken by people. Politicians tend to make their accent extra iotated and heavy to sound serious and official. Here are four songs sung in a more "realistic" Russian: 1. Through hills and valleys 2. Not for me 3. General Matsiyevskiy (mat-see-yev-skee) 4. Oysya, you oysya! (oysya isn't a word, just a Cossack vocal) Song 3 and 4, while sung in Russian, are in a more Ukrainian accent, which is generally a softer and less iotated language. By the way, I for one don't dislike English at all, just the contrary, but I find Portuguese and especially German to sound atrociously.
  4. Unbound Servile

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Two things of equal beauty: C++ programming language Russian language
  5. It sais on Avernum 3's page that the game will only be available for purchase on Steam an GoG.com ... so does that mean I cannot purchase Avernum 3 RW from HumbeBundle?
  6. Unbound Servile

    Request to use Blades of Exile graphics

    I could post it on Github, but I am not sure it will be of interest, as you state it. Lately, I've stepped down from the concept of a game engine or any framework in favor for classes tuned exactly to my game's needs. I'm making a space shooter at the moment, so animations, for example, are fine-tuned to be applied to moving projectiles. Since characters will move around in space, their movement functions rely heavily on trigonometry, something an Exile-like game doesn't require. I could put all classes back into a framework (because that's basically what a "game engine" is) but whether you will find it of interest depends on what your expecations are. If you expect fancy renderers and full-fledged bounding algorithms you will be disappointed but if you'd like to use it as an example for your own games or experimentations or even use as a framework for your own game, you may like it. I have made a couple of small games in order to test out functions for my bigger projects. One of those smaller games is a space invaders clone in which the basics of game programming are presented. For game programming I use mainly Java as language (i've done some game programming in C++, Javascript and Python too, but I find Java best suited for small games). As a little footnote, all game elements (such as animations, moving characters, ...) are updated from a signle game-loop, with minimal threading, however, implementing threaded animations won't be difficult, since I use an OOP programming style. I would actually advise to whip up a program design specifically tuned to your game in question instead of using an engine, if it isn't a powerful, well equipped one. That's also the reason why I came here, to ask for graphics, because mine was perfectly suited for Exile-like graphics, but the game I'm making now requires radically diffrent classes, and I'm not for a chain of abstractions and interfaces to make it work. None the less, I'll be happy to share anything.
  7. Unbound Servile

    Request to use Blades of Exile graphics

    Thanks for shedding some light onto this. E-mailing every artist will not be a realistic job but I've looked up on that GPU GPL license, and it seems I'm indeed free to use and distribute OBOE. I've also gotten better at pixel-art and could soon be able to make my own graphics.
  8. Hello Spiderweb, I am an aspiring programmer who would like to make his own game. I have mastered numerous languages and coding is no issue for me. One problem: I'm no Picasso; even pixel-art graphics are beyond me. However, the user-made graphics for BoE found on truesite4blades/PixleProfusion would be perfect for the little engine I have written. Am I allowed to use those graphics in anything but BoE at all? If so, am I allowed to sell a program making use of those graphics (with or without disclaimers)? Thanks for your time, Unbound Servile.
  9. Unbound Servile

    Avernum 6 sound question

    My sound driver itself isnot corrupted, I'm sure, but it might, indeed, be something the driver does that causes the sound to be played abnormally. But if that's the case, other people would have this issue too, that's why I asked if anyone else has this too or even if a diffirent set of speakers (one built-in speaker in my desktops vs. two in my laptops) can cause this behavior. I have seen on youtube that Spiderweb games may look or act a little different according to what system or machine you use, but the strange thing is that it's this sound only (the character walk sound) that is played abnormally.
  10. Unbound Servile

    Avernum 6 sound question

  11. Unbound Servile

    What do you think of Litalia?

    Sorry I drop in so late in conversation; I was writing a very long post about Lilitalia, but I accidently tabulatored my text away and I didn't want to write it all again. Even less so since it seems we share generally the same opinion when it comes to Litalia. But, Alhoon, you seem to be a hard-core Rebel, why? I mentioned in another thread that I compare myself to Don Deroceras ( ) when it comes to my allegiance in Geneforge. I rarely expressed allegiance to any faction because I found none had acceptable goals.I did like Don Deroceras does, occasionally scratching someone's back with the intention to gain wealth and influence. It was only a few playthroughs later (I must have played through the entire series 4 times by now) until I could honestly fight for the Shapers, with the intention to bring power back to them. Yes, the Shapers have flaws, and yes, even their strict rules sometimes don't seem strict enough, but that isn't a flaw of the Shapers. It's in the universe's nature that, no matter how tight you build the mesh, one mosquito will always find it's way through. And, to be honest, not so many mosquitos found their way through the Shaper's mesh. Many would state otherwise, but this is only an illusion created by the harm one such mosquito can do. Let's draw the analogy to aviation; many proclaim that aviation is in fact an unsafe means of transportation, because of the existance of many more air-crash reports than reports of any other kind of crash. But this is merely an illusion created by the media. Air-crashes are rare, very rare, so when a disaster occurs in aviation, it will reach the front page and everyone will get to know about it, while the thousands of car-accidents that occured globally last month will be disappear into oblivion. On top of that, aviational disasters are natural to attract more attention than any other kind of crash because they are more spectacular and involve more fire and explosions. Also, don't think that air-crashes are more gruesome than any other kind of crash. They are more lethal yes, but in other crashes chances are bigger that you end up limbless in a bed for the rest of your life. In the end, aviation has by and large the lowest casualty-rate and remains the safest means of transportation by far. The same goes for a disaster in Shaping. There are a couple of known disasters in Shaping, true, but chances that a Shaper goes rogue and starts creating uncontrolled creations en-masse are relatively small. It's the nature of Shaping-disasters (rarity, spectacularity, ...) that causes Shaping to seem dangerous and Shapers to be incompetent because of the occurance of disasters despite harsh precaution. Another misconception about Shapers is that they're heartless, amoral and apathic. This isn't true, and if you're able to look futher than your nose is long you'll realize this. Shapers have no patience at all for misplaced empathy, which makes them seem apathic. Rebels have a much easier, tolerant sense of empathy but they seem to lack the more applied, advanced forms. Rebels tend to express empathy more frequently than Shapers do, but Shaper empathy runs deeper than the rebel equivalent. Also, Shapers try their best to keep a precarious balance between practical accessibility of the Shaping arts, sentimentality and juridical restrictions while rebels attempt to concoct an unrealistic amalgamation of the three. To draw another analogy to aviation, it is impossible to make an aircraft that is as safe, fast and comfortable as a plane could possibly be. Aircraft manufacturers have to keep a precarious balance between those three, making compromises on all sides and adapt to diffirent situations (e.g. by investing more in safety and comfort when constructing a commercial plane). But this is where the rebels fail; they're trying to build an aircraft that can't fly. The Rebellion has (or on some points, had) mostly good general intentions, but they're unrealistic and short-sighted while the Shapers see the bigger picture. Many fans on these forums have compared the situation in Geneforge to the American Civil War and even World War II, but I see more simularities with the French Revolution. And I fear that, if the Rebels win the war, the result will be worse than the initial situation. I fear that the Rebels will sacrifice the wealth and safety the Shapers brought upon Terrestia for empathy and morals that can't be realized because of lacking prosperity. The Shapers aren't perfect, no, nobody is always perfect but the Rebellion will do more harm in the long run.
  12. Unbound Servile

    What do you think of Litalia?

    The Geneforge series have many interesting characters. One of them is Litalia. Madman, realist, psychopath, revolutionary ... she's been given many names and opinions about her vary greatly and this is perhaps what's the most interesting about her. Are you drawn towards her charisma or are you aversed by her extremist measures? Are you intrigued by her ever-evolving personallity and moral standing or do you discard her as a dubble-dealing backstabber? What do YOU think of Litalia? Be it concise, elongated or just TL;DR-sized ... it doesn't matter, share your opinion!
  13. Unbound Servile

    Name one song that...

  14. Unbound Servile

    Geneforge TTRPG

    This is an interesting idea. In terms of gameplay for your TTRPG, I would suggest a World of Warcraft Boardgame kind of thing. The setting of Geneforge 2 would be ideal for this. Each player takes the role of one out of five factions (The Servants, The Barzites, The Takers, The Awakened and The Shaper Apprentice). Each faction has a fixed set of goals they need to accomplish in order to wear off the impending Shaper Council invasion, which takes place after a number of turns has passed (just as in the WoW BG; when the main boss hasn't been killed after ±30 turns have passed, PvP fights will take place to determine which faction wins the game). Like, the Awakened have to complete the Barrier of the Wind in order to stand a chance against the Council, while the Servants player has to kill the Barzite player and the Takers player in order to prove the Shaper Council of their good intents. The Shaper Apprentice player has more of a neutral role; he/she determines which faction to help; what rewards to merit and the option to "return to the Council". This can end the game prematurely and determine a winner according to the goals each player has (or hasn't) accomplished. A faction may wish to kill the Shaper Apprentice player, when that faction finds the Apprentice's actions to be undesirable. I would suggest to include a "random event card" system, with which players have a chance to acquire resources to complete their goals, gather troops to defend themselves, loot to tempt the Shaper Apprentice with, ... Random mobs will be spread across the board, and a roll of the dice decides what enemies spawn. Combat is also done in a dice-roll system, just like any classic TTRPG Lore is an important factor in the Geneforge Saga, so it would be a pity to not to include it in this game. Players have the option to explore unique places, each with a special encounters, loot and pieces of lore. Lore can also be implemented as a gameplay mechanic, a "lore dice" can be added, which can determine the outcome of special encounters. As for character progression: each player starts with a customizable character who can earn XP-points throughout the course of the game. After [number of xp points] have been aqcuired, the character gains a certain amount of skill points which can be invested in skills that can add more dices to your pool. Items can also have skill requirements; heavy armor requires a hefty amount of strength. Let me know if you like this idea! Btw, "NaCl Lily", did you mean Salty Lily with that?
  15. Unbound Servile

    Reunite Split Party

    Wow, that was a quick answer, and thanks alot!