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  1. Ok. Im on mobile so i cant quote specifics and i wanna be clear. I rly liked the whole story i do feel like both the vol and the arhiel could have used a bit more juice. (Esp the arhiel cause i love the concept). But in general this isnt to say the Nisse lack depth. Just compared to the the vahnathai obviously it will feel emptier bc its backed against 6 games worth of lore and clear immediately established motivations. That was more to draw the intro line on how i feel conflicted about them. Because i feel that they manage to achieve something i think only the corruption from avadon has lore-wise. And avadon, was by far not my fave game series to play. And even then the corruption was very much ignorable and didnt hold any power over the rest of the world. Like as far as it goes w jeff it is refreshing to have something beyond your ability to comprehend and something you can't trully beneficially negotiate with. Writing wise my main complaint isnt the lack of depth which is rly too early to make any big statements on. Its the conflicting information through all sources. I like the abusive parents take it would explain but i'd like to know in what way do they think or do they actually benefit sacramentum. Dreams and teleportation? Or keeping haven out? And on the part of them not wanting haven cause it would grant the surfacers independence from them; why be antagonistic towards the surfacers then? Like wouldnt it make sense to make sure they are well liked and protected. Granted internal ethnic conflicts do not seem in favour of them but it was literally the exact same people that ultimately gave us the literal keys to the nisse's defeat. And the ukatish dragon is exactly where i find the nisse novel. Because even with that dragon you get to dictate the terms. And the dragon also isnt necessarily maliciously harmful. Just greedy and entitled. So its easy to understand. On that note the nisse were scared of at least one dragon. To what extent does their power get. they are capable of making eye beasts and tyrants. And other beings. They are capable of ravaging the entire land and destroying their cities as to avoid being learned of/about. Stealing souls etc... Why would a blind dragon prove worth abandoning an important city over. Their whole Schrödinger's power level and threat level is genuinely my main bone to pick with them
  2. Okay. Im at the last battle which like. Entirely kicks my ass repeatedly. I was rly futilely looking for a bed jeff might have sneaked into that tower so i can recharge and as i rage quit for the night. Heres some thots: So i've been having entirely mixed feelings about the nisse in how they are written because. Essentially the whole underground powerfully magical people is very vahnathai to me(even doe it seems clear that the objective was more on the lines of evil fairies, but like aslo he knew the parallel would be drawn) . However in this case they seem to lack the depth the vahnathai had in that theres no real internal factions and their cultural identity isnt as 3 dimensional. And yet im not sure if i like that or dont. Having them as like categorically if incomprehensibly evil. Puts me as a player and as a reader. In a situation where i have to accept that there is middle ground that can be reached making them immediately inaccessible. Which is new for jeff imo and particularly where u can diplomacy ur way even through dragon fights. But i am thoroughly confused wrt their motivations which is both to jeff's credit and fault. Since it deff keeps me hooked but its also frustrating. Since rather than few selectively placed information that gives an air of mystery. It just gives a good amount of often conflicting information and im unable to determine whats what. Like we have they themselves expressing discomfort at being known. They also see haven as an invader rather than an enemy and stated they are an oppressed minority. We have the people of sacramentum truly fearing them with good reason. Cause like the whole eternal torture and damnation thing which is rly generously dispensed over the most tiny reasons. Which reminds me im still not entirely sure if the ppl of sacramentum are forbiden to talk about the nisse in general or forbidden to do to the people of haven. And furthermore if it is in general how do the people *know*. I guess they just vaguely talk about the refuges. Finally we have a really complicated setting where much like the dragon cared about Ukat. The nisse do seem to care about the people? Which goes in direct contradiction to everything else. Is it just a god complex and the conflict is more on the fact that they dont want to share their playthings. Or is it a real care for their cultural identity and evolution. Cause one of the deals was literally dont interfere with them and let them grow independently. Which is honestly a fair and kind request since colonialism is ultimately entirely harmful to native communities. So.... I dont get them at all. And the information i am given is often times contradictory. So speculation is beyond me. Also finally i can't marry the level of secretiveness and essentially running away from one prince and 3 soldiers with the amount of power at their disposal. Like if you are godly it would make more sense for you to flaunt it. Particularly if everyone around you knows so. Unless there is truth to what they said and they have been invaded and slaughtered and oppressed before. Anyway this is one of Jeffs most conflicting creations to me i rly cant wait for queen's wish 2 to find out more and finalise my opinion on them. It would be sexy if jeff had put somebody we know on the nisse's world. For instance watcher chimera. If we had found him there it would have added weight to it. I rly cant understand them at all this is like so frustrating on any other i'd say bad writing here. It seems deliberate.
  3. Yeah end game haven abilities really do out shadow every support ability bc its the only that can heal near 100% life on top of curing any effect. Its really pricey and i tend to keep my character from using any abilities unless its weaker enemies. The battle frenzy does last longer which pays off in longer fights. But u can take it or leave it tbh. About the races in general i do want to say that ahriel grew on me. Even if i only really use radiance its rly useful in that fear attacks as well as charm attacks are way less effective. And the vol.... I never really find an excuse to use their abilities. Particularly since its the support character and like im gonna need that energy elsewhere. If it was like a group buff at a fraction of its power it would be much more appealing to me. Ukat is like. My fave both skill set wise and personality. Even if i love the entire arhiel concept.
  4. Economic Left/Right: -8.5 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.59 Which isnt surprising.
  5. Im not big brained enough for puzzles but im a completionist. Spare a crumb of brain cell pls. For the needy? Ngl a few of the puzzles in sw games are very frustrating due to the gameplay it has. Rly hard to control. Based on the games i'd find riddles would be much better options than actual puzzles.
  6. What tri rodent said. Also other factions have cultural traits that may be of use. I find the ahriel the most disappointing in their race specific skills and the ukat the most useful. Vol is really good but i'd rather have 25% as effective skills for the whole party rather than that strong for a single person. Edit: so you probably wanna build ur first fort in all provinces before getting serious.
  7. While yeah the initial response to it on the first screenshots was rly: "this is atrocious jeff cannot be this broke". Upon playing its like rly easy to forget about them and immerse. I have more trouble suspending disbelief in morrowind than in this tbqh. That said i do feel a bit of effort was put into the graphics particularly in how they change in certain conditions esp in forts and in the player characters based on what they are wearing. And that aside i like the monster designs for most part. I remember i had an issue with more modern avernum games because they left behind some of the traditional graphics which looked good if simple to me. For in my opinion uglier bugs. But in this case its like they are not ugly. And they're detailed too. My main hold up wrt the graphics atm is rly the fact that the spells lack the grandiose visual effects. Like its easy to ignore but i'd feel better with them.
  8. Ok idr the name cause im working now but i got stuck there. Im looking for green globes to give to the beautiful tree. And i only found one and theres no way out. From the obvious options i did interact w other workers and explore some more. But no globes still. Should it have been done in a specific order? Cause i killed everyone else before getting the first globe.
  9. Okay so after a bit i just gave everyone long range weapons and the game is much easier to me im wondering if it was intended to be that way. Or like an oversight. Either way i do appreciate this bc it was getting a bit frustrating to have such a challenge level this early. Either way this does remind me of the relative frustration of using guardians in g1 and g3 due to the encumbrance penalties among others. If it is intended and there is a formula to figure out in each area. I just want to say this may yet be one of the most rewarding combat systems i have played in general tbh. Bc bad builds get punished dearly and good ones are a relative walk in the park. Which would make sense seen as the respec is free and readily available.
  10. So far im enjoying it to be honest. It feels like there is a lot of depth to it and i like how very little is face value you really are thrown into a world where you arent sure what is going on and how your actions affect the future and you have these choices relatively early on. Which like ostensibly the earlier choices wouldnt matter much. But i still find it interesting cause you dont know enough. Like should i support the Owen? Is there information missing? If i give the land to that lord am i ostracising a faction? Moreover is supporting a seemingly fairer faction going to have overall negative effects in the future. Thats one part i trully did enjoy about the orzamar questline in DA:O for instance. And i have been begging for eons for a fort managing option too and to see it finally here is so good. And its complicated enough that you need to be smart about it. As they can be detrimental if you manage it stupidly. I like the fact that diff cultures have their own bonuses that heavily ofsets the fact that you cant really choose classes. The only real complain i have so far is the combat. Im sure its rewarding in that you have to strategise no matter the difficulty but. Im more use to having to go back home and recharge often only if i was like stupid not like as a must.
  11. Jeff Trully snapped when he comissioned diff looks for the entire family based on the skin tone. And that genuinely made me happy they all look somewhat distinct and fitting to the personalities too. Love that.
  12. Personally i just think the lack of new content to discuss within the realms of this forum is the main driver for this, like... I think a lot of us have exhausted most conversations to be had on any of the previous games. The remakes didn't leave much of a room for discussions of more than mechanics and any other conversations can be had more easily and freely(not that the restrictions in place are not appropriate) anywhere else. I think Queen's Wish deff would create room for more activity. I'm to start it today and in his interview Jeff said they wrote and had a lot of content for this, and as its a whole new world, and not a sequel i feel the exploration could be much deeper on whats there to talk about. Regardless i don't think the forum actually dies most people just like. Watch waiting for actual content. This post itself seemed to have some... 180 something views despite only 12 replies or so. So i want to say the people are around. And these forums deff have the most content related to the game in any of its forms so new(may be an overstatement) coming back at new releases.
  13. Thanks For Reading it! I appreciate it!
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