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  1. Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    The one I would miss the most is what every Shaper has GF3 and onwards: Shape in battle. I would hug the back and send waaaaaaaves of expendable creations.
  2. Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    If you put in the artifacts one could have and items that give your creations huge boosts, I think they are not. Weeeeeeeell... some people have tried it. Yes they are OP but not "horrendously". They are like 1 1/2 War Tralls more or less. And let's be sincere here: even without them towards the end game a completionist is ridiculously OP already. My endgame Shaper had a ton of artifacts and items that boosted creations giving them like +8-12 to stats. Throw in the regeneration aura so they get back ~30 hp per round and they're like +15-20 levels or something (and they started high because I had a different set of items to boost my Shaping skills).
  3. change item weight

  4. change item weight

    Well, if you don't want to worry with weight at all, perhaps make everything weigh 0.1 like the potions
  5. change item weight

    Playing as a Shaper, I've cheated more strength. Not a crazy amount mind you, a 10-12 or something. I still have problems carrying too much but the game was built with that limitation in mind, I think. Changing everything to 1 would also make coins weight that much perhaps, and potions and stackables etc. Also, it would make the choice between armors meaningless.
  6. [GF4] Stuck on an unwinnable position (Moseh fight)

    Also he's IMO a very hard boss if you don't take out the other two Shapers first.
  7. Reused an existing one with a different dialogue.
  8. I didn't. I rehashed an existing shop. Go to the script for the right NPC and see the shop number. That's what I use.
  9. Zone Environment Data

    Well: "Zone 0 - Pacification Fields: 0,0,9,0,4,0,5,0" "Zone 61 - Inner Gazaki-Uss: 0,0,9,0,8,0,2,0" So I would say that the 3rd number is not the weather, since Inner G-U doesn't have the same weather (possible snow) as Pacification fields.
  10. I have not played descent but I applaud your effort!
  11. Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    All mods are good
  12. To Steam or Not To Steam....

    With steam you can play offline, but Lilith is correct. Of course, I have bought the series twice for myself and two more times for friends. And I am poor as a note. That's how much I want to support it.
  13. Live Action Movie

    Hmmm... Perhaps independent stories in the universe, with small tie-ins from the big names would be better. As for "movies ruin games\books": I don't agree. More often than not they do a good job. But as for geneforge? I don't see any big budget movie \ series happening and if we get those amateurish productions with Shaper Robes looking like bathrobes-with-a-die-over, over-the-top acting and cartoonish creations, I would be very sad. Would still watch it. But I would be sad.
  14. Live Action Movie

    I believe a TV series would be better but movies could work too.
  15. Geneforge 5 Modding Suite Demo

    Hello! Not to be ungrateful or pushy, just a question out of interest: How is this going?