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  1. alhoon

    Geneforge 5 Modding[G5]

    Unfortunately, those can't be edited easily. I think the costs are "locked". You can make a cheaper creation better though. PS. Generally, it is advised to not post in very old threads.
  2. alhoon

    Intelligence (as a stat name) is weird

    I think intelligence in the game that starts at 1 doesn't mean that a person is smart or foolish. Remember: A non-sentient rogue Fyora of level 6 would have int 3. Does that mean that a Fyora is smarter than the player character at start? I don't think so. I think it's just meant for mechanical reasons to give you your essence and spell energy.
  3. Emmm... none other than load function. Toroth is really not "necessary". He is necessary only if you want to blow up that captain and complete the quest mechanics-way. Also, even if you fail that quest, Greta will still send you new orders later. She will be angry and your reputation with her will take a hit. Your end-of-the-mod rewards will be lower. She will be more reluctant to help you in the future. But... having somewhat less than full reputation with Greta may not be that bad for future quest options. If you are 100% Greta, the Drakons start to dislike you.
  4. alhoon

    G2 shaper (shapers in general)

    Remember that in many GF games, the extra strength from items on creations, while it shows up in their stats doesn't work. I don't know if it is version-specific or only for steam version PC version GForge.
  5. alhoon

    Geneforge 4 Trakovites *Spoilers*

    Those include the Trakovites though 😛
  6. alhoon

    G3 is done and I liked it

    I would say that for GF3, there's evil and worse evil. You just choose which side of evil you side with and what you consider the worse evil. There are not really shades of gray IMO. Just Different sides of a dark gray and black coin.
  7. alhoon

    Geneforge 4 Trakovites *Spoilers*

    Moseh was probably the most difficult boss in the series for me. As for the Trakovite ending, I think it may also be affected by which NPCs survived and some quests, not solely rep.
  8. alhoon

    Geneforge 4 display problem

    Ouch... Steam version works for me. Well, used to work in my 1366 x 768 computer. Are you sure you set the settings correct? Since GF games are small, would you mind unistaling and reinstalling? GF4 is: - IMO the best of the four games - A real MUST to play game since it's the only time you start with the good guys: The rebels!!!! LONG LIVE THE REBELLION!!!!!
  9. alhoon

    G3 small oops

    Six and a half hours?! O_O That's probably if you are a fast reader or have played the whole game and speed through at blitz speed knowing what to do where and you never hit load.
  10. alhoon

    Need Help Geneforge 2

    Wise words have never been said. Killing Zakary is a holy duty for Shapers, Rebels and unaligned alike.
  11. alhoon

    Need Help Geneforge 2

    Well, I played the game at easy difficulty. There's no shame there buddy. Also, I don't think I finished Sharon's grove. And I certainly didn't mess with the demon. With magic shaping at 8, I would actually think Vlish should be better than Glaaks since they don't have to move to melee range. But you have to level them up.
  12. alhoon

    Geneforge 4 Southern Grosch Servilles

    It's an example of how Monarch mind-wiped everyone cause he more or less wants to remain the only sentient creature in a very, very large area.
  13. alhoon

    Geneforge 4 Need a new play-style!

    Those serviles that accompany you? They can take the Monarch? IIRC they were weak.
  14. alhoon

    Geneforge 4 Need a new play-style!

    Interesting. How can you take down the Monarch without a hit?
  15. alhoon

    Geneforge - Diablo 3 Makeover

    Many of the games can be finished without landing a single blow. I think there are people that have done it. As such, they would make pretty boring doom \ diablo games.