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  1. Zone Environment Data

    Well: "Zone 0 - Pacification Fields: 0,0,9,0,4,0,5,0" "Zone 61 - Inner Gazaki-Uss: 0,0,9,0,8,0,2,0" So I would say that the 3rd number is not the weather, since Inner G-U doesn't have the same weather (possible snow) as Pacification fields.
  2. I have not played descent but I applaud your effort!
  3. Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    All mods are good
  4. To Steam or Not To Steam....

    With steam you can play offline, but Lilith is correct. Of course, I have bought the series twice for myself and two more times for friends. And I am poor as a note. That's how much I want to support it.
  5. [GF5] Arena mod. v2

    Welcome to the Arena modification for Geneforge 5. As the name of the mod implies, this is a mod where you pit your character against an assortment of enemies. The Arena mod, while fun, is not a full gameplay mod. There are no quests, there are no deep NPCs etc. It started as an effort to test the various changes I make as I work on the "Total Conversion Mod". However, new battle scripts and changes in items and creations give this mod an air of freshness. The premise of this mod, is that your character is in a dream. It requires you to start a new game. You start at 18th level, in a large room. A Drakon Lifecrafter nearby can boost your level, abilities, spells etc. A Shaper can create enemies and allies for you. There are 4 chests with equipment of different tiers for you to choose. Once ready and you have told the Shaper to bring in the enemies, proceed to the next room. There's a signpost there. Read it and start the fight. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Link 1: https://gamefront.online/files/30000779/ArenaGF5.rar Link 2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/km52qxbj3pvq1gy/ArenaGF5.rar INSTALLATION: To install: - Backup your "Geneforge 5" folder. - Copy and paste the folder "Geneforge 5" to your Geneforge folder (where all the Geneforge games are). You should be prompted that some files will be overwritten. Accept and the mod will be installed. To uninstall: Simply overwrite the Geneforge 5 folder with the original from your back up. The mod is tested and works with a clean installation of Geneforge 5 on Windows 10. It has not been tested for MAC. This mod is not compatible with your GF5 saves! Don't try to use it with your normal GF5. There is no wrong way to use this mod. If you want to make a character with 30 intelligence at 18th lvl so you can have a bazillion of top creations at full modifications, all the power to you. If you want to give your character Battle Shaping 15 and Shape Clawbug 15 to make 45 lvl clawbugs, so be it. If on the other hand want something more reasonable, like a lvl 23 character with mid-early equipment and 3-4 tier 2 creations and see how you fare against moderate enemies, so much the better. And of course, if you want to see how a pair of Battle Alphas fares against a rotgroth, all you have to do is Shape those Alphas and have them fight the Rotgroth without you interfering. As said, no wrong way to use this mod. Changes from the normal combat gameplay of GF5: - The levels of most creations is different with a larger gap in power between the various creations. - Some items have changed - There are new NPC types (Batoneers, conscripts, Shocktroopers, Lifecrafters, Prospectives etc) - There are a couple new Creations - Some enemies have more complicated scripts What you should be aware of: - Not all creation types are available for the Player to Shape; I have put in only the creations that would be present in the total conversion mod. - The scope of the total conversion mod is to be from levels 18-35 or so. However the intention is to make the world of the total conversion as such, that a level 35 character doesn't have immense power able to stomp everything underfoot. - The chests are in "tiers". Beginning, mid-early, mid-late, end-game. - There is an option to activate a "Healing field". This may periodically heal a few of your enemies every turn. - In one of the chests are "sanity crystals". Having them in your equipment would be a great boon when fighting a Dementor. - Therions are slightly overpowered compared to their essence cost compared to other Tier 2 creations. This is intentional because in the actual game learning to Shape them will require more effort.
  6. Live Action Movie

    Hmmm... Perhaps independent stories in the universe, with small tie-ins from the big names would be better. As for "movies ruin games\books": I don't agree. More often than not they do a good job. But as for geneforge? I don't see any big budget movie \ series happening and if we get those amateurish productions with Shaper Robes looking like bathrobes-with-a-die-over, over-the-top acting and cartoonish creations, I would be very sad. Would still watch it. But I would be sad.
  7. Live Action Movie

    I believe a TV series would be better but movies could work too.
  8. Geneforge 5 Modding Suite Demo

    Hello! Not to be ungrateful or pushy, just a question out of interest: How is this going?
  9. That would make any char insanely overpowered.
  10. There are also duplicates of items you encounter in past games. For starters... Geneforges! I don't think you ever encounter the same Geneforge, but you encounter Geneforges. Some NPCs carry from a game to the next. Many events in the games are considered to have taken place in following games although many are "modified". For example, it is considered that the Rebellion started in the Ashen Isles and the big Shaper boss there died. Whether you kill him in the game or not.
  11. [GF4] Monarch's motives?

    The Drakons never ever went that far. The Monarch was just spawning stuff acting like a volcano with Shaping. A force of nature, a destructive wave that leaves behind only ashes. The Unbound were made in a way to die off within 1-2 years of their creation as we learn in GF5. The Drakons planned to rule their parts and threw the Unbound behind enemy lines. The Monarch was spawning rogues right in his home, practically under his bed, putting all his confidence in a stick that would keep them away long enough to not eat him. That was nothing like the desperate plan of the Drakons. If the Monarch just wanted to do his naughty research, in that locked door that I never went into BTW, I think Litalia had the key or something, he could do it in the wilderness or deeeeeep in the mines under his house without saying "Hello. I decided to kill all of you! And I mean every last one of you." To his neighbors once they came knocking. Really, they started investigating when the monsters became too many. I think that maybe Triumph is right. He probably just wanted to see the world burn but unlike Nero that was reciting poetry as Rome was burning, the Monarch was using his spare time to do bizarre research as the Fens of Aziraph burned. But why? Nero was convincing himself he would build a better Rome. The Monarch just had a bunch of mindless serviles and didn't seem kin to make more of them.
  12. Several year after playing GF4 and I still wonder over the Monarch. First thing first I like this villain a lot. Not gray lines there. A madman without redeeming qualities bent on evil. Still, what do you think the Monarch's motives were? Power? He could have made a nice underground kingdom for himself for his mindless serviles. And what's the point of having a big patch of land, as big as a moderate province actually, completely devoid of sentient life as your own? Even the vast majority of his Creations were not loyal to him but rogue. That's not power. He could have just gone to a nice empty place in the Dera Reaches and set up camp there if he didn't want a place with anything not Monarch-made. I really don't understand why the Monarch wanted to wipe out anything non-monarch made. He didn't wanted control over Terrestia apparently; he didn't conquer land. He emptied it. Was he a hermit? There are other ways, safer, to be anti-social than taking both the Rebels and the Shapers for the lulz if you don't like neighbors. Just go to a mountain, make things to eat and make those mindless non-sentient serviles to serve you. Problem solved. Was he a nihilist that just wanted to destroy anything non-Monarch made in the world? He GOT to have realized that this was impossible by just throwing out spawners and a control baton. At some point the creations would eat each other and stopped moving away.
  13. 3D models of sprites

    If you get a positive answer, could you perhaps share 2D screenshots from other sides of the model so that they can be used in mods? It would probably require a separate permission to use in mods BTW.
  14. 3D models of sprites

    I think your best bet is to ask Jeff.
  15. I know and agree... but it would also add a ton of work!
  16. Dear all, this thread would serve to talk about my grandiose plan to make a total conversion mod for Geneforge 5. The mod will take place in a big island, 4-5 years after the Rebellion started and every zone will be new. The Kian's Modding Suite tool in combination with my own tools (made in matlab) make the design of completely new zones easy enough for me to take this undertaking. The task is anything but simple. Anyone that has followed my modding work would realize that if mods expanding on the existing content of GF5 took me close to a year each, this one will take longer. Even including the work I've already put towards the mod (modified creations and items can be tested here) I expect the project to take me quite some time since I won't work full time. The first target for release is early 2020 (subject to change). I will release a small demo, containing the first couple of zones earlier. So, why do I bother you all so early? Because while I have a vision for this mod (a couple of you are aware of some details) I would like to discuss some of my plans and later to see if I can trick entice any volunteers. What I have decided so far (opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism welcome): The scope of the game will be smaller than the full games. My plan is for the game to feel in size and power progression similar to Mera Tev and early Storm Plains. The area will be an island of moderate size (about the size of Lesbos or Mauritius), with one city, two small towns and several villages. The area will contain 18-22 zones (not 80 like the full games). The Rebellion has reached this island less than a year ago and the land is divided between the Shapers and various factions of the Rebellion. The Shapers of this island have seen their numbers reduced as the council draw from their numbers to support the war effort. There are less than 20 shapers (including apprentices and prospectives) remaining. The Rebellion lacks coordination between the factions and has no true central command. The level range will be 18 to about 35. However, the plan is for level 35 to feel closer to 26-27 level in power; you will be powerful but not able to take on whole armies. The power of the enemies will be mostly static. A rank-and-file soldier encountered at the beginning will have the same stats as a rank-and-file soldier encountered at the end. Some enemies will increase in power as they gain more battle experience or access to more canisters, better equipment, magic etc. There will be no named characters from the other games directly involved. There will be rumors about Alwan fighting in Ilya province or word that Greta\Litalia\Ghaldring sent canisters\reinforcements but you will not see them in the game. Speaking of canisters, they will be rare and more powerful. Unless there is a reason for it, there won't be a canister in a wrecked house. Not all creations will be possible to be made in the game. Knowledge to make Kyshaaks hasn't reached that island yet for example and war-tralls and wingbolts are rare. What I would specifically like input on I was thinking to start working on the "Character is at the side of the Rebellion" questline first since I prefer the Rebels. However, I realized there's an easier path: Player being a trakovite. But not a Trakovite "follower" that gets his orders or even suggestions from someone. The Player could be the first Trakovite to set foot on that area, moving around the embattled island trying to convince people to become Trakovites trying to balance expanding their numbers (and power) against drawing attention. Then, depending on who the player has convinced to join (and assuming those have not been exposed by the Shapers \ hardcore rebels and executed) he or she may attempt a coup. Or exact promises from either side to step back somewhat from Shaping in exchange for the now-powerful Trakovite faction joining them and lesser punishments for captured Trakovites. The player would be severely hampered on Shaping (even if he or she picks up a bit of it) and would have to rely on hirelings and personal power to survive. This idea is not fully developed yet. I am not sure that's the direction I would want for this. Do you think that I should focus on the "traditional" Rebel \ Shaper fight and perhaps later put in the Trakovite path? Or 3 full games on Rebels \ Shapers and Trakovites being crushed underfoot is enough to justify a short game about a Trakovite trying to get some power?
  17. Geneforge 5 Modding Suite Demo

    AWESOME. That way manual changes I've made after the zone creation (which I make in part with zonelab in part with matlab) could be auto implemented. That is a very cool idea and would freaking simplify things for all those people (I hope there are many) that want to make mods and lack the necessary time to learn the blades of geneforge xls.
  18. Geneforge 5 Modding Suite Demo

    Suggestion: (minor) Make the batch file thing to say clearly that you need to put in the path without the exe file! This works: "C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG.com\Geneforge\Geneforge 5 Expans" This doesn't work: "C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG.com\Geneforge\Geneforge 5 Expans\Geneforge 5.exe" Took me 4 tries. Also, could it -save- the path somewhere? So I don't have to put it all the time? Suggestion: (Major) minimap. I really think this awesome tool would be better with a minimap. Suggestion: (Major) allow it to open zonelab txt files. Bug: The tool doesn't parch anything beyond tile x=9 when I use it on an image and it returns weird results. Zonelab itself (the independent one) parches it correct). It parches all y tiles. Love everything I see so far. You should email this to Jeff so he can make more games easier. Question: Is the save functionality supposed to be working? Cause it doesn't work for me.
  19. Geneforge 5 Modding Suite Demo

    TheKian, I can't download the modding suite because dropbox tells me you've hit your traffic limit or something. Could you upload it somewhere else? And may I suggest you add the link to this thread in your sig buddy. It's not everyday that we see this kind of tool.
  20. Geneforge 5 Modding Suite Demo

    Awesome! I cannot express how happy I am with this development. May it open the doors for tons of new fan-made content.
  21. G4 Barrier Bros

    Hmm... I didn't know that you could pass mostly-free to the first Drakon city (the one with Salassar) if you had low rebel reputation. Taking into account your insight, I should better have said: The Shapers pay better but if you're a hardcore Shaper and do all their quests you have to fight armies of Drakons. However, I remember several areas swarming with drakons. Are all those reachable "peacefully" by Shaper supporters? (It's not that the Drakons let a rebel in complete peace either). won't go combing for scripts, but it seems weird that a clear pro-Shaper would be entrusted by both Litalia and the Drakons to go deep in Drakon-held lands and then Northforge. Khur: Is he the "We're all going to die!" servile? That one joined me. Moseh liquefied him I think.
  22. G4 Barrier Bros

    OK then, Nim is right. From the Script even if you betray the Rebels twice they still allow you to help.
  23. G4 Barrier Bros

    Khur? Khur can join fence sitters? I didn't have him with me and the Shapers were not trusting me either. Low rebel rep means you have to fight through armies of Drakons that otherwise you can just walk by.
  24. G4 Barrier Bros

    Yes because the Shapers are the most evil of the two evil sides. The Drakons are bad, but the Rebellion is more than the Drakons.