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  1. Thank you Ess! I'll take you up on your advice. I managed to make some progress already by contacting the artist Random suggested! I got the dimensions down for the most part and finding those sprite sheets means I can start modding! I'm going to try using mixamo for the animations and rigging some commissioned models up.
  2. Thank you Random! It's nice to see you still around, I remember you being active here over a decade ago when I use to lurk. I might hit him up as well to see if he's willing to share more indepth.
  3. I'm an artist, and I'm working with a modeler to make isometric graphics. I'm new to all this, but are there are guides for making assets for avadon/avernum/the new geneforge? It'd definitely take a lot of work out.
  4. Ah...yeah That's something I enjoyed as well, geneforge has a coherant feel to it that the avernum series lacks, much more like going on an adventure, meeting new people, and actions that you not only see the consequences for upfront, but later down the road aswell.
  5. Hello there, White 'ere! I'm a long time fan of spiderwebsoftware (eversince I saw the first geneforge on real one arcade, shortly before the GF:2 release) As you can tell from the topic, this is a nostalgia post; Your favorite moments Awesome Glitches Lore Anything that floats your boat! I'll always remember the moment, in GF1 when I was carrying so much loot, I broke the encumberance system... Instead of having reduced AP, I had around 31, but with such a huge penalty to accuracy I couldn't hit anything! Another of my favorite moments was in teh endgame, (playing a shaper, after using the geneforge), going to Kazg, equiping a stick and... Well let's just say there are no more rebels in Kazg. So! what are your favorite moments in the geneforge series! And no, they don't have to be good one's Speak up, Pass it around, Take one down, 99 Canisters on the wall! Post Script just remembered another thing, from ye olde days o' geneforge An XP farm made, from my own slaves. Having them attack one another Since I had run out of things my lvl to slay. I did this in a town called pentil, In which an immortal servile lay. The gemstones I gathered, increased by the day. As the blood stains in the gutters, drained away. Fin.
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