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  1. Emmm... none other than load function.

    Toroth is really not "necessary". He is necessary only if you want to blow up that captain and complete the quest mechanics-way.


    Also, even if you fail that quest, Greta will still send you new orders later. She will be angry and your reputation with her will take a hit. Your end-of-the-mod rewards will be lower. She will be more reluctant to help you in the future. But... having somewhat less than full reputation with Greta may not be that bad for future quest options. If you are 100% Greta, the Drakons start to dislike you.

  2. I would say that for GF3, there's evil and worse evil. You just choose which side of evil you side with and what you consider the worse evil. There are not really shades of gray IMO.  Just Different sides of a dark gray and black coin. 

  3. 11 hours ago, Vinlie said:

    Regarding Moseh, I think it's so obnoxious that if you're a rebel he'll always drain 2 attributes from you before fighting him with no way of getting them back. What I do now is play the Shaper side until Alwan gives me the quest to repair Moseh, just so I get to keep my attributes the way I want. Of course I kill Moseh and the Barrier Zone Guardians because they're ez af.


    Moseh was probably the most difficult boss in the series for me. 


    As for the Trakovite ending, I think it may also be affected by which NPCs survived and some quests, not solely rep. 

  4. Ouch... Steam version works for me. Well, used to work in my 1366 x 768 computer. Are you sure you set the settings correct? Since GF games are small, would you mind unistaling and reinstalling? 


    GF4 is: 
    - IMO the best of the four games
    - A real MUST to play game since it's the only time you start with the good guys: The rebels!!!! 



  5. Six and a half hours?! O_O That's probably if you are a fast reader or have played the whole game and speed through at blitz speed knowing what to do where and you never hit load.

  6. 6 hours ago, Outside the Ox said:

    Huh, really?  Are you sure?


    Well, you can always withdraw from his faction by killing him, which I highly recommend both for the Unaligned ending and, frankly, in general.


    Wise words have never been said. Killing Zakary is a holy duty for Shapers, Rebels and unaligned alike. 

  7. Well, I played the game at easy difficulty. There's no shame there buddy. 

    Also, I don't think I finished Sharon's grove. And I certainly didn't mess with the demon.


    With magic shaping at 8, I would actually think Vlish should be better than Glaaks since they don't have to move to melee range. But you have to level them up. 

  8. 4 hours ago, Triumph said:

    This should be entirely feasible. I'm not certain about the first two games, but at least in G3 it was possible to complete the game without inflicting a single point of damage via player-controlled characters (and no mental magic either), and based on my experiences with G4, I'd be pretty confident it's possible there, too. Taking brute force out of the equation forces you to look at each zone as a puzzle to be solved. What combination of leadership, mechanics, sneaking, friendly NPCs, and other environmental elements will let me accomplish me goal? This approach also changes how you look at equipment - combat effectiveness is no longer how you determine "best" armor and weapons to equip. You cannot clear every zone or quest as a pacifist - some absolutely require combat - but you should be able to complete the game.


    Interesting. How can you take down the Monarch without a hit?

  9. 4 hours ago, googoogjoob said:


    and is irreconcilable with the design of the game.


    *Cough cough* I dare to disagree with that.


    However... Diablo is a veeeeeeeery different game than GForge. One is an enjoyable (for those that like the genre) hack-an-slash while the other is a game with complex morals, exploration, a deep story, learning about the world etc.

    Geneforge is not, and IMO should not, be a diablo-like game where you just lead a bunch of creation to battle through large dungeons.


    But to say that "be able to build your own base and set up sharper defenses while npc or automated enemy factions try to raid you" is incompatible with the game is ignoring the power of modding. It is perfectly doable (I have two mods about it) but certainly not in a Diablo-like way.

  10. 1 hour ago, Chopkinsca said:


    I didn't know I could walk away like that. I just did that and checked out that ending. Kind of a depressing one, so I'll see what the awakened ending is like.


    Much better IMO! :)


    2 hours ago, And my heart too. said:

    Um, alhoon, as you can see, that entire post was only about G2.  Again, I don't know what you are talking about.


    O...kaaaay, I see the problem now. I thought you mentioned GF3. You didn't.

    What I was talking about is: Magic (as you said) is good in GF2, and it is IMO the best in GF3 and good in GF4. That was all. I thought you mentioned GF3 but I misread your post.

  11. 15 hours ago, Chopkinsca said:


    I'll probably be done with the game soon, but sure.


    Botched it for GF2. Worked for a couple test items (like blade of Empathy) but I probably mistyped something somewhere after that. It is a bit of a pain to change them all again.

    So, while I verified that:

    	it_pet_stats_to_affect 0 = 202;
    	it_pet_stats_addition 0 = 1;
    	it_pet_stats_to_affect 1 = 203;
    	it_pet_stats_addition 1 = 1;

    works to give bonuses to hit and damage levels in GF2 too, I have to go over the whole item list again and change strength to creations push other stats down etc. (I.e. if an item gives bonuses to both strength and other creation stats, you have to change the numbers of the other stats too)


    I'll do it at another time.

  12. 10 hours ago, And my heart too. said:


    I have no idea what you are trying to say here, since you quoted a comment about G2.

    Quoted half the part I was referring to.  :(

    You mentioned that Magic shaping is the way to go for GF3 and I added it is also very good in GF4 too.

  13. 45 minutes ago, Chopkinsca said:

    Just wondering, are there any challenge zones in the game? Zones with nothing but a challenge for the brave and/or the sadistic.


    Yes, there are challenge zones. They are not for the brave, they are for the masochists. :P
    You don't really need to do those. By the time you can beat those, you can beat the whole game, so the items you get from there are already redundant IMO.

  14. 37 minutes ago, Chopkinsca said:


    I want to play a guardian. I also want to play an agent. Maybe in the future when I replay the game. I feel shaper is the class the game is meant to be played with, at least the first time through. 

    I would agree. :) 


    Magic Shaping's still better in G2, but Fire's functional.  

    Actually in GF4 wingbolts are also very powerful for their cost.


  15. 10 hours ago, And my heart too. said:

    G1 is the only game in which it's favorable to make new creations throughout the game, and even then, it's not always the best option.  In all other games, you want to make good creations as early as possible and keep them alive forever.  The definition of "good creations" differs from game to game.  Fire is doable in G2, thanks mainly to Cryoas and Cryodrayks.  When you do G3, if you play a Shaper, you'll want to go Magic for sure.


    Cryodrayks? They were very expensive for their buck in my humble opinion. Of course, I didn't get them early nor I had invested in fire so I may be underestimating them.


    GF3 you'll want to go Magic for sure whatever you are playing.

  16. Since you're still kinda early, may I suggest you go for Magic Shaping and Vlish as soon as possible? Generally it is considered more optimal to concentrate on one type of creation and I believe magic is the best in GF2. A temporary thahd or clawbug till you get better creations is doable too and I wouldn't think you need to invest in Fire or Battle to have them perform respectably in the first zones. There are also some "free" guys you may recruit.


    I think (I could be wrong) that items that give +str to creations are bugged in GF2 and I also think that Shaping above 10 gives less levels. So, I would suggest getting magic Shaping to 7-8 (It could go up with items to 10) and also start investing a bit in intelligence so you could afford more creations.

  17. Well, I played it on easy so that I wouldn't have to bother with reloads or bothering to collect everything and optimizing build etc. Regardless, shaper is pretty easy if you keep your guy away during combat and concentrate on healing and blessings so that you won't be attacked. Just keep in mind that a "clean hands" Shaper (i.e. a Shaper that doesn't personally fight) is a healthy Shaper. A couple more creations will reduce the XP you get slightly but since you get XP based on your level difference with your enemies it's not as bad as it sounds.


    I am sure there are more efficient ways to play a Shaper than this but it worked for me and (since I was playing on easy) I breezed through the game. This is the only game I played on easy cause the inventory screen was not something I wanted to mess with. I wanted to experience the story and not the battles.

  18. You asked at the right place. We have a person here that has more or less made so much work into investigating such questions with numbers, tests and statistics that makes you think he's suffering the side-effects from Canister abuse. The diligence of work he has done for all these games is astonishing.


    However, if you need a "quick and dirty" answer from an amateur like me that finished the game once as a Shaper instead of waiting the answer from that person:


    I played a Shaper. I leveled up my creations and they became more powerful, until I got new creation types. Some Creations are better than others and you better get them early to level them up. I suggest that you take a good look at your creations when you buy up Shaping or get those Shaping skill bonus items.

    If Creation A is level 17 and you can make the same creation at level 18+, absorb. If creation A is level 18 and you can make the same creation at level 17 or below, don't absorb.