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    Hello everyone. Im actually not new exactly. Some of you might remember owenben3. Only made one post. I lost the account and email. So yay! I've been playing the games since 2004. Favorite is geneforge 3. The whole series is the reason im going to do my masters in genetic. Ah to answer lilith's question. Or was it dikiyoba? A russian happens to be in mozambique because of love(most specifically my parents found eachother). But im not there now. So, if its not too much to ask introduce yourselves, running consenuses, general rules of ethiquete around here and advices. Not sure how to end the to
  2. Annd avernum had fruit trees. Im sure instead of mushroom ale. You guys could use any kind of hardy fruit thing. Also the trees, absynth is made out of wormwood. Traditional south indian toddy is made out of palm tree sap. There is beer made of cassava. I bet photosynthetic algae could be fermented. Well. I think, never tried it myself. You wpuld be amazed at the ammount of things people can ferment. I have drinked once a beverage called nipipa which is basically fermented rice water. There is also for maize.By the way, avernum inspired diet would end up with mallnutrition and gout
  3. But but but... The anvil spell isnt weird and pointless! It would have revolutionised magic had he not gone to the infernal realm. I mean firestorms are for weaklings... not for real hard core magicians.
  4. i completelly agree, as a whole i didn't like the world and story for avadon series, but character interaction was really cool. i liked games by bioware because of that. However, i can't see ruined world having 'Companion interaction' unless each of the 4 characters has a backstory but the game dynamics would.be complicated, he would need a overhaul of the system and i don't see it happening. Maybe you get better interaction options and to invite people to some other areas but idk, in avernum you inteeract allright. i guess the only thing is that they don't change according to what you do for
  5. I know im terribly late, but I completelly agree with the decison both to make skill tree less constraining and to make dificult enemies less health and armour dependant it was one of the weakest points of both avadon and avernum 6, makes it boring rather than hard. So I full on agree. If you can make it hard please do. I particularly liked geneforge 3's balance. But I welcome harder as long as its not neither tedious nor impossible, I would also like to ask to limit swarming in the game, dont remove it. It has its charm but I skipped through most of the corruption due to it As everyone said,
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