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    For starters you can be a servile in GF5, while you can't in GF3.
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    Damn, I was scared for a bit... I certainly want a GF1 remake since I haven't played the original and GF2 while good story would certainly benefit from more love to creations and improved mechanics like a better inventory system. Thanks Randomizer.
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    Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    Another way to do it, quite more complex but doable, is through a usable item that triggers a script. But for the creations to not be in the party, they have to be included in all zones. Level, bonuses etc can be scripted, but the presence of the creations to be summoned is unavoidable and its the big hustle. It is possible in a way similar to the way Pinchy (the imba-powerful Clawbug Shaped by Arkaron when you have him in your party in the Warrior Mod) worked, but it is too much work to do that for all zones. TL;DR sorry mate, it's too much work...
  4. Which drayks if I may ask? Perhaps the scripts boost some? But still, it wouldn't be "Strengthened by your presence"... probably a bug. But 46 lvl? War-Trall Shaper? War-Tralls are super-cost-effective essence-wise. At 46 lvl you probably have a few artifacts to give your creations a +6 to +12 to stats or something and a ton of essence. With 5 high-level War tralls you probably could take everything in the game, including the final battles. You can cut through those 1500 hp drayks with ease. Do it! :-)
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    Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    The one I would miss the most is what every Shaper has GF3 and onwards: Shape in battle. I would hug the back and send waaaaaaaves of expendable creations.
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    Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    If you put in the artifacts one could have and items that give your creations huge boosts, I think they are not. Weeeeeeeell... some people have tried it. Yes they are OP but not "horrendously". They are like 1 1/2 War Tralls more or less. And let's be sincere here: even without them towards the end game a completionist is ridiculously OP already. My endgame Shaper had a ton of artifacts and items that boosted creations giving them like +8-12 to stats. Throw in the regeneration aura so they get back ~30 hp per round and they're like +15-20 levels or something (and they started high because I had a different set of items to boost my Shaping skills).
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    change item weight

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    change item weight

    Well, if you don't want to worry with weight at all, perhaps make everything weigh 0.1 like the potions
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    change item weight

    Playing as a Shaper, I've cheated more strength. Not a crazy amount mind you, a 10-12 or something. I still have problems carrying too much but the game was built with that limitation in mind, I think. Changing everything to 1 would also make coins weight that much perhaps, and potions and stackables etc. Also, it would make the choice between armors meaningless.
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    [GF4] Stuck on an unwinnable position (Moseh fight)

    Also he's IMO a very hard boss if you don't take out the other two Shapers first.
  11. Reused an existing one with a different dialogue.
  12. The Warrior and Guardians mod: I made this mod is for Warriors and Guardians and incorporates elements of the "Artifact Batons" mod by Gameman as well as a completely new zone. Gameman and myself have tested the whole thing and theKian has kindly betatested parts of it. After certain Rebel missions you can request to be made Captain of the Rebellion and be given a base to command. For Shaper-minded individuals, you'll be given the chance to betray the Rebellion if you so choose. This mod is designed only for Guardians and Warriors! Using a different class would be problematic since the new quests, rewards and equipment are geared towards those two classes! A Shaper will see little benefit from a recipe that gives a good baton for example, or an agent would become overly powerful if she is given the ability to include in her party a large group of free-from-essence reliable allies (while a lifecrafter\Shaper could make better). NPCs will regard the player as a Warrior or Guardian which affects some of the dialogue aside of the rewards. The mod is not save compatible, it requires a new game. DOWNLOAD LINK 1: https://www.mediafire.com/?5762ayc8efb5t8i DOWNLOAD LINK 2: https://gamefront.online/files/30000771/Warrior_Guardian_Mod.rar Features of this mod are: - Artifact Batons and exceptionally powerful shields and weapons. However, unlike the Artifact Baton mod (thanks Gamerman!), in order to make them you have to locate the recipes! - Multiple new mid-late game quests. - A completely new zone, West of Dera Bridge. To locate it and the secrets within you need to establish a base and complete certain quests. - Rebalance the classes. Removed the resistances for Shaper classes to make them compatible with their respective Rebel classes (Guardian still has the starting essence bonus) - Control of a base gives you several benefits. Some of these include requesting soldiers to join your party, salary and quests with significant rewards. - New mechanic: Combat Worthiness. Your soldiers start as a ragtag group and can be trained and equipped to become an elite force. - New characters and NPCs to react with, with their stories, problems, agendas and motivations. - Experience and Equipment shortcuts. Now, you don't have to complete side quests you've done a dozen times or visit zones that you don't find interesting just to level up or gather a little money. At certain points through the game a level check will be made and you'll be asked whether you want extra XP, coins and equipment. The checks are made: On a new game. When you enter Mera Tev (if you're below level 14). When you enter the North Plains (if you're below level 24). Outside Ghazaki Uss (if you're below level 30). At the Dera Bridge (if you're below level 35). - Canister abuse has an impact on some of the new quests. This mod doesn't alter the existing story of the game or the endings in any way. It adds content to the game, it doesn't change existing content. For those interested in modding: Since I could do it, so can you. Not every mod has to be a big multi-month project. Modding is caring. A LITTLE HELP ABOUT THE MOD: - To set up the base, you have to do a specific quest for the Rebels. It is in the introduction of several zones. - After you do that quest, a dialogue option opens up with Greta and Ghaldring in Gazaki-Uss - You are under the command of General Greta, a moderate. The better your relation with Greta's faction of the Rebels the bigger your salary and rewards. - You will get options to betray the Rebellion, even very far into the main quest. This will heavily adjust your relations with the Shapers so that it would be possible to join them. - You don't get -anything- for betraying the Rebellion, other the possibility (with some work) to join the Shapers and the enmity of the Rebels. Don't expect to walk to Alwan or Taygen and tell him "I was a captain of the Rebels, hit the Shapers mightly and then I betrayed the Rebels. What do I get in return?". As such, even if you want to join the Shapers I suggest you progress a lot in the quest before you do it, to get most of the rewards. - The Rebellion expects their commanders to be close to the ideals of the Rebellion. Your salary (and certain events) are also based on your Rebel\Shaper reputation. - Doing quests for Greta and improving your relation with her allows you to request more resources and manpower from her for an increase in your troops combat worthiness. A big thank you to Gamerman for the Artifact Baton mod and betatesting and theKian for betatest. Update: Without any reported problems from several players that used this mod, I decided to move it out of Beta What people have said about the mod:
  13. I didn't. I rehashed an existing shop. Go to the script for the right NPC and see the shop number. That's what I use.
  14. alhoon

    Zone Environment Data

    Well: "Zone 0 - Pacification Fields: 0,0,9,0,4,0,5,0" "Zone 61 - Inner Gazaki-Uss: 0,0,9,0,8,0,2,0" So I would say that the 3rd number is not the weather, since Inner G-U doesn't have the same weather (possible snow) as Pacification fields.
  15. I have not played descent but I applaud your effort!
  16. alhoon

    Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    All mods are good
  17. alhoon

    To Steam or Not To Steam....

    With steam you can play offline, but Lilith is correct. Of course, I have bought the series twice for myself and two more times for friends. And I am poor as a note. That's how much I want to support it.
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    [GF5] Arena mod. v2

    Welcome to the Arena modification for Geneforge 5. As the name of the mod implies, this is a mod where you pit your character against an assortment of enemies. The Arena mod, while fun, is not a full gameplay mod. There are no quests, there are no deep NPCs etc. It started as an effort to test the various changes I make as I work on the "Total Conversion Mod". However, new battle scripts and changes in items and creations give this mod an air of freshness. The premise of this mod, is that your character is in a dream. It requires you to start a new game. You start at 18th level, in a large room. A Drakon Lifecrafter nearby can boost your level, abilities, spells etc. A Shaper can create enemies and allies for you. There are 4 chests with equipment of different tiers for you to choose. Once ready and you have told the Shaper to bring in the enemies, proceed to the next room. There's a signpost there. Read it and start the fight. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Link 1: https://gamefront.online/files/30000779/ArenaGF5.rar Link 2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/km52qxbj3pvq1gy/ArenaGF5.rar INSTALLATION: To install: - Backup your "Geneforge 5" folder. - Copy and paste the folder "Geneforge 5" to your Geneforge folder (where all the Geneforge games are). You should be prompted that some files will be overwritten. Accept and the mod will be installed. To uninstall: Simply overwrite the Geneforge 5 folder with the original from your back up. The mod is tested and works with a clean installation of Geneforge 5 on Windows 10. It has not been tested for MAC. This mod is not compatible with your GF5 saves! Don't try to use it with your normal GF5. There is no wrong way to use this mod. If you want to make a character with 30 intelligence at 18th lvl so you can have a bazillion of top creations at full modifications, all the power to you. If you want to give your character Battle Shaping 15 and Shape Clawbug 15 to make 45 lvl clawbugs, so be it. If on the other hand want something more reasonable, like a lvl 23 character with mid-early equipment and 3-4 tier 2 creations and see how you fare against moderate enemies, so much the better. And of course, if you want to see how a pair of Battle Alphas fares against a rotgroth, all you have to do is Shape those Alphas and have them fight the Rotgroth without you interfering. As said, no wrong way to use this mod. Changes from the normal combat gameplay of GF5: - The levels of most creations is different with a larger gap in power between the various creations. - Some items have changed - There are new NPC types (Batoneers, conscripts, Shocktroopers, Lifecrafters, Prospectives etc) - There are a couple new Creations - Some enemies have more complicated scripts What you should be aware of: - Not all creation types are available for the Player to Shape; I have put in only the creations that would be present in the total conversion mod. - The scope of the total conversion mod is to be from levels 18-35 or so. However the intention is to make the world of the total conversion as such, that a level 35 character doesn't have immense power able to stomp everything underfoot. - The chests are in "tiers". Beginning, mid-early, mid-late, end-game. - There is an option to activate a "Healing field". This may periodically heal a few of your enemies every turn. - In one of the chests are "sanity crystals". Having them in your equipment would be a great boon when fighting a Dementor. - Therions are slightly overpowered compared to their essence cost compared to other Tier 2 creations. This is intentional because in the actual game learning to Shape them will require more effort.
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    Live Action Movie

    Hmmm... Perhaps independent stories in the universe, with small tie-ins from the big names would be better. As for "movies ruin games\books": I don't agree. More often than not they do a good job. But as for geneforge? I don't see any big budget movie \ series happening and if we get those amateurish productions with Shaper Robes looking like bathrobes-with-a-die-over, over-the-top acting and cartoonish creations, I would be very sad. Would still watch it. But I would be sad.
  20. alhoon

    Live Action Movie

    I believe a TV series would be better but movies could work too.
  21. alhoon

    Geneforge 5 Modding Suite Demo

    Hello! Not to be ungrateful or pushy, just a question out of interest: How is this going?
  22. That would make any char insanely overpowered.
  23. There are also duplicates of items you encounter in past games. For starters... Geneforges! I don't think you ever encounter the same Geneforge, but you encounter Geneforges. Some NPCs carry from a game to the next. Many events in the games are considered to have taken place in following games although many are "modified". For example, it is considered that the Rebellion started in the Ashen Isles and the big Shaper boss there died. Whether you kill him in the game or not.
  24. alhoon

    [GF4] Monarch's motives?

    The Drakons never ever went that far. The Monarch was just spawning stuff acting like a volcano with Shaping. A force of nature, a destructive wave that leaves behind only ashes. The Unbound were made in a way to die off within 1-2 years of their creation as we learn in GF5. The Drakons planned to rule their parts and threw the Unbound behind enemy lines. The Monarch was spawning rogues right in his home, practically under his bed, putting all his confidence in a stick that would keep them away long enough to not eat him. That was nothing like the desperate plan of the Drakons. If the Monarch just wanted to do his naughty research, in that locked door that I never went into BTW, I think Litalia had the key or something, he could do it in the wilderness or deeeeeep in the mines under his house without saying "Hello. I decided to kill all of you! And I mean every last one of you." To his neighbors once they came knocking. Really, they started investigating when the monsters became too many. I think that maybe Triumph is right. He probably just wanted to see the world burn but unlike Nero that was reciting poetry as Rome was burning, the Monarch was using his spare time to do bizarre research as the Fens of Aziraph burned. But why? Nero was convincing himself he would build a better Rome. The Monarch just had a bunch of mindless serviles and didn't seem kin to make more of them.
  25. alhoon

    3D models of sprites

    If you get a positive answer, could you perhaps share 2D screenshots from other sides of the model so that they can be used in mods? It would probably require a separate permission to use in mods BTW.