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  1. OK in defense of US centrism. On terms of sexual orientation and gender identity(except the examples pointed out by dikiyoba) most (semi-) modern cultures do have a considerable lack of non slur definitions around on the national language if its not English. And "gay" is pretty much recognisable everywhere even though its English. To say basically that be it us centric or not. In its format it would be accessible to all. (I suppose non binary would be very hard to grasp in gendered languages, but still). And like let's remember the current amount of pollers is on the 40s having an option for everyone would make its very hard to make any kind of conclusion as slarty had said. If this forum had at least hundreds polling I suppose it would be less pointless to give more options. And on the political definitions I was also really taken by surprise by them but they came with a definition next so even if you didn't agree with the definition its easy to see what to choose. And I remember it was 4 options on political and 4 options on economical so it did give space for many stances. On another note, not to sound like a hude prick. But... I can understand why equal marriage is important. But the united states has that and there are still trans women dying almost monthly there that I hear of. The real stats would probably be more tragic. And not to mention *insert many ways of hommophobia(umbrella)* still going on affecting a considerable amount of people. Last time I checked conversion therapy wasn't outlawed nationwide there. So, I'm relatively disappointed of all the issues with inequality that was what held the most attention. But also if I remember correctly which I probably don't but I think civil unions and marriages are taxed differently in some countries(Brazil is the one I read on) so having different names for the same thing would give space to create tangible differences. So while I can try to understand religious reasons not to call it such. In practical terms itwould make the alternative word really easily targetable for discrimination.
  2. I think this is the single most explanatory piece here on information presentation. The first two games you are in a world you don't really know both in game story and freshness for players. So generally esp g1 will explain things much better. But also the main vibe of the first two games are mystery. This is sort of emphasised in g2 where the majority of the map isn't even visible to you. And the main quests are more of like find out what in the hell is going on. So giving you what you want without the need for exploration would defeat one of the main purposes of the game and the entire main quest line. The writing is honestly much better in the first games because most characters on them have distinct personalities you lose that in g3 where the only remarkable ones are khyrick companions or people we generally hate. I.e. Lankan. From g4 onwards we start having the "main characters" kind of writing. Which is not bad but for at least me was just like copy pasting the same stories and dialogues from previous games. Honestly no offense to Jeff. On disruption magic I think even without g1 this damage is pretty self explanatory through gameplay mechanics. I think its the only instance in these games where gameplay accurately represents lore. On healing I think the line is drawn in g3 with the monastery of tears prisoner. I think healing is allowed and not considered human shaping so long as it does not improve on who you are were already physically. You can restore people but you can't "improve" them. On drayks and gazers speaking to creators u also have your answer in g1 I think g2 too. Services being able to function in full I suppose strongly depends on whether they were created or born. With created being able to work as an aadult and with born ones... More @ g1!!! Lmao but for real even if they feel clunky and hard as games I really think you should just finish them as they are. Of all people here you seem to be the most invested in geneforge lore. I think you'd really benefit from it.
  3. Owenmoz

    Five-Dimensional Political Compass

    I was very surprised at my results. And while I liked it I feel like it could profit from at the very least more questions. I got You are a: Communist Authoritarian Non-Interventionist Bleeding-Heart Libertine Collectivism score: 100%Authoritarianism score: 67%Internationalism score: -17%Tribalism score: -100%Liberalism score: 100% Most of it is accurate though.
  4. Owenmoz

    Blades of avernum style editors

    Thanks for the frankness and contribution Alorael. Thats unfortunate, although it does make me appreciate Jeff significantly more. Smh, i guess BoA it is. I'll probably start a new thread for tips as i go on the relevant subforum. Meanwhile if anyone else can think of similar engines please say so, this doesn't have an expiration date, it's a side thing for me.
  5. Owenmoz

    Blades of avernum style editors

    I was wondering(since through various threads here everyone seems certain a new blades of[insert game] is not going to happen) if there is any kind of editors available preferably with the same graphics style as the mid-to-later spider web games, ideally free, if you know good ones that are payable, please link me privately as im not sure if it breaks the forums rules vs adverts?(does it?) idk. I'm also not a veteran campaign maker(or anything other than mediocre), so if there is relevant information to the editors you are to recommend, please share it as well as general tips you may find useful outside what is written on prospective designers faq for BoA.
  6. Owenmoz

    GF2 - My playthrough (full of spoilers)

    Alhoon, there is a substantial difference between doing bad things and being a bad person. There are very few people that have not done bad things in their lives, and as with this occasion, society does their best to correct said bad actions or behaviour. I don't think any 4 year old child instinctively knows what is a good moral conduct according to their society. (although that in itself is another mess cause society also thought women voting was a bad thing at one point but it is irrelevant in this discussion) my point being you didn't know better, and people explained their issue with what you did. And honestly even for me i lose track of what you mean in conversations, because once i start writing i move forward, not backwards to check if someone edited. In any case, i understand may be conflicting esp as earlier you were encouraged not to double/triple post. But the idea here is to have a clear idea of what you want to say before saying it as to avoid both massive editing and multiple posting. And to address your right to changing your mind; you have it, but you could as well write a new post saying, "now that i think about it, i changed my mind " or similar. Editing back what you say to express a change of mind at best confuses a reader that wasn't here accompanying the discussion, at worst makes the people arguing against you look straight out silly. And since this is available for anyone to see, it's easy to understand the issue that they might have. And i do not think anybody feels antagonised, all i see here is mild frustration and exasperation. Moral of the story is, when someone does something wrong there are few ways to make a person see it that dont involve an accusation of wrongdoing. EDIT: I conveniently forgot to address this, but when you *must* edit out a post in meaningful ways or want to add to it, do so by this format. It is commonly used and makes a clear distinction between what you said originally. I hope this was helpfull
  7. Owenmoz

    GF2 - My playthrough (full of spoilers)

    ok tru, but in any case i dont think the game was biased against rebels.
  8. Owenmoz

    GF2 - My playthrough (full of spoilers)

    Dude.. Did you seriously quit a game because your fave faction was ~Problematic TM~ in this one? The game doesnt paint the rebelion in a bad light. the game is simply from a shaper pov. same as g4 rebellion is from a rebel pov. g4 start also p much w a raid on the southforge citadel. so its equality. in any case. finish the game, it has some necessary bits of story as well as one of the best characters in the series.
  9. Owenmoz

    GF2 - My playthrough (full of spoilers)

    really? but i was thinking about starting over anyway so myb i can see for myself, eventually.
  10. Owenmoz

    GF2 - My playthrough (full of spoilers)

    Yoo Alhoon long time, im glad you finally finished g3. There is an unaligned option but the ending varies according to how much/little you sabotaged the other factions. idk if it qualifies as a spoiler. but if you see your quest list the main quest should tell you exactly what you need as minimum requirement to end the game. that being said i wouldnt say Litalia is bad because canister use but geneforge has a bad track of retconing stuff so the whole lore is a mess and in the end it varies with what you personally take as canon. cause i.e. g5 rewrites some pieces of history but i think many here don't take g5 as the correct version so... Also you take zachary too much to heart, he is so forgettable idk what possibly got you to feel so strongly about him.
  11. Owenmoz

    What do you think of Litalia?

    Ok so now we're kinkshaming litalia? (I legitimately love how it's next to impossible to run out of subjects on this forum)
  12. Owenmoz

    Can Gazers learn to Shape?

    I think i read somewhere that most gazers can shape but don't like to, as it's not a pure enough form of power or something. And they are hermits by default, most would rather live alone. (oddly enough they are very opportunistic, because a good amount of gazers take over the minds of rogue creations for protection and such. but i think to them they are no better than a sword as they are completely stripped of independent will, unlike shaping which well... is more complicated) That being said, gazers would lose the war. They are more prone to insanity and incapable of uniting for sustained periods of time. Plus If the games are any clue, they don't quite have the numbers. I do wish they were less prone to insanity. They would genuinely be terrifying otherwise. Edit. One thing that comes to mind is that insanity is a result of incompetent shaping which is why i think if they invested any on self shaping they might have been able to correct it. Or worsen it, since self-shaping is often associated with decrease in mental stability. Which i also blame on incompetent shaping. You'd figure after centuries of research they would have perfected the art.
  13. Owenmoz

    What have you been reading recently?

    If you want a good poetry book try the prophet by Khalil Gibran. Or alternatively the works of Pushkin are very good but im not sure how faithful the translations are. (Also stop kinkshaming my poetry. It is kewl and edgy n full of deep deep meaning)
  14. Owenmoz

    U.S. Election Day, 2016

    In truth there were 3 i had but i can't find it anywhere written that its a leading cause of child mortality anywhere. I do remember reading that. But its at odds with statistics given on these papers as it says kids have a relatively low incidence of the disease. 1.something% so what i read was probably wrong. -on cancer i really wanna fight(figuratively) you on that one. But that would mean too much work. In any case random mutations are in fact the main cause of cancer. What i am sure of is that there was a mention of those being linked to genes(redundant, but i mean the odds of those random mutations occuring are hereditary in a way. I think its something to do with programed cell death in case of aberrant mutation. Some have it more precise others less so.) That being said im willing to take your word on it. Like i said im not specialising in medicine so not really my area of expertise. -True on changes throughout the ages. But it is a very accurate book when it comes to life cycles and symptoms. Has saved some lives at least. On Wikipedia also true. You can easily find gizmodo or daily mirror as a source. And those aren't even the worst i've seen. But still i haven't seen it having scientific errors. Actually were i to edit it im confident it would be corrected in less than 2 hours. Well. Probably not. Depending on where i go. -lolz don't be sorry it feeds my ego and delusions of grandeur on the basis of immortality. Not many can claim that xD I'm angry at the lack of information. As the symptoms vary a bit, so does the treatment. With a lot of people using quinine(not to mention fansidar which can actually cause chemical burns(well, severe alergic reaction and skin death) to treat something that could be treated with chloroquine(although not advisable in some areas as there are resistant strains) which is much less damaging to the liver. Hell they even give people preemptive quinine shots in certain situations. Which is definitely not helpful because it may give rise to new resistant strains. And its a bit silly because even some doctors don't know how to go about treating it. I know of this British guy that got it in Mozambique and flew back to Europe to die there of the disease. I believe in part its because it is a tropical disease and people in the tropics are more used to treating it. But information like that should be available to the public. It can save lives. I don't know for sure but i think its called semi quantitative parasitemia. On density of plasmodia per thick blood smear. There are some variations of the same test for serotyping to see if its plasmodium ovale or vivax( ovale can cause relapses due to hypnozoits and vivax needs extra measures to prevent spleen enlargement). 5 crosses is almost always falciparum. And there are 2 other kinds of plasmodia that cause disease in humans but generally not given much attention as they can be treated the same as falciparum. Thanks man! It went well.
  15. Owenmoz

    U.S. Election Day, 2016

    Salmonella – A Dangerous Foodborne Pathogen Edited by Barakat S. M. Mahmoud Published by InTech Janeza Trdine 9, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia thats the paper i read on bacterial infections in the united states. Now that i read the title i suppose the angle is a bit too narrow. -on sepsis, after a little research i will retract my comment partly. Like Alorael and dikiyoba said sepsis has as risk factors debilitated immune system. Very old or very young age, lack of some organs and chronic diseases. Those are risk factors. In all honesty though i still strongly believe it a result. At least in part, of negligence. Because i've seen it as a result of negligence in 5 out of the 8 cases i've seen. Lack of basic health care doing 1(and this particular one is the exception that managed to take themselves to a real hospital. Most without access die without even knowing what is wrong). In any case you see a 5 year old kid who has been sick for weeks but his parents just give them paracetamol. Come to the hospital because its "weird" that it hasn't passed and the kid is almost dead.( Note worthy that not all cases of sepsis are bacterial.) http://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.0050175 i think this article can explain how negligent adults with lack of access to basic health care are likely to get sepsis. Under the prevention tag. There are many more of/similar to those that contain information on efforts to improve the situation. Including education. -I didn't say kids cannot get cancer. I said they don't tend to. Specially compared to adults. Since kids are unlikely to get exposed to risk factors. Only genetics tend to play a role. (Unfortunately(i suppose fortunately for some) genes play a bigger role in adults than exposure/habits as well) but on that account(one of the leading causes of death) i already wrote you the title and author. I would send the email but thats sorta against placement if personal info etc etc.. Also i did mention. Feeling ill for a time on imbalances. Those are pretty common. They don't kill usually but come on. even then specially depending on where, what and how you eat food poisoning is common. Not all is caused by bacteria though. (But non of the intoxications are caused by viruses) On Wikipedia. I haven't yet seen a scientific error on it so it's reliable. But many times its incomplete. Out of habit i steer away from citing it. My main sources are lecturers, personal experience, a book called terapia(which granted is probably very dated, its a Soviet Union official translation of another book sp its oolllldddd) i'll get the details later as im on the way to school now. On malaria. I having had the luck of having it a whooping 8 times. Two resulting in lasting brain damage. Am honestly baffled at how all of them are on the same ground. Some of them have different(slightly) life cycles even. Using the cross system there are 5 types of malaria. With one cross and 5 crosses being the deadliest for completely different reasons. 5 crosses gives you a whoopass of heavy symptoms with 40+ celsius skin temp fevers. Convulsions and horribly debilitating other stuff. It kills ypu quickly if you don't go to the hospital immediately. Which most people go. The one cross has very light symptoms extremely light that you don't notice you're sick so you don't go to the hospital and you die.( Why if you are in the tropics and feel slightly sick don't shy out of going to the hospital.) So honestly one of the deadliest diseases in the world with so much impact in all aspects and there is no detailed information? I think im getting unreasonably pissed at it. Smh. This lack of information can kill people but anyway. I hope with this post i made clear what i meant by biased. But good point slartibus. Wish me luck on my last exam folks. I may need it.