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  1. 4. The modding suite works for me. Tips: Start small. Cut your teeth with minor changes to creations and items, then adjusting dialogue, perhaps adding a small quest based on existing people etc. 2. You can but it is more complicated than simply changing the movement from 0. You have to adjust the sprites for movement etc.
  2. GF1-Mutagen will soon go into Betatesting! Also, about half the game world is already in game and will be betatested. That's a lot of progress. They had some balance hickups with everyone dying to quickly but they're working on them. And then, we have this: "Over the next few months, as game systems get tested and finalized, we'll start talking about how Geneforge 1 - Mutagen will work. There are many changes between the original series and the remaster, and it will be fun to finally reveal some secrets." + "There are many different creations to make, each with its own
  3. And unless I am mistaken, it would need to be in each area's script.
  4. Touché! Randomizer is right! That does happen and my Shaper is usually the last to act so when that happens, my creations get a few extra beatings because of those 3-10 hp. Especially pre-GF5, where creations didn't have as many hp, it wasn't that rare.
  5. Actually it's not a "3" but a +1-3. Furthermore it's not as great a bonus because other things get in the way. For the Firebolt example, if you have battle magic 3, spellcraft 2 and firebolt 1, you have already 6 levels. So, firebolt 2 is not +100%. What matters for spells is the TOTAL of the ability, I think. Whether you get to level 10 of firebolt through battle magic, spellcraft or firebolt proficiency it's the same. For spells like daze, open, etc level is very important as the success or fail chance is based on it. For firebolt, kill, etc not s
  6. Well, I respectfully disagree and want more choices than a single sprite. And I am not just talking about male/female. I am also thinking hair color, body type etc. More sprites is a bit more expensive, sure, but it is also nice.
  7. Actually, I don't think Slarty and Goldengirl said that Shapers should remain a single, gender-neutral sprite. I honestly got the impression that they would prefer if there were more than one sprite available per class.
  8. I recently started playing Avernum (The 2018 remake) and ... yeah, kinda. My initial reaction to most of those unnaturally pale when I read the descriptions is thinking they are bad. I gravitate towards the inn where there's a "not yet pale!" bartender woman, even if it is a chore to go back there. BUT... it was intentional in that game to show the pale skin as unnaturally pale, constantly reminding you that you're not on a cave-diving mission but in a brutal prison world.
  9. Meh, I often want to play a character I find attractive, especially in good-graphic 3rd-person games. You would be looking at that PC for several hours, she may as well be pleasing to the eye. I also avoid taking people with as pale skin as mine as I find complexion a bit darker than mine more attractive and more "humane"\"belong to good people" in general. I usually take pale white people with black hair only as evil-mage types or vampires or soul-suckers etc. Even for the "lazy noble" type, I prefer a bit tan on the skin. I am personally pale but because a lot of people I know w
  10. Yeah, it was a random shoe-horned thing because of the limited assets. I am 90% sure they will fix that. I also hope that lifecrafters won't use the mage sprite but would have one of their own. I could understand if melee warriors (not Rebel "Warriors", but soldiers etc) were male only ... but Guardians have Shaping (thus, magic), healing, and even a limited array of spells. They can also be missile warriors. And the "male only" assumes that in the world of Geneforge women have similar physiology to real-world females that are smaller and less muscular. For all we know, wom
  11. Shapers can be male or female, Guardians male-only with a single notable exception in GF5 and agents are female only. On the other hand, I see no reason for the rebels to stick to those rules.
  12. I don't think GF is based with Fo1 although there are some similarities. I would say ... inspired in part by it. Also, there are very, very, very good gameplay reasons for allowing the player to control party members before Fo1. Namely: The player is the player. The computer is not the player. The player bought the game to play, not to see the computer play. My whole point was to say: That the player can control creations, even the intelligent ones like automatons in now way proves that the character controls them like puppets. What I think it happens is that the player se
  13. Even more convincing argument. Alwan and Greta, with their dialogue and not Shaped, are 100% controlled by the player. I can send Alwan sit on a bomb and he will do it. That's not because the Shaper in the party commanded him to go and sit on a bomb, but because the PLAYER sent him to sit on a bomb.
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