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  1. Jesus Christ thats is not at all how it works. You should be conscious enough to make them sterile and not release them into the wild but nowhere it states that they must be destroyed just for their existence. And we do in controlled ammounts and settings release gmos into society. Most of what we eat is so. And there is no such things as just killing animals for sport in the laboratory. Its a whole process including peer reviws before you go doing trials. And more and more there is pressure for voluntary human trials. Among many other reasons because we simply will do the very best we can to
  2. It was the second statue i had a problem with. It wrecked my team. why i took the truce next fight. I could take velusa and that demon at the same time still. Good tip on just running away. Also on Zenethron; How very tastefully finished. Hats off!
  3. Ikr. I actually took his truce offer when he gave it. Being a shaman seeing that statue was the end of my ability. Too much trouble. Although i honestly had slightly more problems with zenethron he can one shot me easily. Esp if resistance chant goes off. Velusa himself didn't do much damage but the fight as a whole was way too complicated and you couldn't focus on beating him to a pulp.
  4. Alright i haven't gotten the newer version yet so im not sure if it was fixed. But while i was messing with the difficulties i found out that both zenethron and velusa can be fought on casual and you still get the medal. If the first and the last round are in torment round. With velusa it must be in torment as well when he offers to stop fighting. It is exploitable and sort of erases the point to the medals. So here's a good "bug" to fix.
  5. I wouldn't mind the fix, it doesn't affect almost any other fight. And this fight is one of my favourite battles in all games. The writing was so in sync with the battle and mechanics. Everything was heavy and challenging while being fair. It really is the crown jewel of this game in my opinion. You could actually panic for a sec on the encroaching acid and your inability to run. I really take my hat off on that. Really fun and rewarding. On top of my head other tips i can give is divide the potions and scrolls through the players. Since if the player that has them dies they go for good. I
  6. Bro its been a month and im still half pissed half sad half disbelieving. But you should finish it. It has some very interesting food for thought somewhere. Perrin's arc is actually very interesting as it goes. Etc.. But sorry about the spoiler i should have been more specific on the magnitude of it. We can cry together when you're done That being said im sort of pleasantly surprised that the first two gay characters on the series were introduced(not really introduced but ya) by a Mormon writer. Who would have thought. +Points for trully being the book with the most diverse world. So im
  7. Theoretically Gods are traditionally named gods first in creation, second in imortality(although that should have another name, gods can die there are some examples, they just are invulnerable to time) and third for power. In that aspect i suppose redbeard is more of a god than velusa. But usually in fantasy lore even if killed; a creator still maintains status of a diety. Also the main antagonists of many fantasy books are in a way gods. I.e. Melkor, Shaitan, Daedric Princes(although they can't die but lorkhan did die), nouda and ramuthra, etc...
  8. And then it quickly derailed to edward cullen and damon and stephan. Im very ok with killing bad literature. Though more as a favour to mankind than challenge. Sadting
  9. Heavily recommend playing morrowind again. I bought it again recently. The graphics were a horrendous slap on my face, it took a while to get into it but its a good good game.
  10. I'm agnostic so i go through that loads of times. It doesn't even have to have a warlike past. Although to be fair, the fact that velusa is actually there(physically) draws a line with real life experience. Although true. If im to look at that completely objectively(and, please note im for religious tolerance and my intent in the following comment is not to offend or invalidate any) both are based on something made by humans. One is a super zombie the other is scriptures which divinely inspired or not, were written by humans. That being said velusa is relatively wise and benevolent. Most
  11. I've done the 5 factor thing it was pretty accurate. It also called me extremely unfriendly and started this whole ramble. But at the same time i'll have to agree that it was relatively boring and predictable. But really really accurate. For instance it has small factors like you can be friendly but uncooperative. You can be self conscious but not vulnerable. You can be excitement seeking but score really low on other extraversion characteristics such as activity. That sets it apart from other tests. I did the colour quizz years back it was fun. And accurate. And weird and i don't underst
  12. Not necessarily. Take the same test twice and you might get horrendously different types. The inaccuracy is mostly because it is assumed people have one type for life. Nit that i mind that preset but it doesn't really correspond with the results. Besides it analyses people based on 4 characterics giving you the possibility of any combination. It is a good, but limited in a way. Say that what im looking for is something to compliment that. I suppose my last issue with mbti is the relative fame and understanding of the test and types. In general depending on the person quite a few would want to
  13. I like it. Esp the complete one. And some options are really entertaining.
  14. Lawful neutral. I envy your ability to make choices completely internally. But because of that i doubt we'll agree like i said. Still though. Im genuinely glad you see the need for him to go away.
  15. Due to some recently aquired time, also cause i am still at that age where people give a hoot about who they are that leads to horrible existential dread; Does anyone have some fun but accurate. Or either of those. Personality tests other than mbti(which btw; not accurate)?
  16. It happens if you don't convince her to come with you to avadon. Although its possible that she runs away with Redbeard as a keeper. Idk you'd have to give me a few days. But i know getting her to come with you plays a role
  17. No. When you click on an anvil all the team mates' inventories appear
  18. Well finally you see the need to overthrow him. That being said avadon is above pact law, the hands are the law, you can make it legal with a word, what you say is the law etc... Are pretty much pointing to the fact that you can kill anyone or do anything and its legal. Cept disobey the keeper. The keeper is more law than you are. Unless you become the keeper. Then he's dead and you're the keeper. Anyway. The council has resources to take care of that. Worst case sce they'd ask avadon to take care of it. The hands obviously have too much time. They didn't ask. Redbeard later says its becaus
  19. She is above the pact law therefore not of it therefore deserters are no concern of hers. Thats for hanvar's council not for her to decide. The hanvar council has plenty of reason. Redbeard could have plenty of reason. Faced with a situation like that she should have reported to her superiors and waited for orders. Hands are given leave to make decisions on any situation. But that is for them to be better tools. In a temporary setting they can decide whats best for the pact in their opinion. And while they could by law murder all the councilors doesn't mean they should.
  20. Im glad that point was brought on abuse of power. Because it was in the power of that mayor to send her to the dungeons. He did it and she paid for it i suppose considerably. Why would she go and do the same, I'm yet to know. Because both used avadon's power of impunity. And the silly part is even Redbeard and the Black Fortress allowed some measure of restitution for their mistake where to the end she thinks she's on the right of things. Whats worse; by the time of that senseless massacre the war was on the pact's side. The farlands were pushed back significantly. Even the tawon lost ground.
  21. I honestly don't think it's the cuteness. Tbh i don't think she's cute exactly. Maybe its the age. She at least on the first game was extremely young and that plays a factor her attitude is almost out of those cliché teenage movie mean girls kinda thing. But in this case its not only richness and family that backs it up. She is intelligent and powerful and more than willing to prove it to others. So its a weird mixture, her character doesn't really fit in fantasy writing and thats an oddball kinda thing. That being said khalida is much better written. I suppose having more background than
  22. Ogres give an achievement. But everyone says they are horrible. Wretches and Titans are both good choices depending on what you feel like.
  23. Tru but its me we're talking about. The only one to potential and such.
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