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  1. Calling Monarch a "Shaper" is a great misnomer. Sure, sure, the guys there also call him "Shaper Monarch" but it is as strange as calling Ghaldring a philanthropist. 😛 In the four geneforge games I've played, with many Shapers away from "Shaper dogma" I have never seen someone as removed from Shaper dogma as the Monarch was. The man is completely bonkers. "I can create life that suits me. So I will kill everything else that I have not made, by a horde of monsters relying on a stick to protect me." + Self-shaping + Creations that can mass-shape creations + mindless serviles. I don't think there was a single rule in the book - or a single rule of common sense - that Monarch didn't break. I was never fond of the way the Shapers treated Serviles, but the way Monarch Shaped serviles to be practically drones was shocking.
  2. Yes, and join the right side. Down with the Shaper Tyranny! Vila la Revolution Rebellion. And then, join the humans instead the Drakons. Down with the Drakon wannaby Tyranny! Yes, they are better than the Shapers* but not better enough. *As in, they don't seem to give a damn what the lesser races do on their own, they do their thing, they may need to sacrifice a few pawns, but generally, the others can go jump off a cliff as far as the Drakons are concerned.
  3. Who ran and left two cannisters hanging around? I wonder, if they didn't want them why did they store them?
  4. So, you betrayed the Rebellion for the $$$$ the Shapers tempted you with, didn't you? After seeing how they treat the Serviles and how their huge creations zapped your fellow boat-arrivals in the first zone. I couldn't really do it in GF4. I couldn't join the Shapers. I did what's required in the end to get the lame last-moment-Shaper ending that is not a good ending but in general, I couldn't betray the rebellion deeply. BUT I could find it within me to do minor betrayals of the Rebellion as I did immediately after the Monarch quest. No spoilers.
  5. Ahhh... the Fens. I also found that place frustrating I think it's frustrating by design Endless rogues are frustrating to both the Rebels and the Shapers, in fact they're so frustrating that they decided to stop fighting each other and fight the Monarch over it.
  6. Hi there, I am trying to run Geneforge 5 from steam in windows 10, 1920 x 1080, but I encounter severe problems. Namely, whether I use 1920x1080 or 1024 x 768 display the game cuts the upper, lower and peripheral parts of the screen, unless I play in a clunky window mode. That means I can't see the creations, the bar and half the minimap unless I use window mode. Geneforge 4 gives me the same. I have used steam GF games in the past from a different, smaller computer and I didn't have any problem at all. I may I have used GF in this computer like 6-7 months ago, also without problems. What could be the problem? Any solutions?
  7. Nope. Not without a mod. Buuuuut... it's easy to make them with a mod. You simply replace the Plated Clawbug for the PC with those clawbugs or if you want more balance, the battle-alphas which cost more and are meh creations in GF5. It works mostly like this: The cost for the creations are "locked", I haven't found a way to change them. I.e. the "2nd battle creation, upgraded" will always cost the same whether you have the Stinging clawbug there or the Plated one. Which means that if you put the much more powerful Stinging Clawbug there, you get a very powerful creation, very cheaply. That's why I suggest replacing the Battle Alphas instead - the cost is more balanced and you won't end up with a party of 3 Stinging Clawbugs and 4 Vlish till you get Gazers and Wartralls. If you opt to replace the Plated Clawbug with the stinging blue ones, the game will be skewed in your favor. If you opt to replace the Battle Alphas, you will be buying points and stuff for Battle Alphas but you would be making Stinging Clawbugs. Unfortunately I cannot walk you through it now, but in the near future I will if you're interested. It is very simple. G5 is a very very solid game. Self-promotion: And if you want more from GF5, you can try my mods. 🙂
  8. Thank you all for your reviews. I look forward to this game, thanks to you all. Since there have been spoilers added in this thread, I will depart but you still have my thanks. In my opinion, since the game is new and people may check the reviews of the "old timers" here to see if this is their cup of tea, perhaps spoilers should have been kept out. Still, thank you all for your opinions.
  9. Hello, long time fun of Geneforge games (the only games I've played from Spiderweb). I checked but I didn't find a thread dedicated to reviews so far. I would like to know from players new and old: Do you like Queen's Wish? What is new and what is familiar in this game? Spiderweb being spiderweb I guess this is character driven and story oriented and not too much pew-pew-boom-boom. But how is it on the writing side? With all due respect, I found the geneforge games a bit "light" on the text and descriptions department. I am not asking for tons of text, I am just wondering whether writing is more in this one. Are the new stronghold mechanics good? I am optimistic about this game and I would buy it eventually but I was considering to wait for a steam sale or something.
  10. I can guarantee it took years of hard work from theKian, with a various versions and all. The amount of work he put in this tool is great as is my thanks to him for this. Zonelab tool: I do remember how to use this. More or less, similar to what I did in matlab, you make a bmp file using a specific color code and that generates a zone.
  11. There are also several items that give a little healing, so with 1-2 points in total, you would be fine I think by late game. However, personally, I go for regeneration aura as soon as realistically possible.
  12. I also loved GF and I haven't tried the rest of the games. Why not? Because the premise of the Geneforge, a game where you make your own party, literally, was intriguing and innovative.
  13. Clawbugs for meatshields and Tralls for late game. Playing with the Shaper classes when they have those extra bonuses is a bit "meh" IMO; the classes weren't supposed to have those bonuses.
  14. Also, I think GF5 gives access to good melee weapons early on and you have crafting to make them even better. Regardless, it seems that Mage-only infiltrator is better than mage/fighter infiltrator. Do we know whether Mage-only (Sorceress, agent, inflitrator) is better than Servile Turtle mage?
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