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  1. Having played a Guardian in GF5 I have to say that he's not very weak. I had to increase the difficulty of some battles because a well equipped Guardian backed with a couple of Tralls is very formidable. Not as much as Shaper but still even without completing every quest, you can take down the final battles without too much trouble especially if you invest in inventory that makes your creations stronger instead of making you stronger. 4-5 high tier creations at +2 attack is better than you at +4 attack since they make more attacks. Speed spores and that chaos spores thing help as well.

    And since I suck at using magic for offense properly, Agents \ infiltrators would be more difficult for me IMO.


    But I would agree that on GF3 the Guardian is the weakest option. But not "by far" IMO. A Guardian will not probably have as much intelligence as an agent so he would have less ability to back creations with mind-bazooka and blessing magic. But since he won't need essence for much else, he could squeeze by to have as many or perhaps more creations than an Agent and theoretically he would get them earlier and at a bit higher Shaping bonus so I think they would be a few levels higher than the Agent's.

  2. 10 hours ago, Randomizer said:

    Guardians start out with more essence, but fall behind Warriors according to Slarty.

    In GF5 that is the only game with both Guardians and Warriors, once the warrior hits 15 intelligence and 25 level, I think the guardian is left behind despite the early bonus. And with so many very powerful creations available, more essence = more power.

  3. 4 hours ago, Randomizer said:

    Warriors are weaker because Jeff set the default resistances lower for them compared to Guardians. That's the only real difference.

    Don't they also get a little more essence?

  4. Long live the rebellion comrade.

    First, it's not Guardians, it's warriors and Warriors-that-trained-with-the-hated-Shapers. :P


    I also thought Guardians Warriors were the weakest. I still think they are weaker than Shapers Lifecrafters in GF3-4 but perhaps that's just my playstyle. In GF3, at least in the not-late parts, more Vlish = more power. My Shaper rarely gets into combat as I keep back and bless\heal my Vlish. They are simply better than my spells or attacks although I haven't used a Guardian in GF3 to see if he can outperform the Vlish by the time the difference in levels grows large enough.
    People say that GF2 is the Guardian's game but... I prefer Shapers so I went with that.


    PS. We've made a mod for Guardians for GF5 that incorporates Gamerman's artifact batons mod and also has some artifact weapons.

  5. 33 minutes ago, Vinlie said:

    Are Geneforge remakes actually confirmed?


    The first one yes, there's a thread about it.


    57 minutes ago, Deadliar said:

    Importantly, player choice on Greenwood could solve that last issue wacky mentioned. The player is given the option to be rude... but what if you could actually try to order the people around? Get yourself an escort squad of controllable soldiers that are clearly afraid for their lives by forcing the commander to help you.

    Then, if any of them died, you get a lovely reaction from the commander. Something like clearly being enraged but holding it back and being polite. After all, what's a few followers to solve a rogue problem, eh? A better choice for a less-kind shaper roleplayer.


    Can be modded in. And you can also make their deaths, each one, affect your standing with the Rebels and\or with Greta. And even have personalized names for them and death messages if they die.

    The whole thing is a bit tricky for a beginner but not impossible. Making a couple of them recruitable for a hit in reputation with the Rebels and then getting the penalty back (or not depending on answers) when they're returned is easier.


    Want to go berserk? Make it possible for one of them to use the experimental canister in the warehouse  to make that soldier better "accidentally" (if you haven't used it your character is theoretically unaware of what it does) for a significant hit with the Shapers AND make Alwan abandon you on Harmony.
    Something that Lord Rahul would drill you about when you meet him and you have to tell him "it was an accident! I didn't know!" etc just to postpone your trial until the end of the mess.
    Gives you a reason to go for Litalia if the Shapers threaten to have you on trial for that, doesn't it?


    And all those, can be done with a few changes in dialogue and some script magic.

    That's the power of modding.

  6. 8 hours ago, Deadliar said:

    Could've, Alhoon, could've.


    I personally think that Zachary is pathetic, but he showed traits of cunning between his otherwise bland character. I think he could've been, and should've been, a mastermind-type guy, and not the weak, regretful person that we got.



    Oh, you mean a completely different character based on the same experiences and background?

    I am not so sure... a mastermind Zackary wouldn't have been outmaneuvered by his apprentice in the first place nor he would be the follower while he was the mentor. He would be more assertive. What I mean is that without the burned-out has-been that lacked decisiveness GF2 wouldn't come to be like that.

  7. Geneforge 2, Zackary:

    Zackary is IMO, not portrayed as a cunning and sly individual, but as an indecisive worthless pathetic coward lying with every breath to cover his mistakes and crimes. He is not a mastermind, nor a visionary nor a genius. He's the tarnished has-been, that is now a pencil-pusher that got eclipsed by the genius that was his apprentice, was tempted by power and blinded by a more charismatic personality with true leadership abilities - Barzahl, but didn't have the guts to open his wings and fly too close to the sun but neither had the courage to return to earth.

    He's not portrayed IMO as a foil for Barzahl nor as an excellent leader; on the contrary, he's portrayed as a someone Barzahl used and a bad leader.

    And in that regard, he's portrayed very well and plays the role of the used and discarded pawn very well.

    The person you describe, the leader with the plans, the mastermind that slowly changed his mind and works towards redemption, the shadow puppetmaster... Zackary IMO was never intended to be that.


    He's an inglorious idiot that couldn't follow Barzahl nor he had the guts to admit his crimes to the Shaper council so he's locked indecisively in the midst, until an agent shows up and he has her imprisoned as if that would stop her.

    In short IMO the game rightly utilizes Lying Zackary the Deceiver as a worth-less-than-a-glaak's-vomit. 


  8. I wanted the drakons to be much bigger, like they were in GF2-4. Then ... I ended up making plated clawbugs the PC makes bigger on a whim to see if I can do it. Now that I know I can do it, In quests I make in the future, I may put specific boss enemies as bigger variants. Like a Clawbug queen that isn't just another color or has just a different name, but is visibly bigger.

    That kind of thing.

  9. Start with small steps you just did until you get the hang of it. Read the tutorial and if you think of something or hit any problems ask and we will try to help.

    Remember that there are a few "hidden" limits that may cause a mod to crush. One is the size of the script file. So if you start adding items you will encounter problems. As such you can add a few items or creations but at some point you would need to replace existing ones.

  10. 4 hours ago, Vinlie said:

    Yeah it isn't working still lol I'll keep playing around with it, see what works 

    What did you try? Have you cleared the "usual suspects" ? I will list a few common problems, which are common and people commonly do. Please don't be insulted as they may sound foolish, but they are far more common than you think.


    - Are you sure you... saved after making the change?

    - Are you sure you changed the file in the scripts folder and not your back-up file?  I can tell I often make this mistake. I am not calling you a fool.


    Please don't abandon your efforts. GF4 is my favorite Geneforge game and I would love if there were extra-content mods for it even if they are simple quests with a little dialogue here and a fetch quest there.
    TheKian has made a nice mod about Artifact weapons that gives another layer to the game. Even if I find them a bit OP, I can mod them down if they're in.

  11. Start with the easy parts. 
    For example, you said you wanted more powerful enemies in GF3. 

    Increasing their level (hence their difficulty) is very easy. 


    Go to the zone script of a zone in GF3 and look for something like Kian posted, like this: 

    On ‎5‎/‎25‎/‎2018 at 1:38 AM, TheKian said:

    Body defines the actual content of the zone script. The INIT_STATE defines how the zone behaves when first created, as player interactions can change it. Inside the zone are such things as:

    set_name(38,"Crazed Roamer");

    These set data on creatures by their universal ID in the game. This can only be determined by experimentation with modified scripts in-game. In order, they set creature 37 to be level 3, set creature 38 to be named "Crazed Roamer", set its aggression to '7' (likely a state of hostility with lower awareness) and its max health to 120. You will also note that each line is terminated with a semicolon. This is important.


    So... Kian here tells us how to boost one or more creations in a zone. 

    A clarification: Max_health is on top of the "normal" level-defined health of a creature. I.e. Max Health 120 is "120 hp on top of what a normal creation of that level would have". 

    Keep in mind that many creations already have extras. 


    Find a zone, find the boss and change his/her/its level to your liking and voila, you have a bigger level. If the creature can Shape creations, those creations' attacks are  boosted by its level. So if you do that to a Shaper boss the creations he will bring up if you give him +10 levels will have bonuses to their attacks. 

    So you will have a tougher fight.

  12. You check theKian's modding tutorial and you make a thread so we can help you if it seems difficult.
    I've made posts and threads about modding too but they're a bit more advanced and quite chaotic.

     You'll see that in my Warrior mod I have incorporated the Artifact Batons mod from the Gamerman. Unless I recall wrong, he delved into modding after he saw how easy it was. Basic stuff after you grow over your initial reluctance is very easy. You want Battle alphas to have 10 more levels? You go to the proper txt and increase their level by 10. Then you test in game.


    As long as you adhere to The GOLDEN RULE of modding you'll be fine.


    The GOLDEN RULE of modding:
    Backup the file you're working on. If you mess up, you put a previous, working version on and you've just lost a little time.

  13. I cannot do that. Not sure it's possible since I think parts of that are hardcoded. If someone can add a second upgrade to creations I would be very much interested in it.


    Don't be fooled by the two big mods I've done my friend; my modding skills are not too great. It is just that you can do great things with just not that much modding skills. Adding quests requires a bit of scripting and dialogue. You can try it.

  14. Yeap, from the Arena mod.  I use that to test stuff. 

    However, that bigger Alpha is not in the mod. I am trying now to make different entries, so that I can make battle Betas larger than Alphas.


    The problem with the Alphas and the Betas though is... they're not worth their essence cost in the actual GF game. They are too... bland. Punch and get punched. The Battle Gammas have that area attack but they're not Creatable by the player and for a good reason.


    Regardless, it is possible to add new sprites and it is possible to make the existing ones bigger. 


    You increase these: 

    tmp_icon_width = 77; 
     tmp_icon_height = 78;


    taking care that when it says 77 it is 77 + 2 pixels for the black lines and accordingly you magnify the sprite image taking care to not lose transparency.


  15. Is it possible to change the sprite size in GF5 for some of the Creations? In GF2-3 there are scripts in the game about how big the sprite would be. In GF5 I don't remember them working.

    I would like to change the sprite of Drakons and battle alphas to make them bigger, but I would prefer to do it with changing a few parameters in a txt instead of going through all the sprites and manually changing them sprite by sprite, i.e. making the image of the creature for each step, fight-stance and death stance bigger inside the boxes.


    I have tried changing gf5floorster.txt but for some reason it didn't work.


    It has entries like this:

    begindefinetemplate 73;
     //tmp_name = "batalpha";
     tmp_num_icons 0 = 6;
     tmp_num_icons 1 = 10;
     tmp_num_icons 2 = 10;
     tmp_num_icons 3 = 6;
     tmp_num_icons 4 = 6;
     tmp_icon_width = 77;
     tmp_icon_height = 78; 
     tmp_horiz_offset = 1;
     tmp_invertible_lr = 1;


    but changing width and height didn't work.