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  1. Sorry, I'm an idiot. I killed Nociduos, but the bandit leader was a different wizard! (Ozymaisomethin). I must have went downstairs through the tunnels and right past him (he was hiding in a side alcove behind three ghosts) and on to kill Nociduos, trekked right back out past him again, etc. I just found him and killed him. Two different wizards in blue robes with crazy fantasy names in the same tunnels got me confused...
  2. I went through the outside area with all the bandit guys, past a barrier he fled through down some stairs, down into tunnels with crystals that spawned ghosts (where you have to break the crystals to stop them spawning), into a room in which you have to stand in a magic circle that spawns ghosts that kill him while you kill his summoned monsters. They killed him. I then took his magic shield, looted his rooms in the back (which had two hellhounds), and then went through more barriers to find an eyebeast up on a next level that wants to be left alone. I then tracked all the way back to Dranlon, but no luck. Then I went all the way back, and in the outside area all the bandit guys were still dead. However, he showed up again and said "Ah, blah blah..." and ran back downstairs into the tunnels. I followed him down (again) but everything downstairs is still dead, including him.
  3. I have gotten the bandits quest, went through the chitrach tunnels, killed Nociduos, and when I returned to Dranlon the commander doesn't acknowledge I completed the quest (give me the conversation option). is there something I'm missing? I even returned and Nociduos is back alive and at the entrance, does his run away down into the tunnels, and I follow him but everything is still dead below. I reloaded a save I made right after I killed him, went straight back, and still no luck (I thought maybe I did something after wiping out the marauders that "reset" something maybe?)
  4. Oh geez, sorry, I'm an idiot. I knew I had to be in Avadon, but since my companions dissappeared I couldn't click on them to do things... I didn't realize I could still click on their portrait to get to their inventory! Here's the thing– I haven't gamed since the 1990s. The kids are grown and moved out now (one has finished school and is an IT guy and has his own place, the other just finished a stint in the service and is going to school on the GI Bill) so I am an empty nester. I have something I haven't had in years, time! I'm GenX and thank god I found Avadon when I searched around for games to get back into! Some of the newer games are, well, a bit much. I am really enjoying getting back into gaming with Avadon. I bought the second one as well, and will get the third. It seems like I could be playing these things for months!
  5. Sorry if this is already asked or obvious, and I did try searching... How can you get scarabs to companions and have them use them?
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