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  1. Im not sure how comfortable i am with the idea of a syphilis small pox cocktail bomb. Both very nasty diseases. Unfortunately viruses are significantly easier to eradicate(if not treat) than bacteria. The pesky little craps are very bent on surviving.
  2. Any job that doesn't allow you to yell at people incoherently and chase after them with a teaspoon isn't cushy. In retrospect maybe it was a good idea to have given up my pursuit in psychology.
  3. Are you allowed to yell back?
  4. A communist revolution could solve that. Sadly no one is really willing to evenly distribute wealth. Its actually a trip to see how humans learn nothing and insist on making the same mistakes.
  5. That we can agree with. Still not applicable to vaccines doe. In any case its a bit complicated to have regulatory agencies whose people were not at one point affiliated with the industry giants. They sort of do have monopoly or close enough on science. A good alternative would be having the government absorb/nationalise anything related to health. Because health care is sort of the government's responsibility. Plus implementation of a drug or treatment wouldn't depend much on financial success as there would be a budget fed by tax money. But that too idealistic.
  6. Alright, so... On the news article she says they should be approved by people we can trust. While i understand her anti-pharmaceutical company stance, and understanding of the evils of lobbyism. She should know that. 1 vaccines are approved internationally. The world health organisation oversees that, and there are some other quality monitors. Like the article says, creation of vaccines is a long process. Relatively few new ones were made since 90s. Not because there are no experiments on that, but because they fail. Even so; lobbyism is NOT legal throughout the world. 2 even if the pharm
  7. Alright. Never knew she was an anti vaxxer. Im sorta honour bound to publicly shame her if she is. Source?
  8. Sexism played a role even if not the only role. People more readily turn blind eyes to other candidates' character or professional flaws than to hers. Honestly it's easier to explain it with statistics. Most men voted for trump, and about half women voted for him. You can't exactly call a woman misogynistic(even though some exist). Statistically if we are to see men and women as equals in social views the votes would be Split equally. So since only about half women voted for trump, only half the men would have voted for trump based on merit(however misguided) alone. The rest, could be easily
  9. Hmm, on paper Bernie Sanders would definitely do better(if maybe not win) because his votes wouldn't have been split. When Hilary was nominated for the DNC and Sanders lost the voter base split into people that chose "the least of the worst" and people who simply would not settle for "less". I think leaked e-mails are such a non matter here. Trump had rape and assault cases against him, discrimination in the open, also im yet to see an e-mail saying something as crass as grabbing women by their parts, i am sure a person as rich as him would have tax evasion too. Yet all of that didn't even sha
  10. I don't give in to hate, luckily i almost always have a choice. And i never said hatred is the best option, life is complicated enough without it. i said they are entitled/justified in the hatred. Which they are. And i really hope you get to understand that. In any case, by now its too soon maybe to ask people to forgive. No shade but i doubt not alt right trump supporters regret their actions yet. Same as if you make a mistake in real life, first you gotta know you did it, then you must at least feel bad for it, then ask for forgiveness, then never do it again/begin reparations, the last part
  11. On the haters' side triumph, that mistake whatever reason it had to be. May cost a lot of people a lot. Not to be dramatic but people actually killed themselves rather than to face the very unsure future ahead of them, millions will lose rights and services, in consequence some might lose their lives. Not only that but the social effect of having trump as president is actually alt right people feeling more comfortable with their views(i've seen it happen, e.g. russia was walking slowly toward acceptance of the lgbt community, but when the bill was passed, there was a spike in hate crimes again
  12. That could work but in this case abstainers would vote blank as well. Its a moot point. Right now just ostracising fellow liberals wont help. I suppose being united is more important.
  13. Not smart. if enough people don't vote there has to be a re run with different candidates. I think most countries need at least a 30% voter turnout. And that enforces democracy.
  14. Yeezzy for president 2020! Ok, but in all seriousness, if not done already try to legally change your name asap before the handover goes in effect. If possible move out of your hometown to somewhere where no one knows you're trans. There is no tattoo on anyone's head saying "im trans" no one can just guess. Keep safe folks. Also; very important, get a passport and get information on visa deals USA has with other countries. Just in case worst comes to worst.
  15. Political abstention isn't childish. It is a form of protest all should have the right to choose the person they want to lead them. In case that person isn't there of course you vote for no one rather than settling for less. I think this time would be the exception. Not because i don't believe in the right to self determination simply because one of the candidates is a possible severe threat to human rights, specially since he has legislative, executive and judicial powers with him. Not really a matter of being childish or not, but for once those elections shouldn't have been about choosing wh
  16. Still not how it should be. She's competent. Even went to lenghts to connect with her voter base. And told ppl to "Pokemon go to the polling stations" but nobody listened. Now look at this. Sadting.
  17. Quick diversion, anyone know why the disappointed smiley seems like a smirk in this website? That being said; would people choose a "likeable" business man over a neurosurgeon to perform brain surgery? Some aspects of your personality you can't help, but skill and experience can, and those really matter. Also, here's a comprehensive list of real commies: -Possibly Jesus Christ. -yah, thats it. It is a common misconception that communism may actually be implemented. Real communism would see no need for a government. The people on their own would work for the gopd of all, on the
  18. The fact that she is a damn good politician is ones of the reasons people have a negative view of her. She can fit most negative stereotypes without straining imagination. Plus, since i started paying attention to politics she has to be the most unrelatable democrat candidate. To no fault of her own, simply democrats rely on the votes of minorities to tilt the turnout. But, the fact that she can't relate to the poor, to ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, etc... Not that she doesn't try, a good part of her campaign was visiting the homes of her voter base. But she was in this aspect; born in
  19. This must be an exciting time for all of you. I can't wait until the results are out.
  20. Bro its been a month and im still half pissed half sad half disbelieving. But you should finish it. It has some very interesting food for thought somewhere. Perrin's arc is actually very interesting as it goes. Etc.. But sorry about the spoiler i should have been more specific on the magnitude of it. We can cry together when you're done That being said im sort of pleasantly surprised that the first two gay characters on the series were introduced(not really introduced but ya) by a Mormon writer. Who would have thought. +Points for trully being the book with the most diverse world. So im
  21. Heavily recommend playing morrowind again. I bought it again recently. The graphics were a horrendous slap on my face, it took a while to get into it but its a good good game.
  22. Lawful neutral. I envy your ability to make choices completely internally. But because of that i doubt we'll agree like i said. Still though. Im genuinely glad you see the need for him to go away.
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