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  1. On the haters' side triumph, that mistake whatever reason it had to be. May cost a lot of people a lot. Not to be dramatic but people actually killed themselves rather than to face the very unsure future ahead of them, millions will lose rights and services, in consequence some might lose their lives. Not only that but the social effect of having trump as president is actually alt right people feeling more comfortable with their views(i've seen it happen, e.g. russia was walking slowly toward acceptance of the lgbt community, but when the bill was passed, there was a spike in hate crimes again
  2. That could work but in this case abstainers would vote blank as well. Its a moot point. Right now just ostracising fellow liberals wont help. I suppose being united is more important.
  3. Not smart. if enough people don't vote there has to be a re run with different candidates. I think most countries need at least a 30% voter turnout. And that enforces democracy.
  4. Yeezzy for president 2020! Ok, but in all seriousness, if not done already try to legally change your name asap before the handover goes in effect. If possible move out of your hometown to somewhere where no one knows you're trans. There is no tattoo on anyone's head saying "im trans" no one can just guess. Keep safe folks. Also; very important, get a passport and get information on visa deals USA has with other countries. Just in case worst comes to worst.
  5. Political abstention isn't childish. It is a form of protest all should have the right to choose the person they want to lead them. In case that person isn't there of course you vote for no one rather than settling for less. I think this time would be the exception. Not because i don't believe in the right to self determination simply because one of the candidates is a possible severe threat to human rights, specially since he has legislative, executive and judicial powers with him. Not really a matter of being childish or not, but for once those elections shouldn't have been about choosing wh
  6. Still not how it should be. She's competent. Even went to lenghts to connect with her voter base. And told ppl to "Pokemon go to the polling stations" but nobody listened. Now look at this. Sadting.
  7. Yah i misread. But true i only very lightly read the Avadon codex. I suppose its good that avadon is significantly shorter than than the rest. It would be a pain to go through something im not passionate about. On the gameplay i actually prefered da origins rather than d.a. 2. Its like, i was always a fan of strategy games. Aoe, geneforge, avernum etc, and they all allow for like view from top. Allows for better notion of the battleground and control over whats going on. Not so in d.a.2 but i think like the first was made for pc in mind and the second with a game console in mind. Also
  8. Quick diversion, anyone know why the disappointed smiley seems like a smirk in this website? That being said; would people choose a "likeable" business man over a neurosurgeon to perform brain surgery? Some aspects of your personality you can't help, but skill and experience can, and those really matter. Also, here's a comprehensive list of real commies: -Possibly Jesus Christ. -yah, thats it. It is a common misconception that communism may actually be implemented. Real communism would see no need for a government. The people on their own would work for the gopd of all, on the
  9. The fact that she is a damn good politician is ones of the reasons people have a negative view of her. She can fit most negative stereotypes without straining imagination. Plus, since i started paying attention to politics she has to be the most unrelatable democrat candidate. To no fault of her own, simply democrats rely on the votes of minorities to tilt the turnout. But, the fact that she can't relate to the poor, to ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, etc... Not that she doesn't try, a good part of her campaign was visiting the homes of her voter base. But she was in this aspect; born in
  10. Im quoting the whole thing. With D.A. i feel like its too big a world to be able to adress everything so they really tried to focus on a little each time in d.a.2 that actually worked out well but then they got not all good reviews on that one so they tried to go big again but missed what made the first game iconic. Which even being *HUGE*(Seriously by the time you get into orzamar you think its almost done but then the deep roads, by then you're "let me fight the scary dragon already!" But then there is denerim and a whole load of stuff there. Plus side quest and stuff) managed to get you a
  11. There was alcander with family and past and when he goes to dharam theres that girl that recognised him. Dredric had that but not as well done. I do remember i was better able to empathise with the companions in A1 and A2 than in A3. They didn't seem stale. And honestly had i had family in wyldrim i'd still have disliked the obsessive drama. I mean, i understand their situation but i just don't care. You could have evil colonialist foreigners slaughter my family and i still wouldn't care. Nor think its worth the fuss. There is something fundamentally wrong with how it was presented. Bring me
  12. This must be an exciting time for all of you. I can't wait until the results are out.
  13. I disagree with the general idea that avadon has more stories to tell. The world isn't charming and it seems too tied to redbeard which is a person i don't like. The only true mystery remaining is the corruption. I do think however that avadon world has great prequel value. Consider Telera's founding of it(though would be too similar to a3) or better yet; you're Redbeard. Tells the story better than just reading and it gives you insight on what decisions you had to make to become him and how different he would be as a person if he made different decisions.
  14. I had no huge issue with the boat system because the island thing was cool. Made it seem big and exciting. Though god forbid the implementation of skill trees. I liked being able to cast aura of flames even as a guardian. The balance was pretty good i think in terms of combat and such. With the exception of Khyryk there was a noticeable lack of charming or interesting characters. So rewriting everyone would be cool. Litalia being iconic however should still remain a heavy handed terrorist, staining her image otherwise would sorta ruin it. In g3 i think it was important that she showe
  15. Jeff said in his AMA thing on reddit that he'd like to really rewrite g3. Anyone have an idea of how it will work out? Like how to significantly change the story, as well as dynamics within the constraints of canon.
  16. Can i just say that i think jeff focused a bit too much on user feedback? It was a first i ever experienced of a developer engaging with the users. And it was nice but... I feel some of what we wanted was implemented but at some cost in detail and writing, like with geneforge games some parts seem simply copy pasted. I was *very* disappointed to see redbeard again. But to me it seemed like a well balanced game, with good mechanics, some very good battles(though both the redbeard fight and the dragon fight in a2 were better than the equivalents here(imo, redbeard in a3 was all over the place a
  17. My resignation is still in effect so feel free to ugnore this: In general i refuse to see dogs as equal because they are devil spawn and i dislike them strongly. Esp when they overstep themselves. An equal to me won't bite me when i chide them for peeing on the parquet. So in general dogs shouldn't be in the discussion. Second, the rebelion was simply a more Chaotic and quicker way to bring on change. The society has changes a lot and would have changed more. The marking difference on those two is that serviles wouldn't have been recognised without the war. To g5 quite a few shapers don'
  18. There are various degrees of sentience. Most commonly we use the mirror test in animals to give it the least degree. But intelligence doesn't equate sentience. A mentally challenged person can in ways be dumber than a dog yet be more sentient. My best example for instance is a computer. It is smarter than us, making calculations faster, more accurately, storing more data and more reliably, able to perform more tasks simultaneously. Etc... But it is not sentient at all. It is also able to learn. Through updates, new programs and repetition. A dog might be smart. Might express a limited array of
  19. I think its not much a matter of time than of mental exhaustion. If it was a simple thing it would be easier and faster to answer. Now we have to first skim to have an idea, then read in depth to better understand. Finally sit down and take our sweet time to present a worthy answer that adresses all the points raised. So for instance right now i personally am free but it will take me a while until i say something relevant. Mostly cause school and work are mentally taxing and some time is needed to cool down. Im amazed you can keep it up that well. Also congrats! You beat(at least temporarily)
  20. Because changes don't happen when we think sth else is right; changes only happen when we can afford it with some theory breakthrough, bad results from trail and error, and a relatively peaceful society to carry it out Slavery abolition and gay rights and women rights didn't happen because we could afford it and through trial and error. It happened because people fought for that. Its not proof that some beings are equal in any capacity that creates change. Its people fighting for it. Sometimes actual wars. You will still find a good percentage of the world's population doesn't think/feel
  21. You cannot release diseased animals unless you have cured them, which is a relative priority at least where i interned. I was talking about gm animals. If the trial failed, the disease couldn't be cured/the side effects are too heavy the animals are killed. But like i said there is a push for voluntary human trials because it will raise the standards of accuracy before there are trials. Using other animals is convenient for people who can't be bothered to work theoretically on side effects and effectiveness of drugs. Its easier to just stick it in a monkey, see how it reacts and fix it from th
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