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  1. Ok so now we're kinkshaming litalia? (I legitimately love how it's next to impossible to run out of subjects on this forum)
  2. I think i read somewhere that most gazers can shape but don't like to, as it's not a pure enough form of power or something. And they are hermits by default, most would rather live alone. (oddly enough they are very opportunistic, because a good amount of gazers take over the minds of rogue creations for protection and such. but i think to them they are no better than a sword as they are completely stripped of independent will, unlike shaping which well... is more complicated) That being said, gazers would lose the war. They are more prone to insanity and incapable of uniting for sustained pe
  3. If you want a good poetry book try the prophet by Khalil Gibran. Or alternatively the works of Pushkin are very good but im not sure how faithful the translations are. (Also stop kinkshaming my poetry. It is kewl and edgy n full of deep deep meaning)
  4. In truth there were 3 i had but i can't find it anywhere written that its a leading cause of child mortality anywhere. I do remember reading that. But its at odds with statistics given on these papers as it says kids have a relatively low incidence of the disease. 1.something% so what i read was probably wrong. -on cancer i really wanna fight(figuratively) you on that one. But that would mean too much work. In any case random mutations are in fact the main cause of cancer. What i am sure of is that there was a mention of those being linked to genes(redundant, but i mean the odds of those r
  5. Salmonella – A Dangerous Foodborne Pathogen Edited by Barakat S. M. Mahmoud Published by InTech Janeza Trdine 9, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia thats the paper i read on bacterial infections in the united states. Now that i read the title i suppose the angle is a bit too narrow. -on sepsis, after a little research i will retract my comment partly. Like Alorael and dikiyoba said sepsis has as risk factors debilitated immune system. Very old or very young age, lack of some organs and chronic diseases. Those are risk factors. In all honesty though i still strongly believe it a result.
  6. It will take me a while to source it. So i'll address what i can for now. - Bacterial sepsis is *usually* result of negligence or lack of access to basic health care. Both of which can happen throughout the world. Even tuberculosis, which factors in the most deadly bacterial diseases of our age, has a significant amount of deaths attributed to; lack of access to treatment. And negligence. Specially since one will feel significantly better after some time on treatment. As such there is a tendency not to finish the treatment(leading to bigger problems such as multidrug resistant strains) -i
  7. Not familiar with that expression. In any case. I did say viruses are by far more deadly. I said so in the beginning of the post. Because they are hard to treat. And i said humans are unlikely to die of bacterial infection unless due to negligence or lack of access to basic health services. And i did say on that point that its a historical perspective on it. And then came back to the present with non typhoid salmonella cases. Anyway. If that wasn't helpful to the conversation i apologise.
  8. Very true. If you read on it, you will easily realise that for instance modern HIV strains areuch less aggressive than the original ones. And it is very possible to stay years without developing aids even if you don't take ARVs(although for many reasons you should undergo treatment asap as it is still a deadly disease that affects not only the victim but also those around them).
  9. In mortality viruses will always have the head because they are difficult to treat. People usually only die of bacterial infections due to negligence or lack of access to basic health services. Statistically(specially in terms of percentage) bacteria do however hold the biggest death toll with black plague, leprosy and cholera having had whooping death tolls. Viruses did kill historically but specially in Europe, people developed resistance to most of the respiratory tract viruses. I want to assume the common cold was very fatal at one point in history. We know the flu was having had a sig
  10. That was sort of my point with the exception that i have the impression most infections that affect humans are bacteria(now im not that sure but relatively confident(bacteria themselves have considerable diversity and the same bacteria can cause different diseases)). With that in mind i'd rather bacteria were easier to vaccinate against and viruses more easily treated. As in the positions were reversed. Also im considerably surprised/amazed at the vaccine for common cold. How many strains are there?
  11. Im not sure how comfortable i am with the idea of a syphilis small pox cocktail bomb. Both very nasty diseases. Unfortunately viruses are significantly easier to eradicate(if not treat) than bacteria. The pesky little craps are very bent on surviving.
  12. Any job that doesn't allow you to yell at people incoherently and chase after them with a teaspoon isn't cushy. In retrospect maybe it was a good idea to have given up my pursuit in psychology.
  13. Are you allowed to yell back?
  14. Ah. If i remember correctly he wasn't mindless. Just mad. Trapped there as a punishment of sorts. For exactly what im not sure.
  15. Okavano is west of borrowood province. Where you find a mindless drakon and a shaper's soul inside a golem called matala. There is also a shaper fort there where you're told to save some rebels. That being said. It is heavily implied that matala was the one that broke the drakon. However G3 spoiler:
  16. A communist revolution could solve that. Sadly no one is really willing to evenly distribute wealth. Its actually a trip to see how humans learn nothing and insist on making the same mistakes.
  17. That we can agree with. Still not applicable to vaccines doe. In any case its a bit complicated to have regulatory agencies whose people were not at one point affiliated with the industry giants. They sort of do have monopoly or close enough on science. A good alternative would be having the government absorb/nationalise anything related to health. Because health care is sort of the government's responsibility. Plus implementation of a drug or treatment wouldn't depend much on financial success as there would be a budget fed by tax money. But that too idealistic.
  18. Alright, so... On the news article she says they should be approved by people we can trust. While i understand her anti-pharmaceutical company stance, and understanding of the evils of lobbyism. She should know that. 1 vaccines are approved internationally. The world health organisation oversees that, and there are some other quality monitors. Like the article says, creation of vaccines is a long process. Relatively few new ones were made since 90s. Not because there are no experiments on that, but because they fail. Even so; lobbyism is NOT legal throughout the world. 2 even if the pharm
  19. Alright. Never knew she was an anti vaxxer. Im sorta honour bound to publicly shame her if she is. Source?
  20. True. The name was a bit silly. I suppose mostly cause it was attached to a fiora. And im like. "Ha!" Besides the rebels have a similar thing already(more powerful and controlable even ). You really should finish up with g3. In any case geneforge 5 had way too much wierd stuff going around that the presence is only felt literarily if you only play the demo. It screams of small town urban myth/low budget horror flick. Could work sure but only in a limited space(it follows sorta broke those chains so... Maybe if the presence was something you ran from but can't trully defeat just yet. Like i
  21. I think the only problem on the g4 trajkovite ending is that there is not enough need for it, both shaper and revel sides are almost overpoweringly charming. To the point that dooming the rebelion or releasing mayhem into the world is easy to do. On g5 the whole thing gets old and trajkovites become more charming as sn option to deny both sides victory.
  22. How comes all things in this forum turn into rebel master race vs shaper master race. Sheeesh
  23. Sexism played a role even if not the only role. People more readily turn blind eyes to other candidates' character or professional flaws than to hers. Honestly it's easier to explain it with statistics. Most men voted for trump, and about half women voted for him. You can't exactly call a woman misogynistic(even though some exist). Statistically if we are to see men and women as equals in social views the votes would be Split equally. So since only about half women voted for trump, only half the men would have voted for trump based on merit(however misguided) alone. The rest, could be easily
  24. Hmm, on paper Bernie Sanders would definitely do better(if maybe not win) because his votes wouldn't have been split. When Hilary was nominated for the DNC and Sanders lost the voter base split into people that chose "the least of the worst" and people who simply would not settle for "less". I think leaked e-mails are such a non matter here. Trump had rape and assault cases against him, discrimination in the open, also im yet to see an e-mail saying something as crass as grabbing women by their parts, i am sure a person as rich as him would have tax evasion too. Yet all of that didn't even sha
  25. I don't give in to hate, luckily i almost always have a choice. And i never said hatred is the best option, life is complicated enough without it. i said they are entitled/justified in the hatred. Which they are. And i really hope you get to understand that. In any case, by now its too soon maybe to ask people to forgive. No shade but i doubt not alt right trump supporters regret their actions yet. Same as if you make a mistake in real life, first you gotta know you did it, then you must at least feel bad for it, then ask for forgiveness, then never do it again/begin reparations, the last part
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